Monday, November 24, 2008

Drunk on power

Via The Englishman, this just gets more and more depressing.
Happy hours and drinking games to be banned under new laws

Happy hours, drinking games and all-you-can-drink deals in pubs and bars will be banned, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Oh for fuck's sake, why won't you cunts just fuck off?
Ministers also want to force drinks companies to carry health warnings on television adverts for beer, wine and spirits.

And cans and bottles of alcoholic drinks may have to bear cigarette-style medical advice about the dangers of drinking.

The announcement of the plans in 10 days' time will coincide with the start of the Christmas party season when police forces and hospitals see a major rise in alcohol-related offences and admissions to accident and emergency departments.

Ministers have drawn up a new draft code of conduct for the drinks industry amid growing concern about excessive drinking.

Alcohol misuse is said to cost society up to £25billion annually, with the cost to the NHS running at £2.7billion a year.

The new rules will be compulsory, and are likely to trigger protests from the drink industry.

And in the meantime, these stinking lousy fucking hypocrites will continue to fund their drinking habits with our fucking cash: not only do we pay their wages and expenses (with which they buy their booze), but we directly subsidise their bars to the tune of £5.5 million per year.

Fuck you, you hideous fucking hypocrites: fuck you right in the fucking face.
Internet and newspaper adverts will also have to carry warnings, while ministers are likely to give the industry until next March to agree to print health warnings on drink labels, or face being forced to by law.

What the fuck? This is so fucking typical of NuLabour, isn't it? All of their voluntary initiatives—labels on booze, carrying an ID Card—end up in precisely the same way:
"Don't worry, this is a voluntary measure."

"So, I can choose not to do this?"

"Ah, well, yes... But if you don't do it voluntarily, then we will legislate to force you."

"That's not very fucking voluntary."

"Ah... well... it's not actually meant to be. But we'd like you to do it voluntarily so that we don't look quite so obviously fascist."

And believe me, we will see even more of this shit under the Tories. In the name of all that's un-fucking-holy, where was any of this shit in the manifesto, eh?

What is it with these people, that they should choose to interfere in the very minutiae of our lives—that they should desire to ensure that our short spans upon this planet should be spent with as miserable way as humanly possible?

I think that we should put some of our masters' subsidised booze to good use: let's douse the fuckers in cheap spirits and set them alight, the cunts.


Katabasis said...

FFS - am I going to be able to find *any* pubs to visit this time next year?

Jones said...

Well, if the pwers that be want to really cut down on alcohol consumption; how about closing down the bars in the House of Commons and Lords? Let the wretched tiny winkled control freak politicians lead by example.

Off with their Claret!

Anonymous said...

desperate measures for desperate times: perhaps it's time to put the contents of the wine cellars of the palaces of westminster up for sale by auction....if it doesn't stimulate the economy, it might lubricate it.

Anonymous said...

How exactly are they supposed to stop drinking games? A ban on the concealed carry of pennies on licensed premises? Instant ejection of anyone who is seen measuring the distance of their glass from the edge of the table? Denial of service to anyone with a golf scorecard in their hand?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

In that case, that'll be two quadruple whiskies, please, two pints of cider (ice in the cider).

And they can stuff it up their arses and fuck off while they are doing it.

Roger Thornhill said...

It is not about alcohol IMHO. It is just a cypher. It is all about control. It is there to make sure people feel that they are being watched and any transgression of an arbitrary regulation (for this is what it is - a law would be if damage, harm or theft had actually happened) will land them in trouble.

mostly libertarian (just not into mass immigration, state funded OR otherwise) said...

A different page on the following site was linked to from climate-skeptic, I went poking around and found this gem:

[The website is run by Dr. John Brignell, a UK Emeritus Engineering Professor at the University of Southampton who held the Chair in Industrial Instrumentation at Southampton]

"It is not about alcohol IMHO. It is just a cypher..."

Sounds bang on to me. The whole thing is very sinister, real "control grid" stuff. Just one crisis event required as a pretext for turning really nasty (those tasers'll come in handy for sure). Hell, if they wait around for long enough, a REAL crisis might happen. I don't suppose they'll be that patient though, manufacturing one would give them more of a ego kick.

Am I right in thinking that the majority fo the ruling elite is fueled by pure schadenfreude? Shame you can't do anything with it other than be an evil twat or it could be a handy source of alternative energy.

