Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wikio rankings remixed

Those nice people at Wikio have been reorganising the way that their rankings work.
Our developers have created several indicators, one of which flags up publication volume, that allow us to more closely follow the behaviour of the tens of thousands of sources in our database.

There have been a number of other changes that aim to make the rankings more representative, all of which sound eminently sensible.
We have for various reasons decided to change that, meaning our rankings now neatly encompass the whole calendar months that precede them. The finalised tables will thus be released a few days after the end of each month, as this allows our algorithm to fully analyse the results and also our content managers to do their thing, as they verify all of the rankings by hand once they are in place.

The new Politics Top 20 rankings are as follows...

1Iain Dale's Diary=
2Guy Fawkes' blog=
3Liberal Conspiracy+
4ConservativeHome's ToryDiary-
5The Devil's Kitchen-
7EU Referendum+
8Liberal Democrat Voice+
10Mr Eugenides+
11Chicken Yoghurt+
12Tim Worstall-
13The Wardman Wire+
15Pickled Politics-
16Dizzy Thinks+
17John Redwood's Diary+
18Nick Robinson's Newslog+
19Benedict Brogan's political blog-

What is interesting to note is the traction which lefty blogs are getting, especially Liberal Conspiracy. Perhaps we really are about to see that flip around in dominance that has been predicted.

The UK Politics rankings in full are here, and the UK overall rankings are here.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should re-name Liberal Conspiracy "Socialist Bores"?

Tim Carpenter said...

In times of trouble, people retreat to fantasy.

Guido Fawkes said...

I'm a little bit sceptical of their algorithm. At one time I was nowhere in the running and now I'm second. Howzat work? Too much discretion methinks.

Anonymous said...

No Tory Bear on the list (:, what's the world coming to

Anonymous said...

Whats with the 12 inches of white space ??? What a bleeding waste of electrons. Tch.

Matt Wardman said...

>I'm a little bit sceptical of their algorithm. At one time I was nowhere in the running and now I'm second. Howzat work? Too much discretion methinks.

I think that's because it is a new service that hasn't got all the blogs yet. I think you went in in the spring while the algorithm is 9 months - so you are getting a big boost each month from a whole new set of links.

The Welsh blogs may be over-prominent as Ordo organised a mass listing back in the early summer, and they all link to each other regularly.

I may be flattered as I got on board very early.

My take. Give it another 6 months to stabilise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guido, that was, if I remember right, for the embarrassingly mundane reason that your blog had not been properly categorised, and so wasn't in the Politics category. Once this was noticed and rectified, you obviously then suddenly appeared quite high up.


Wikio UK

QT said...

Cunts. After 3 attempts, they still refuse to list my blog.

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