Monday, November 10, 2008

Fascism: a persuasive argument

Via the LPUK Blog—which titles it Labour's Next Election Broadcast—why not listen to the seductive arguments of this Australian gentleman...

After all, as LPUK Blog points out again, the fascist state is already here and you had all of that tiring voting to do.
Propaganda TV
Supermarkets could be asked to take people's fingerprints as part of the government's identity card scheme.

The Home Office is talking to retailers and the Post Office about setting up booths to gather biometric data.

They aren't even trying to hide it any more. Openly big government is combining with big business, to control the people. That is almost a textbook definition of fascism.

And I, for one, welcome our new fascist overlords...

Fucking hellski.


The Refuser said...

Are the people of Britain ever going to see what is happening under their noses? As you say they aren't even bothering to hide it now. Why should they though when it's only the those dastardly, renegade bloggers who complain. I'm thankful I got out before exit visas are introduced.

Anonymous said...

According to the article below Tesco also interfered with the Bank of England

So, you're quite right; big govt and big business combine to produce a fascist state. Gordon's 'new world order' and 'globalised world' is on our doorstep.

All the surveillance, monitoring of communications, D notices and so on are NOT for public protection, they are to make it easier for the state to herd us into the sheep pen. More on extension of D notices here:
It's just one damn thing after another.

Jay said...

OT (or maybe not) but Kerry McCarthy has now suspended comments, believing that the word went out to 'swamp' her.

She has responded to the comments already made about '1984'.

Anonymous said...

You could try organising a boycott of any company that even just tenders for the job of perpetrating this obscenity on us

Anonymous said...


My busy lifestyle choice is continually re-electing a Labour government, so you are telling me I can save valuable time by just electing El Gordo on a permanent basis?

Harry J said...

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Benito Mussolini.

For the best example of the above look no further than the Bank of England.

On the subject of Fascism, why are there Fascist symbols in the American House of Representatives, the Lincoln Memorial and the back of a dime?

2345 said...

the refuser,

Any government proposal is subject to full parliamentary debate and Acts of Parliament. A Judge recently ruled Jacqui Smith acted illegally in the Khurka trial; why is the Home Office consulting with greedy capitalist supermarkets ? So called 'fraud proof' chip and pin has been proved otherwise via supermarket devices for starters.

Nulabor's onward march to State rule is the reason 85% (same as US) want to oust maladministrators who bankrupted their countries and took them to war and bloodshed on a lie.

The insane 'idea' of preventing citizens obtaining food without being fingerprinted is profoundly more lunatic than Hitler's aims and ambitions to conquer 'freedoms'. In retrospective, he was diagnozed as a 'sick megalomaniac'.

Nulabor clearly needs reminding that Parliament is the place for 'sounding out ideas' in democratic government.

James Higham said...

I just realized that Nulabour looks an awful lot like Nullabor, the Ozzie term for a stretch of wilderness of no merit.

Anonymous said...

@ revolution harry

The fasces was a symbol of Roman republican government long before it was a symbol of fascism. The US employs it because they very self-consciously sought to model their government after the Roman republican tradition.

Similarly, the fasces enjoyed quite a vogue amongst French revolutionaries and was employed as the official emblem of Cisalpine Republic (a French republican client state set up in northern Italy during the 1790s).

The fascists adopted the fasces because they believed it represented Italy's inheritance of Roman imperial grandeur while being symbolic of order and state power (as the fasces was actually a bundle of sticks surrounding an axe and represented the authority or auctoritas of Roman magistrates and their power to apply both corporal and capital punishment).

To say that the Americans employ fascist imagery is as ill-informed as saying that Buddhists use Nazi imagery.

Hookers And Gin said...

This is what happens when you put a fucking useless cripple in the Cabinet as an act of sheer tokenism. Blunkett may be gone but the rest keep plodding on with this three-wheeled wreck of a policy. Like some fucked up piece-of-shit spice rack nailed to thousands of kitchen walls up and down the land, brought home from a school woodwork class, the government won't throw out ID cards because they might hurt poor widdle David's feewings.

Anonymous said...

thats a fantastic advert DK...

national socialism updated to the 21st century.

listen to his arguments. and now think of somebody who isnt as politically aware as you are DK..

scarey as fuck isnt it? a few soothing words, some nice advertising...

indeed - "fucking hellski" , as you so rightly exclaim.

Mitch said...

Anyone who desires power over another should be treated as insane.

Anonymous said...

More incisive comment from the twattish Devil. Or is it Chris? If only we knew.

Devil's Kitchen said...

More incisive comment from someone called "Anonymous" -- or is it something else? If only we knew...

... or cared.

Seriously, what is the point of a comment like that, Anon? What is wrong with that post, in your eyes? Or are you just hanging about to insult me? And what difference would it make if my name is Devil, Chris, John, Barry or anything else?

Do you actually have anything constructive to say? At all?


Anonymous said...

I would rather steal food from bins to survive than have these bastards taking my fingerprints in exchange for allowing me the priviledge of spending some cash in their sodding shop. What the hell is going on in this country? Can the electorate not see how wrong it is to be fingerprinted in a supermarket?

Harry J said...

