Friday, November 14, 2008

Illiberal idiot of the day: James Brokenshire MP

James Brokenshire MP: hypocitical, moronic cunt. But then he is an MP: what else did I expect?

The Tories aren't even in power yet and I fucking loathe them already: anyone who claims that the Conservatives are going to give us any more freedom than NuLabour is closing their eyes to what the Tories are actually saying.

Today's proof of the fact that Cameron's lot are a total bunch of cunts comes from some fucking moron called James Brokenshire (apt name, stupid guy) on the Blue Blog.
Labour’s policies on alcohol have been reckless and irresponsible. They were cavalier in introducing 24-hour drinking without thinking it through...

Yes, how dare they allow people to get a drink when they want, whatever the time of day! They should not be allowed that kind of freedom. Naughty Labour!
—and the consequences have been more drink-fuelled violence in the early hours, with A&E Departments forced to pick up the pieces.

Rather than creating a café culture, we’ve now got a drink-fuelled crime culture.

Except, as John Band pointed out, the actual incidence of violent alcohol-fuelled crime has not actually increased at all.
Every prediction I made in this piece from 2005 on 24-hour drinking has proved to be correct: on-trade alcohol consumption has fallen, levels of alcohol-related crime haven’t changed; pubs haven’t made any extra money; but puritan idiots have continued to rail against the rule change anyway.

The most offensively stupid puritan argument is that ‘24-hour drinking hasn’t cut violent crime, so it was a failure’. No - the point is, it means that law-abiding people can go out for a drink without having to obey insane rules created to stop soldiers in the trenches getting jealous of civvies back home during WWI. That is a good thing in its own right. If drink-related violence had risen, we’d need to weigh the good against the bad. Since it hasn’t, we can say that the licensing law changes are an unequivocally good thing, and crack open some booze to celebrate. Hurrah!

I mean, I know that you are a politician, James, but couldn't you just try not lying? Go on, you might like it.
We would give councils a much stronger say over licensing in their area and back this up with more visible policing on the streets.

Yes, more visible policing would be great; but Labour claimed that they were going to do that too, and so they employed a load of plastic police officers (who are absolutely less than fuck-all use unless you want to study the kind of hideous, jacked-up, officious little shit who was happily sending Jews to the gas-chambers in Nazi Germany).

So, James: what is the Tory plan for "more visible policing"? Are you actually going to remove the paperwork? Are you going to let the police do their job, i.e. arresting criminals? Or are you just going to fucking talk about it, as per fucking usual?
But the social and health costs linked to binge drinking mean that we just can’t ignore the pricing and promotion of alcohol.

Why? Fuck you.

The point is that we don't all binge-drink and why the fuck should we suffer because you have some kind of mealy-mouthed, prurient, moral objection to how people spend their time and money, you loathesome cunt?
Drink being sold as a ‘loss leader’ at prices virtually cheaper than water isn’t right and it isn’t responsible.

It "isn't right"? Says who, sunshine—you? Fuck you: stop trying to map your personal morals onto me, you shitstain.

Besides, drink is not "virtually cheaper than water"; it might be chepaer than bottled water, but that isn't the same thing, is it? Bottled water is a lifestyle choice, not a necessity: drinking alcohol is my lifestyle choice and why should I be punished for that, you four-eyed bastard?
That’s why we would legislate to ban below-costs sales and target alcohol duty on those products most closely linked to binge boozing.

Oh, here we go: let's legislate and make sure that the innocent are punished along with the guilty, eh? Except that people binge-drinking are not even guilty of anything apart from living their lives how they want.

First, I still haven't heard a definition of binge-drinking that isn't based on the absolutely fucking made-up "safe" units of alcohol. Has anyone else?

Second, drinking is not yet a crime and how fast or often I choose to drink is none of your fucking business, you interfering piece of shit.

