Sunday, November 09, 2008

Kerry McCarthy receives 1984

Dear old Kerry has received her copy of 1984 and is just as dismissive as Tom Harris was (incidentally, the latter has added a comment of mine to his endorsements).
I think I know what, if he was writing 'Down and Out in St Pauls and Easton', George Orwell would have made of businessmen in BMWs paying drug-addicted teenagers £20 a time for sex on their way home from work. Freedom? For who? [sic]

So, yet another Labour MP has dodged the issue at hand, and decided to respond with a snide remark. Mind you, I wasn't exactly expecting contrition from this bunch of patrician fuckwits: an overweaning arrogance is what characterises these bastards.

But, just occasionally, Kerry has said a sensible thing or two: she did, for instance, vaguely agree with me that the government should not be legislating as to what food people eat. Mind you, Kerry is very anti-smoking and happily backed the ban: as I have said before, all of this "social justice" shit is simply MPs forcing their own personal morals onto the rest of us.

So, as is becoming traditional, let us look at darling Kerry's voting record, shall we? (And here are her expenses.)
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.

  • Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban.

  • Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.

  • Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.

  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.

  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.

  • Voted for equal gay rights.

Well, will you look at that little lot, eh? Sure, Kerry has absolutely nothing to learn from 1984, has she?

UPDATE: Kerry has posted a "response", although it is a response to some comments rather than the issue of the totalitarian state which NuLabour is putting in place. I won't bother to refute her largely erroneous assertions, apart from to reiterate something very important which Kerry obviously doesn't grasp.
I don’t think ‘freedom’ is sacrosanct if by that you mean the freedom to oppress, exploit, abuse, harm others.

No, Kerry, nor do we libertarians: you must, surely, be aware of the non-aggression principle?
It holds that "aggression," which is defined as the initiation of physical force, the threat of such, or fraud upon persons or their property, is inherently illegitimate. The principle does not preclude defense or retaliation against aggression.

The non-aggression principle typically includes property as a part of the owner; to aggress against someone's property is to aggress against the individual. Thus, the principle leads to the rejection of theft, vandalism, murder and fraud.

Where we differ, dearest Kerry, is that we libertarians believe that this principle applies to the state as well as to everyone else. Although, as some of the more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed, I am a Consequentialist Libertarian and the non-aggression principle is not central to my personal philosophy.

But this is because I am not an anarchist and I do believe that the state has a small (very small) role to play: it does, however, form a large basis of my beliefs and it certainly applies to criminal justice.

(However, in Patrick's philosophy, for instance, I don't think that I'm going too far to say that the non-aggression principle is absolutely axiomatic.)

But, instead of attempting to criminalise ordinary citizens through the creation of an endemic surveillance society, we would do what you have so consistently failed to do: build more prisons, punish criminals properly (no automatic early release, for instance) and accept no mitigation for crimes committed.

So, you see, Kerry, we certainly do not approve "the freedom to oppress, exploit, abuse, harm others" either philosophically or practically-speaking. But, unlike you, we would do rather more than mouth platitudes.

And if you would like a more detailed fisking of Kerry's "response", there's one at the LPUK blog...


Old Holborn said...

Great minds think alike

Bill Quango MP said...

I think I know what, if he was writing 'Down and Out in St Pauls and Easton', George Orwell would have made of businessmen in BMWs paying drug-addicted teenagers £20 a time for sex on their way home from work.

Luckily this sort of behaviour is never attributable to politicians..

lets see.. George Jellicoe, John Profumo,Antony Lambton, Jeremy Thorpe,Jeffrey Archer,Ron Davies ..

If its just straight shagging of secretaries or nannies or Prime/deputy Prime Ministers draw a circle round any 5 MP's and pick one blindly for a 2:5 chance of a hit.

I should know.. I've still got the Photo's of "No Class, Up the Arse", his "friend" and a cake trolley.

Prodicus said...

Patrician? Have you seen her? In the photo at the bottom of OH's post she looks like one of the /slags ... sorry ... sex slaves she is, er, 'championing'.

Mr Pineapples said...

Not sure that Ron Davies paid for it. he turned up at the park in his jogging gear and a torch..

Anonymous said...

Soliciting for sex on the street is already illegal. Criminalising prostitution will not affect streetwalkers one iota other than to drive them yet further underground and, therefore, into even greater danger.

No, the people impacted most heavily by Labour's assault on the sex industry are the Belle du Jour - well-paid escorts most of whom are educated and confident young women.

I'd also make the point that, in my part of the country at least, most streetwalkers (i.e., in excess of 90%) have heroin habits and prostitute themselves to pay for drugs. If you want them off the streets, criminalising their activities won't help; investing properly in treatment programmes for addiction will.

Further criminalisation will, of course, do nothing to help trafficked women who are held prisoner in brothels and saunas. After all, these girls and their pimps are already covered by existing laws - laws which neither the government nor police forces choose to enforce.

Legislation on prostitution, if we're all quite honest, has a lot less to do with helping women in the sex industry and a lot more to do with pushing Labour's peculiar mix of theory-driven ultra-feminism and Puritanism.

One interesting point: the government has been generously funding a group called the Poppy Project which carries out research into prostitution; predictably, the Poppy Project's findings always tally exactly with Labour's agenda. ScotPep and the Pride Street Project, however, which provide advice for girls on personal safety and sexual health are going bankrupt because they refuse to act as mouthpieces for Labour's policies.

This government has no interest in helping prostitutes. Its sole aim is to push its extremist ideology at all costs, no matter who gets hurt in the process. It is, in effect, a war on women and their freedom of choice by an army of militant feminists and puritanical thought police. In pursuit of that war (which is aimed primarily at middle class escorts), Labour is more than happy to imprison, endanger and, if necessary, kill street prostitutes.

Devil's Kitchen said...


You will note that the POPPY project is entirely funded by "the Office for Criminal Justice Reform (reporting to the Ministry of Justice)" and "by London Councils"...


Old Holborn said...

I also notice the Poppy project is hiring a Property Manager

Women only of course

pagar said...

If you want to see a full analysis of the work of the Poppy Project go to

Anonymous said...

Grazie, DK!

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