Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Corrupted? Or deliberately falsified?

As we all know, the science behind anthropogenic climate change is absolutely settled and we should all start to panic... oh, about ten years ago. One of the cheerleaders for this idea is Al Gore's buddy, James "lying bastard" Hansen.

Hansen is, you will recall, is in charge of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) which, despite being a component of NASA, prefers to use land temperature meters as opposed to satellite readings, despite the documented and serious problems with the land temperature record and the siting of many of the stations that provide said measurements. This fact, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the satellite data does not show anywhere near the same level of warming that the land record supposedly does (after adjustment, of course).

Marysville, CA: one of GISS's really unbiased, quality temperature stations, the readings from which most definitely have not been in any way affected by the growth of the town around the site, no siree!

Now, for many of us—including the vast bulk of the US—October was a wee bit chilly. But according to Hansen and his merry men, October was, in fact, realy, really hot: why? Because of a heatwave in Asia.

Really? Well, no, not really: I'll let EU Referendum summarise what the hell has been going on.
Our friend James Hansen, uniquely it seems, is reporting via his magical mystery GISS temperature dataset that October 2008 was the warmest October on record. This is conveyed via Watts up with that. What pulled the temperature up, according to Hansen was that, although North America was cooler than normal, Asia apparently suffered from a massive "heatwave".

On the other hand, the satellite data from NOAA recorded that the US had its 44th coolest October (out of 114 years), much of Europe was cool, ice extent grew at a record pace and snowcover exploded in Asia.

It didn't take Watts's readers very long to discover why Hansen was so adrift. An examination of the individual records shows that the September figures for Russia have been carried forwards into October unchanged. Thus, Hansen has magicked a heatwave out of a simple data error.

I'm sorry, but Hansen is paid a substantial amount of money—and trillions more dollars rest upon his pronouncements—not to make such errors.

The problem has now been fixed, but this is not the first time that such "software" problems have cropped up.

So, is the process faulty (in which case, can we believe the accuracy of anything that comes out of GISS)? Or are Hansen and GISS lying like the fucking lying bastards we already know them to be?

Whatever the answer is, we already know that James Hansen does not exactly have a great track record in predicting the future: perhaps we should stop listening to the mendacious cunt?


Patrick said...

Regrettably Hansens job is to get the political class out of a financial hole..

Global warming is the issue politicians want put high on the agenda.. So as to convince us the sheeple that higher and higher taxation are justified..

Without scaring us, there is no way they can meet the fiscal demands of the future..

But Im sure you knew that already DK.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's getting quite funny now - they've taken down the whole GISS website so that people can't see the cock-up.


Anonymous said...

it became obvious that AGW was a scam when, casting around for a villain, they chose CO2.


0.08% of the atmosphere...

thats why they had to invent +ve feedback loop and tipping points.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as there hasn't been a rise in temp for over a decade they had to do something to justify the new world order guess

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the ruling metropolitan elite obviously desperately wants global warming to be believed in by all. They have poured billions through devious and undetectable financial systems into a conspiracy to fabricate it, forcing virtually every single climatologist worldwide (and all their students) to capitulate through some secret dastardly undetectable mechanism, because they desperately wanted to.... um.... they wanted to.... um.... well.... perhaps raise taxes a little? Prevent people from driving Hummers? Maliciously despoil selected areas of rural France with wind turbines?

A conspiracy has to have an objective. None of the "it's all lies" crew seem to be able to consistently explain what the objective of this conspiracy is beyond vaguely muttering about a New World Order.

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