Third, if you don't like people being drunk and disorderly enforce the laws that we already have, you terrible cunt. Do you understand me? Laws against people being actively problematic already. Fucking. Exist.

You need to ensure that they are enforced because if the existing laws are not enforced, then nor will your new ones be. Seriously, how stupid are you?
But we’ve also got to challenge attitudes on excessive alcohol consumption. We would encourage locally-based programmes which combine education with enforcement, prevention with punishment.

Good soundbites, James: but what are you actually going to do other than pass yet more illiberal laws? And don't you think—given the vast amounts of taxpayers' money that you use to subsidise your bars—that any MPs moralising about alcohol might be laughed out of the fucking room? I sincerely hope so.

Last year, your bars were susidised to the tune of £5.5 million of our money: once all subsidy is withdrawn, then we might start listening to you on alcohol issues. Until then, I highly recommend that you shut the fuck up, Brokenshire, you disgusting little peasant.
We are the only Party providing solutions to make a difference in the short term as well as the long term.

So, more control over the people of this country then: whoopee-fucking-do, I can't wait. Not.
So join us in calling time on Labour’s failed approach.

Oh do fuck off. Labour may have failed, but so will you because your "solutions" are precisely the same as theirs: price-fixing, micromanagement and hypocrisy.

Under the Tories, as under Labour, our lives will be ever less fun and less free. There is absolutely no difference between the two parties; they are both led by totalitarian cunts and populated by spivs, wankers, thugs and pisspots.

The Tories won't increase freedom: the only things that the Conservatives are going to increase are interference, misery and moralising.


Old Holborn said...

Hang on

£5.5 Million subsidising the HoC bar?

That's £8513 for every MP.

Got a source for that DK?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yep: see the blog of my impecunious Greek friend -- he has a PDF...


Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Just how thick are these people?

For a start you can get 2 litres of water from Morrisons for 16 pence.(Other supermarkets are available...) I know because I have bought some to wash particularly stubborn birdshit off a windscreen.

Even so. Up to and until we get booze piped into our own homes the 'cheaper than water' comparison will largely be stupid. It is only these sorts of pillocks that equate water first with coming from a bottle, and we will be paying for his bottled water too.

Old Holborn - might be a whacking great figure per MP, but it'll be expensive stuff and I expect there's plenty of hangers on and VIPs who get to enjoy our hospitality as well. That is no excuse at all mind.

Ian B said...

I think it's fair to say that World War I was only an excuse for the progressive prohibitonists to use to implement alcohol controls. For comparison, Rothbard wrote a whole fascinating paper about the American experience; how WWI was used by the proggies to inflict their nasty puritanism (as well as economic etc totalitarianism) on the USA. Well worth a read.

What, this guy's a conservative, not a lefty? Let's be honest here. There's no real difference- they're both groups who seek absolute control, it's just they differ about what controls they want. Elections for the past century have just been a choice of "which of these two nannies do you want for the next 5 years?")

Oh, and this recent usage of "binge drinking" to mean more than half a shandy seems to trace back to one Henry Wechsler, a prohibitionist Harvard nut who has spent many well-funded (by the usual progressivist foundations) years talking up an "epidemic" of "binge drinking" on US college campuses.

We're going to have to start going after the medical establishment with full fury if we're going to get anywhere; they're driving much of the nanny state from behind a figleaf of science.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

This really is the perfect example of why nothing will change under the Tories. This MP is doing what the Tories do when the going gets tough - they start spounting the sort of shite that is going to appeal to the Blue Rinse brigade and to the Daily fucking Mail. If they get into power, this sort of mindless social conservatism that you can expect much, much more of.


Anonymous said...

Our fabulously wealthy and well off provincial barons are Pod People.

Vegetable clones of now dead humans.

It is no surprise to find any PB is a CryptoMarxist, GlobalWarmist, ClosetGay, Holier-than-thou Obsessive Compulsive.

I hope their sap freezes for Christmas

Anonymous said...

