Saturday, October 04, 2008

What the...

... you know the rest. But seriously, what the fuck is going on with this country? Why the fuck are we arresting people for things that are not a crime here?
British courts should refuse to act on an EU arrest warrant requesting the extradition of an alleged Holocaust denier, a senior Lib Dem has said.

Australian citizen Dr Gerald Toben was remanded in custody after his arrest by British Police at Heathrow Airport.

German authorities allege Dr Toben published material online "of an anti-semitic and/or revisionist nature".

But home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK and he should not be extradited.

Fucking hell, I don't want to find myself agreeing with Chris Huhne, but anyone who has any idea of freedom must actually do so. I will spell it out again: Holocaust denial is not a crime in this country. So why the living fuck are we arresting someone for it?
But some human rights campaigners have backed [Toben's] case, saying that his views - however unpleasant - do not make him a criminal in the UK.

Absolutely right.
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), acting for the German authorities, argues that agreements signed in 2003 between the UK and other European countries mean that Britain is duty-bound to assist the German authorities.

Fuck you, you German cunts: fuck you right in the face. We wil do precisely what we want: we will decide who we extradite and we will decide whether we arrest them. Get knotted, you tits: we know you are still hung up on the fact that millions of your countrymen happily assisted in the murder of some six million Jews, but one would have thought that this was done under the auspices of a totalitarian government might lead you to believe that freedom of speech was especially important. Have you learned nothing, you fuckwits?

Of course they haven't: after all, it was Angela Merkel who tried to push legislation through the EU to make Holocaust denial a crime throughout all EU countries. That's right, Angela: the best way to make amends for the disgusting behaviour of your countrymen under your totalitarian state is to recreate it right here, right now, eh?
While stressing that he was completely opposed to anti-semitism, Mr Huhne said: "We don't in this country tend to prosecute people for issues that we regard as issues of freedom of speech."

Quite right, Mr Huhne. (Oh, I wonder if David Davis is listening, 'cos he sure as hell ain't speaking...)
Mr Huhne said the case seemed "pretty dodgy" given the fact the offence was not committed in Germany.

Fucking right. And we should let the guy go, right fucking now. As Strange Stuff says...
Chris Huhne is exactly right, holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK. We do not have any rules about making a fool of yourself in this way. If somebody wants to try and deny the incontrovertible truth of the industrialised murder of eleven million people (six million of whom where Jews) then they should be perfectly at liberty to speak their peace, just as we should be at liberty to ignore or point and laugh at the idiot. Freedom of speech is too important a liberty to be meddled with, even if it is sometimes used to propagate views that are false and unpleasant.

Of course, as we are drawn deeper and deeper into the foetid maw of the EU, our say over what should and shouldn't be a crime in this country will become less and less potent. EU criminal harmonisation is coming and very soon anyone denying or downplaying the Holocaust will not be argued with, or laughed: they will be lobbed into prison for many years. And then, finally, freedom in Britain will be dead.

Every now and again, I forget that there really is only one, single issue that matters in this country although I am reminded of it frequently: the EU is it. Leaving the EU is the only issue that matters in Britain today: we cannot actually do anything else, in terms of moving towards freedom and better, smaller government until we have disentangled ourselves from this disgustingly evil empire.

UPDATE: oh look! Trixy points out that Chris Huhne is a stinking, hideous hypocrite who should have acid-coated, sharpened cockroaches shoved ungently up his Jap's-eye until he pleads to be tortured to death over the course of several days.
Well, I quite agree, but it's a shame if [Huhne] thinks that he voted in favour of the European Arrest Warrant when he was an MEP.
Rapporteur: Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP

In favour

Nick Clegg, Chris Davies, Andrew Duff, Chris Huhne, Sarah Ludford, Liz Lynne, Bill Newton-Dunn, Nicholson of Winterbourne, Graham Watson

Sir Robert Atkins, Chris Beazley, John Bowis, Philip Bradbourn, Philip Bushill-Matthews, Martin Callanan, Giles Chichester, Den Dover, James Elles, Jonathan Evans, Robert Goodwill, Dan Hannan, Malcolm Harbour, Chris Heaton-Harris, Roger Helmer, Caroline Jackson, Timothy Kirkhope, Edward McMillan Scott, Neil Parish, John Purvis, Robert Sturdy, David Sumberg, Charles Tannock, Theresa Villiers

Gordan Adams, Michael Cashman, Richard Corbett, Robert Evans, Glyn Ford, Neena Gill, Mary Honeyball, Richard Howitt, Stephen Hughes, Glenys Kinnock, Eryl McNally, David Martin, Ben Miller, Simon Murphy, Mel Read, Catherine Stihler, Gary Titley, Mark Watts, Philip Whitehead
Jill Evans, Ian Hudghton, Jean Lambert


Nigel Farage, Jeffrey Titford,

Why oh why do the majority of the population and our main stream media allow politicians to get away with such blatant hypocrisy? How do they ever expect politicians to behave themselves and act like respectable human beings when actually they have no motivation to do so?

It's worth noting that all of the Tories voted for this evil idea too: as I have said before, if you expect anything to change under those bastards, then you are very sorely mistaken...

