Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gagging the media

Those cunts in our government aren't even bothering to disguise their totalitarian aims anymore, are they?
The proposal is said to feature in a report due before the end of the year from the cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee, parliamentary watchdog of the intelligence and security agencies.

According to The Independent newspaper, unnamed sources at Whitehall say that the ISC will urge ministers to set up a commission to look into the proposal.

Still, National Security? Pretty big stuff, huh? I mean, who could possibly object.

And the cross-party Intelligence and Security Committee must be pretty impartial, eh? It's not as though they would stop the media reporting on embarrassing stories for the government, is it?
The ISC is appointed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and reports directly to him.

Oh shit.

Of course, perhaps if the mainstream media were gagged, the news could leak onto the internet: anonymous bloggers could become the very vanguard of our right to know what our government's up to! I mean, there's no way that the government could trace who was running the sites, or who was visiting them, is there? Oh, shit.
Under Government plans to monitor internet traffic, raw data would be collected and stored by the black boxes before being transferred to a giant central database.

The vision was outlined at a meeting between officials from the Home Office and Internet Service Providers earlier this week.

But, your humble Devil absolutely trusts people like Tom Harris who says that this country is definitely not turning into Airstrip One: there is no total government surveillance and...
"... we live in a free country, where we are free to express our views, free to demonstrate against the government, free to read others’ opinions in a free press, protected by a robust framework of rights."

Yep, move along: nothing to see here...

Oh, wait! What's this? Yes, via Obnoxio, it seems that David Davis has finally shaken off the world's longest bout of laryngitis in order to stand up for our freedoms!
The outcome of this proposal therefore, is likely to be one of actually undermining the accountability of security agencies and reducing the effectiveness of our counter-terrorist policy. All this, it seems to me, for a more comfortable life of some of the Whitehall mandarins and their political masters.

A lot of people think that many laws have unintended consequences: the above is, of course, the intended consequence of this gagging proposal and everything else is just a bonus.
It is a disastrous idea, one which would degrade both our freedom of speech and our security at the same time, and one which should, and will, be resisted by everyone who understands the traditions of freedom in this country.

Quite right, David. Well done. Now: you go away and rest your poor, wee throat: you must be exhausted. We'll see you again in another six months, shall we?

Is anyone actually scared yet? Because I'm definitely getting there...


Patrick said...

Your joke regarding David Davis necrolepsy only further highlights the coma that the rest of the torys are in..

Lets hope they dont wake up when they win the next election...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

This was the bit from David Davis's article that really stood out for me:

Calls for unprecedented and legally binding powers to ban the media from reporting matters of national security, reported on the front page of the Independent, would be incredible had they come from a government minister in this heavy-handed anti-liberal government. Being cited as coming from the Intelligence and Security Committee, a committee that consists entirely of members of the Houses of Parliament, they are virtually unbelievable.

The Committee itself never comments in public, least of all on issues about its own business, and I think it highly unlikely that they themselves were the official sources of this briefing. It seems much more likely that this was a helpful briefing from Whitehall ‘on behalf’ of the committee.

There are so many cunts who need stringing up that I despair of ever finding them all.

Anonymous said...

I am 100% (warrant) card carrying scared.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, a complete bunch of cunts.

Dr Evil said...

Well, at least in jail you get your own room, three decent meals a day, get to socialise with interesting people who also don't obey rules and best of all, no chance of repossession of your cell. Who could possibly object?

Anonymous said...

Just as parents wanting to get their kids into a school, or people apparently letting their dogs foul the pavement were investigated under Terrorism laws, so what counts as "National Security" will be just about anything the government wants it to be.

Anonymous said...

Now that every MP has their own copy the Instruction Manual for the office, what did you expect to happen?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the buggers don't understand the tech. There is a network called TOR ( The Onion Router ) that through the use of strong cryptography enables anyone to communicate with anyone else without being traceable. They can see you enter the TOR but after that nothing can be traced no matter what or how many 'black boxes' they install.

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