I live opposite a pub. I can't say I'm thrilled to have a steady trickle of screaming (girls). yelling (blokes), crying (girls again), puking (both) and incontinently weeing (mainly blokes I think, but who knows) eejits outside the window for half the night, but my view is that when you live opposite a pub you take the rough with the smooth, and also that there are already plenty of laws which could be enforced to stop or at least reduce this sort of thing. But we never. never see a police officer. They could breathalyse half of them just after they have stumbled into their cars, but it's obviously too much trouble. They could easily collar them for being drunk and disorderly or for affray, vagrancy, criminal damage and theft (bits of car, plant pots, street signs, the pub sign yet again) but do they bother? Nah. Because that would involve engaging with the people who are actually causing a problem, and it's so much easier to attack the innocent and harmless.

word veri: murdr (!)

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough I was walking my dog in the company of a Drugs and Alcohol Therapist and Councellor who was walking hers, in our local park here in St Andrews, Bristol.

We discussed the "so called" Binge drinking culture and 24 hour Licencing and indeed the question of putting up the price of drink would have any effect on this imaginary problem.
Her opinion, as a professional in this field, was-

Nothing wrong with the Licencing laws we currently have. They are not the problem.
Nor will putting up the price of drink have any effect.
She remarked that we have a societal propensity to drink to get drunk. Most people can handle that once a week or so, but a tiny minority cannot.They drink steadily, whether in the pub, or more generally outside it. These people have the real problem.
Well she is the professional so I will take her views as well informed.

So this twat of a control freak is just looking for publicity while ignoring the facts.

But then politicians are qualified to do nothing above convincing a few thousand people to vote for them arn't they?

No nothing will change Libertarian wise if the Torys get in.They are as much the same as NuLab in believing that they are our leaders, and we must be led. For our own good of course!


Anonymous said...

no matter who is power - smokers,drinkers and motorists will always be hammered and this binge drinking bollox is just yet another excuse to hike up the duty levels. I liked what Heffer said on QT last night - look at france - cheep booze, no binge drinking or loutish behavior. It's a social problem and these wankstain politians well know this but wont do anything about it as long as they can get away with hiking up the tax.

Fuck em all - cunts

Shaun said...

It sounds like someone didn't get his share of drinks industry money and is now bleating sour grapes.

Maybe he should talk to Ken Clarke (who I think is connected to some whiskey distillers as well as BAT), not to mention CallMeDave. Boo hoo. Not paid. Boo hoo.

Guthrum said...

Tories eh- don't you just love them

Anonymous said...

A Tory here, but a libertarian one, I'd just like to express my disagreement with this MP. Why, oh why, no one looks at the facts, like John B has, I don't know. I mean even Labour aren't looking at them and it was their freakin' law that changed pub hours. Same goes for cannabis reclassification, which you will notice has a similarly strident recent blogpost against it on The Blue blog, despite the move resulting in a 25% reduction in usage.

When you decry a legislative move as wrong, you have to say why it is and the answers "the papers say so" or "the other guys did it" are not valid responses.

John Pickworth said...

Mr Devil, a few months ago I disagreed with your opposition to Boris's tube drinking ban on the grounds his was aimed at a very specific circumstance - but lets not start that one up again.

On this occasion though, I'm fully supportive of every word you've written. Not least because James Brokenshire's argument is empty and a complete pile of croc. And I'm happy to put that on record.

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong teetotaller and I agree 100% with you DK. I see only six comments on Brokedicks article all more or less kissing his arse--does this mean he is deleting/blocking others or has no one tried yet. I have to go out now but I will try this evening.

Ian B said...

mr ecks, I left a comment but mysteriously it hasn't shown up, quelle surprise.

Maybe it was the "leave us alone, you nasty little man" or something. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

"So join us in calling time on Labour's failed approach"

Do you see what he did there? I laughed so hard I shat myself. He's one funny fucking cunt.

Anonymous said...

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