UPDATE 2: unless, of course, people like Dan Hannan start to gain more sway in the party. Master Hannan now seems to be openly calling for us to leave the European Union: what on earth will Brave Dave Cameron say?
Do we really believe that the United Kingdom, a country of 60 million people, tied by its trading and colonising energies to every continent, couldn't do at least as well as Switzerland?

I don't know, Dan: next time that you see the massively-foreheaded cunt posing as leader of your party, why don't you ask him?

But while we were about it, why weren't you and Helmer at the Fringe Event you had scheduled during the Tory Conference?
Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer were supposed to be sharing a platform with UKIP leader Nigel Farage and the Telegraph's Simon Heffer at the Bruges Group debate 'Will a Conservative Government deliver on Europe?'

However, due to 'heavy pressure' explained Barry Legg, the two Tory MEPs were not in a position to attend. As Trixy hears it, both MEPs, who sit with the non attached in the European Parliament because they did not tow the line of the Europhile group they sit with, received letters from CCHQ telling them they were not allowed to share a platform with Nigel Farage MEP. Ever.

Readers may be aware of the Sun lunchtime event, Fixing Broken Britain where Tory Shadow Minister Michael Gove MP shared a platform with Cherie Blair in Manchester. And in Birmingham, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is sharing a platform with Hazel Blears and Charlie the Safety Elephant. That is allowed, of course, because they're all happy clappy social democrats together. (My uncle tells me that Gove has promised a retrospective referendum if they get into power - I pointed out that this may have been a porkie given that Cameron has ruled it out).

I can't possibly know what might be going on. All that Roger Helmer would say to me, in the little boys' room at the Freedom Zone, was that "because of internal party reasons", he and Dan were unable to attend and that they had told the organisers this a couple of weeks previously.

In any case, it seems that Cameron does not share the views of his increasingly wayward MEPs. But, y'see, as far as I am concerned, Hannan and Helmer are on the side of right and Cameron is the son of the fucking devil.

I had already decided that I would never, ever cast a vote for that lying little shit, even before he decided to smear libertarianism. I hope that Cameron dies on his knees, begging for mercy: if he apologises really sincerely I may stop beating him viciously around his massive face with a razorblade-encrusted Red Snapper.


Anonymous said...

Fucking class article - couldn't agree more.

I find it horrendously disturbing how this country could, without a stand, give way to the oppression of free speech.

If politicians had any balls, they would be taking a united front on this matter, but of course they almost all don't.

This is of course off the back of that civil servant who wrote something sick about Girls Aloud...apparently he might get busted by the obscene publications legislation.

Fucking joke. Back to the days of Oliver fucking Cromwell we go, except under the auspices of left wing authoritarianism.

p.s. the URL is a direct link to my piece on the matter.

thedavincimode said...

They appear to have upset you.

Of course, the Jerries' sanctimonious guilt trip is even harder to take seriously given that indoors they continue to dance around naked with clothes pegs on their nipples whilst piddling on each other.

Anonymous said...

This is utterly disgraceful. Time to leave.

chris said...

Red snapper is far too good a fish to waste on Spam, try an anglerfish.

The EU arrest warrant is turning out to be exactly what us sceptics said it would be. I should have realised there was going to be something slippery about Huhne's comments. Reading them again it looks like what he is actually saying is that we should apply EU law in a selective way (the same way that every other EU state does) rather than the EU arrest warrant is a bad thing in itself. Actually I agree with that as well, it is just that the EU laws that I would select not to follow would be, well, all of them. We keep the free trade and just tell them to fuck off with everything else unilaterally. At least he and some of the Conservatives are actually speaking out in favour of free speech.

Little Black Sambo said...

Hannan voted in favour of the European Arrest Warrant? That's interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is just pure bloody madness.
However it has possibilities....since we have a maximum speed limit on our roads in this country.....and the Germans don't, we should ask for Germans who drive at faster than 70 MILES per hour to be sent to our country for trial and sentancing....this could be a good little earner

Timothy Wallace said...

I nearly choked when I read about this the other day - according to Thursday's 'Times' (page 17) the chap was charged in Germany with Holocaust denial-related crimes which include 'insulting the memory of the dead'.

Now I insult an awful lot of people, both living and dead (i don't hear any complaints when people say 'Hitler was a cunt', do i?) and i can't quite see how that constitutes criminal behaviour.

According to another article on the same page, 'Lord Filkin, the the Home Office Minister, said when the legislation went through Parliament that no one would be extradited for conduct that was legal in Britain'.

Another lying bastard, then.

Trixy said...

The letter from CCHQ managed to make its way around a few people at the event.

Tories: pro EU. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

And presumably, if the loathsome Turks are admitted to the EU we can look forward to being arrested at their behest for NOT denying the Armenian Genocide, for suggesting that Mustafa Kemal was up for a bit of man-love and for supporting Kurdish independence....all of which 'insult Turkishness' and are punishable under the laws of that squalid thinly-disguised military dictatorship.

Trixy said...

I have a feeling that during the large numbers of votes on this, and all the readings and amendments, there was some considerable Tory opposition, however.

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