Chalcedon said...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. My cure..........booze squads in city centres. You get the rolling about drunks, cart them off to a large cage. Shove 'em in. 24 hours later you let them out. Of course the cage is on display in public. Humiliation will help prevent their drunken binges. Thus only those who binge get punished. The rest of us are left in peace. Blanket legislation is entirely wrong.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Well said Devil - spoken like someone who never has to clear up the mess.

Here's my proposed warning for certain alcoholic beverages.

"Oi, you, you pissed up inadequate chav, put that glass down, your girlfriend will get over someone accidentally bumping her arm, you halitotic halfwit".

Obviously it needs a bit of work but you can see where I'm coming from ?

By the way if you ever end up in A&E because of the handy work of a group of pissed up neanderthals I wonder if you will change your view on the inalienable right to ingest a near fatal blood alcohol level ?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

A&E, you are often the voice of reason.

I empathise, of course.

You have to deal with the shite. I think that anybody who assaults hospital staff should get an automatic five years, no parole, and I hope you make 'em suffer.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Well said Devil - spoken like someone who never has to clear up the mess."

As you say, every time. And as I keep saying, if someone ends up in A&E needing their stomach pumped, let's charge them £120 for the privilege.

Let's not penalise those -- the vast, vast majority of the population -- who do not end up in your tender embrace.

"Here's my proposed warning for certain alcoholic beverages.

"Oi, you, you pissed up inadequate chav, put that glass down, your girlfriend will get over someone accidentally bumping her arm, you halitotic halfwit".

Obviously it needs a bit of work but you can see where I'm coming from ?"


"By the way if you ever end up in A&E because of the handy work of a group of pissed up neanderthals I wonder if you will change your view on the inalienable right to ingest a near fatal blood alcohol level ?"

As I have said several times before, I have been beaten a couple of times by alcohol-fueled half-wits, as have other friends of mine. I have never gone to A&E (although one incident did require some reasonably expensive dental repair).

But you see, A&E, you can't imagine that someone might be subject to such an assault and not agree with you, can you?

I have gone to the police on those occasions because assault -- whether pissed up or not -- is illegal. Do you see?

We punish people for assaulting others: we don't punish people for being drunk. Although, we could do since that is the very reason that we have drunk and disorderly as an offence on the statute book.

Unfortunately, the police don't enforce it, so no one cares. If the police started arresting people for D&D on a regular basis, people might get the message.

As per usual, what we need to do -- for the millionth time -- is enforce the laws that we already have.


the a&e charge nurse said...

Thanks Devil, actually I have no intention of trying to modify your views - which in your case are obviously allied to strong political convictions.

Neither do I argue for a ban on happy hour, or injecting heroin, or whatever else gets you through the night - I'm more of a legalise every drug sort of person, in fact.

No, I am simply reporting the catalogue of alcohol fuelled injuries, or health problems that I see every single day in A&E.

Sometimes it's a 40 year old man (who looks much older of course) vomiting blood because of portal congestion, secondary to a sclerotic liver - or a brow beaten girlfriend used as a serial punch bag.

The laws are in place as you say, so perhaps we can all sleep with a great sense of contentment ?

Ian B said...

The government's "independent" advisors, that'll be the temperance lobby in bureaucrats' clothing then, have suggested, that is ordered the government, to lower the drink driving limit for under 21s to... zero. So, we have the glorious prospect of different laws for different drivers. My.

Anyway, it's quite blatantly a prelude to (a) lowering the limit to zero for everyone and (b) raising the drinking age to 21.

The Temperance Movement is a massive part of the socialist movement. With tobacco as the crowbar it's full steam ahead on alcohol again. It's useful to remember what the "progress" in "progressive" means. Whatever prohibition they've just achieved, it's just a step on the road to more progress- i.e. more prohibition. They're total cunts.

Oh, and A&E Charge Nurse- what you're suffering from there is selection bias. Working where you do, you only see the minority of injured people, not the majority of non-injured people who had a nice night out then went home. That skews your perception by only exposing you to the negative side of the evidence. It's a bit like, if you worked in the house of commons you'd presume that all people are idiots, because that would be the only kind of person you would ever see.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Oooh, selection bias, very good, Ian B - I'll try to remember that phrase next time I'm picking glass out of somebodies head.

Ian B said...

All you have to try to remember is all the people who aren't in A&E. The ones you don't see, and whose leisure is gradually being ruined by talibanesque temperance zealots.

the a&e charge nurse said...

The British public do not have access to enough alcohol..........ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Dear oh dear.......... you are a wag, Ian B

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