Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another one leaves these shores...

Our old friend The Longrider is leaving the shores of Britain for the old enemy, France, and helpfully explains why he is leaving with such relief in his heart.
When we first thought about living in France, our motivation was the countryside, the climate, the pace of life and the French way of doing things. A love/hate relationship with France became more love than hate. In the meantime, my love for my homeland has descended into contempt. Contempt for a population that is so passive that it fails to hold its political class to account. The French will bring the country to a grinding halt if their politicians upset them. They are not always right, but their willingness to say “non!” has my admiration just as the willingness of the British to accept the erosion of our civil liberties with a shrug earns my utmost derision. I have watched in despair as the righteous have eaten away like a cancer at the things that made this nation so great, that made Britain a wonderful place to live. No longer are we free to speak our minds for fear of the industry so willing and ready to take offence, of the righteous who decide what is “acceptable” or not. Thought crime is becoming a reality in 21st Century Britain.

We live in a country that has reversed the presumption of innocence, that undermines the very principle of justice, where mere suspicion is sufficient justification for the state to seize assets, where law is made on the basis of prejudice and puritan morality rather than reason, evidence or justice, where the citizen is being criminalised and treated as a suspect, where the police are becoming politicised and no longer adopt the Peelian principles, where politicians believe they, not the electorate, are the masters; politicans who treat the electorate with open contempt.

This is a land where youngsters leaving education have A* exam grades yet are barely able to string a sentence together, and mathematical illiterates such as I have to explain to them how to work out percentages. Where our history is being lost or rewritten, a nation that is being taught to be ashamed of its past rather than proud of its heritage.

All of this—and the rest that I have not quoted—is absolutely true. Further, his angle of attack also reminds your humble Devil of the fact that I am often unable to discern which group I have the most contempt for—our politicians or the British people in general.

For though our politicians are insincere, corrupt, hypocritical fucking cunts, they are after all only taking advantage of a populace that is, in the main, lazy, apathetic, credulous, cretinous, disgusting, violent, discourteous, vulgar, mean-spirited, unpleasant, morally-bankrupt, vain, proudly pig-ignorant, pusillanimous, pathetic and utterly mediocre—possessed of all of the spirit of a brace of lugworms.

So, can we blame them for doing so? Well, yes; but as I have quoted before...
How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well, certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

Perhaps people get the government that they deserve? Except that I have never ended up with a government that I have voted for but then again, I have never really voted for any party—only against another.

This country used to be great once: when were the backbones of the populace removed? Sometime around 1947, I suspect...


Longrider said...

Yes, it's a mixture of sadness to be leaving and excitement at the prospect of the new life. What really rankles is that my original driver should be overtaken by the sheer relief at leaving behind the surveillance society. No one in France gives a flying fuck what people do and where they go. If I buy a few bottles of the local plonk, I go though the checkout and no one bats an eyelid, let alone asks how old I am.

I could go on, but you get the gist.

I'll still be ranting from the other side of the channel, though.

Longrider said...

PS Drop me an email if you are planning to be in the Languedoc ;)

Harry J said...

I've had the opportunity to leave for Ibiza on several occasions. Not a chance. My backbone's intact. I'm starting work on a short viral video that explains how the utterly unfair money system works at the moment. I'm here and fighting until the day I die. Whatever the weather.

The Filthy Smoker said...

Two or three years ago, I was watching the regional news with my dad and a story came on about the council taking action to protect pets from passive smoke. We sat there and watched the item from beginning to end without saying a word.

When it finished, my dad (who doesn't smoke) turned to me and said: "So, where are we going to emigrate to?"

Never before had he expressed any desire to leave Britain but this one little news story was the straw that broke the camel's back. He saw which way the country was going.

He never left. He's too old to start a new life and he knows it. I never left either but I ask myself that question almost every day.

The Refuser said...

It may be a cop out but I don't see Britain ever leaving the EU and therefore I don't think we will ever drive a stake through the heart of socialism. Britain has gone progressively downhill since 1947 and the process has accelerated in the past decade.

It isn't going to get any better because to be honest we have reached the tipping point. The deadbeats outnumber the productive and they will drag us all down to their level.

The thing is it's all very well saying you will stay and fight, but how will you when they organise the full apparatus of state against you? Britain is in a downward spiral of decline and with a demographic catastrophe on the horizon. Get out while you still can.

Anonymous said...

Saw it coming:after trying France in the 80's,I decided the French were a bunch of arhythmic poseurs with no decent conversation (I'm a musician and my french was fluent at the time,but nobody had anything interesting to say or play) I eventually left for the Czech Republic in '96,just before the glorious Blairite revolution,and I'm glad to say that having had a bellyful of the intrusive state in the communist and nazi periods,people here are in no hurry for the euro-version. President Klaus,a noted euro-sceptic,is the next EU president,and I look forward to fireworks.The people show self-reliance,mutual respect and good manners in ways that I fear are gone forever in western europe - I am by no means frail,but young people regularly offer me their seat on public transport!
What's more,they are suspicious of militant Islam and are almost innocent of current racial pieties (some people still think monkey & banana jokes are funny !!) Great country,pity the language is impenetrable:-)

Anonymous said...

"...but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

Ouch, and you're right. I joined the Libertarians two or three months ago and have hidden the light, so far, under my fat arse. I promise to do better. And I'm serious.

John Pickworth said...

Good luck Longrider... you won't regret your move, I just wish I could join you.

The Filthy Smoker, better not let your dear old Dad read this:

Electrician refuses to work in smoker's council home

A HOUSE-proud council tenant was left fuming when an electrician refused to carry out repairs in her home - because she was smoking.

The electrician, hired by Islington Council's housing management firm Homes for Islington, left when Ms Rosamond answered the door with a half-smoked cigarette in her hand.

Ms Rosamond said: "He only came to mend a broken light switch. He said 'you can't smoke in here. Your house smells, I'm refusing to do the work'.

As Filthy Smoker Snr said: "So, where are we going to emigrate to?"

Anonymous said...

I went to New Zealand. Which is as far away as you can go without starting to come back.

Pete (formerly in Dunbar)

Unknown said...

I've spent the last eight months as a temporary resident in Australia. Don't misunderstand me, this Country has a long way to go before it's in the same politically correct and murky waters of the UK. However, the politicians over here are doing all they can to push the "It's health and safety innit" culture. The speed restrictions and speed traps on some of the major routes over here make the UK road climate look benign in comparison.

Saying that, a large proportion of the population tend to jovially stick up a couple of fingers at the political establishment, and the mindset of the average Aussie is far more positive and self-reliant than most Brits you will meet. I was particularly impressed by the number of people who flashed me to warn me a cop was waiting around the next corner when I was driving a little quickly down the Bruce Highway (East Coast main route) a few days ago. ;)

I don't think this place is the promised land, but I think the quality of life and attitude of self-reliance over here totally kecks all over that of the UK.

To that end, I'm applying for my residency as soon as I return to the UK. I have been offered sponsorship as a skilled worker next year, but that won't happen till it happens if you catch my drift.

If successful, I won't see it as a permanent move, and I would love to help fight the good fight with the Libertarian Party in the UK. I think it's going to be an uphill battle given the apathy of many of the general population, but I really do have faith that there is a growing minority who really do give a stuff about the direction the Country is going in. I also do not believe all chavs are beyond hope. An education system that has failed them (due to overbearing tennants from Central Government) and weak/non-existent parenting would not give anybody the best start in life.

That's my two cents worth anyway.

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