Anon, from the Classical Literature Companion:

"Under the kings each bundle enclosed an axe, symbolizing the king's right to scourge and execute, but from the early republic onwards only dictators were allowed axes in Rome; other magistrates retained the axe when outside Rome and at the head of an army".

"From the Italian equivalent fascio the Italian Fascist party took its name, with the fasces as its symbol".

I still say it's a very odd choice of symbol for a democracy. I suspect the American government is modeled far more on the later Roman republic than many care to admit.

The comparison with the Swastika and Buddhism doesn't really stand up. It would, perhaps, be more accurate to say 'that Nazi's use Buddhist imagery' anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ revolution harry

I'm not really clear what your point is. The fasces is a symbol of Roman republicanism and nothing in your quotation contradicts that.

French Republican armies marched under fasces banners from 1791 until the establishment of the First Empire. Italian Republicans used the fasces from the 1790s until the establishment of the Sardinian-united Italy. American republicans regularly employed it in their iconography because it evoked the Roman republican ideals which they emulated.

>I still say it's a very odd choice of symbol for a democracy. I suspect the American government is modeled far more on the later Roman republic than many care to admit.<

Erm. You don't know very much about American history, do you? The Founding Fathers expressly and explicitly said that they were self-consciously modelling the new American republic after its Roman antecedent, hence their acquisition and employment of Roman iconography (including, you may note, distinctly Roman styles of architecture in their new capital).

>The comparison with the Swastika and Buddhism doesn't really stand up. It would, perhaps, be more accurate to say 'that Nazi's use Buddhist imagery' anyway.<


...That was my point. The fascists took an emblem of Roman republicanism and adapted it to their own ends just as the Nazis employed a very ancient symbol and utilised it for their own ends. I'm trying very hard not to be rude but it seems to me that you are either deliberately missing my point or that you are simply so fucking stupid your parents should have drowned you at birth.

I suppose the thing that's worse than your stupidity is that you are extremely badly informed and yet insist on speaking about things that you so very clearly do not understand.

Please fuck off. And also die in a fire.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, seems to me that those fingerpainting booths would be a nice place to take a shit.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually have anything constructive to say? At all?

But I'm a libertarian Chris so I don't have to. It's my right. I can swear, stamp my feet and wave my tiny fist until I'm blue in the face. 'Cos I'm a libertarian and your views don't count for squat.

Devil's Kitchen said...


No, Anon, you don't have to justify yourself: it just makes your comments slightly pointless.

You see, if you were to strip out the swearing and insults from my posts, you would find that there is still a point being made: would you like to try doing the same with your comments?

Of course, you have the advantage of knowing my name (whilst hiding behind the generosity of my commenting policy), so I guess that no one outside here will know, eh?

(I would ask you not to use my real name, but I have a feeling that you aren't going to acquiesce, are you? Never mind: I shall ask anyway—please don't use my real name.)


Harry J said...

Anon wrote:

"..that you are simply so fucking stupid your parents should have drowned you at birth" and "Please fuck off. And also die in a fire".

Wouldn't it have been possible to have politely informed me of your opinion and why you thought I was wrong? I've no idea why you felt the need to be so rude and aggressive. Are you unwell?

The point I was making was that 'only dictators were allowed axes'. Referring to the previous quote which said 'from the early republic onwards' I then made a reference to the American Republic being modeled on the 'later Republic'. Clearly making the connection between use of the fasces and the idea of dictatorship.

Of the various interpretations of the fasces is a symbol "of people and countries bound together under a common centralized dictatorship, the axe.”

A dictionary definition of Fascism is: "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator"

Perhaps you're right, that the use of the fasces was a benign example of the founding fathers desire for a republic modeled on that of Rome. Please excuse me if if I have my reservations.

“The tenth amendment destroys human rights. It does not protect them. We thought that protected us by restricting the power of the congress to only eighteen specific powers. We thought that if we didn’t specifically give any power to them, they didn’t have it. But in amongst these grants of power they placed the cancer cell, the one they knew would destroy the very republic they were creating. This is what they wrote in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17…now we’re going to show you the cancer cell, the fatal flaw of the Constitution of the United States of America. ‘Congress shall have the power to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever.’ [my emphasis]. Notice they used the very same wording that they used in the Declaration of Independence when they were describing the tyrannical acts of King George. They gave Congress the ‘power to legislate in all cases whatsoever’. The Declaration of Independence said that King George had taken ‘the power to legislate in all cases whatsoever’. It is impossible not to conclude that the founding fathers gave congress tyrannical powers.”

Ralph Epperson

As to the founding fathers, again all may not be what it seems.

Manly P. Hall states:

"European mysticism was not dead at the time the United States of America was founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled in the establishment of the new government for the signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the Great Seal of the United states of America. Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols chief among them, the so-called American Eagle. ... the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix..."

"Not only were many of the founders of the United States government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for A PECULIAR AND PARTICULAR PURPOSE known only to the initiated few." (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. XC and XCI)

cogmick said...

These fascist scum bags are using "magick", wars & peoples greed to gain world power and unless 'we' stand united as the common face of humanity they are very likely to succeed in their nefarious aims & objectives.

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