Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tom Harris: just doesn't get 1984

For all that Iain Dale keeps praising him (insert your own insult about Tory fuckwits here), we all know that Tom Harris is lying shitbag. One of the distinctive traits of Airstrip One's Party was their eagerness to rewrite history, and we all know that Tom Harris is very adept at that, do we not?

Now, it seems that Tom has (a little prematurely) received his copy of 1984 and is dismissive of the book.
An Orwellian nightmare? Oh, wake up!

Why, thank you, Tom, for your patronising order: do you mind if I fucking ignore you, you wanker?
AN ODD thing arrived today at the office: an Amazon package containing a brand new copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It’s not the book itself that is odd - I read it for the first time nearly 30 years ago and it’s a rollicking good yarn, with a great plot and a very dramatic ending.

And that, of course, is all that Tom took from it: the appreciation of a book that described, very well, the state of Stalin's Russia—before it became so fucking obvious that even (most of) the Labour Party had to acknowledge what was going on—has been lost on this moron.
Well, first of all, how about the arrogance of anyone referring to anyone else as anyone’s “masters”?

Fuck you, sunshine. You pass laws that were not in your manifesto; you skip the bits of your manifesto that you don't like; you rape our fucking money from us and pay it into your own deep fucking pockets. You know what, Tom, it looks to us like you think that you are our masters. Perhaps you would like to announce that you will come out into the streets of Westminster and take whatever anyone can throw at you and see just how well respected you are, you corrupt sack of shit?
Secondly, there seem to be an awful lot of people out there - perhaps dozens of them - who seem to get strangely exercised at the prospect of a “police state”.

Ah, yes: that's right, Tom: you denigrate those who disagree with you, why don't you?

You aren't in the House of Commons now, you cunt: you can't get away with that. It's not people getting "strangely excited": it's people getting scared.

You know, one of your commenters summed it up rather well...

“Well, first of all, how about the arrogance of anyone referring to anyone else as anyone’s “masters”?”

Oh God I’m spitting here, clarification notwithstanding.

In a democracy, as you proudly boast that this country still is, who is master and who is servant? It’s a no-brainer isn’t it? Call it employer if you like but it doesn’t change anything and there is nothing arrogant about reminding the Labour party (or any of the other MPs) that this is the case. You all seem to have completely forgotten.

Your blithe dismissal of this ‘gift’ is stunning in its lack of understanding of how strongly many people feel about how the minutiae of their lives are being constantly interfered with. This isn’t Jim Baxter’s cherry-picked instances we are talking about, this is wholesale destruction of everyday life.

… and a new restriction is brought out EVERY day.

Today it was:

Prospective MPs not required to give addresses anymore (yet contrast this with Section 50 of the Police Reform Act 2002 where it is an offence for a member of the public to refuse to give their name and address to the Police when asked, whether they have committed an offence, or even been suspected of one, or not - your lot brought that one in).

I could list one of these EVERY day if you like but I have a business to run and I would expect someone whose business is Government to know these things and to recognise when civil liberties are being cut out. You don’t seem to think there is anything wrong!

It’s not all about CCTV, it’s about tiny things that add to a whole that is unacceptable and should be stopped. YOUR party have encouraged this and should be ashamed of yourselves.

OK. Here’s a list of the recent ones that have staggered me and which your party should be thoroughly ashamed.

Separate queues for buying alcohol in supermarkets so buyers “will be subjected to scrutiny of fellow shoppers”. What? Why?

Smokers being banned from fostering children when there is a shortage of 2,000 foster homes. What?? Why??

History & Geography being scrapped from schools in favour of ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ and ‘Multi-Culturalism’. What? Really?

Compulsory … note, not available for veto by parents … compulsory sex education for 5 year olds. (I haven’t mentioned the finger-printing, that’s so last month isn’t it?)

Bans on fast food outlets opening within 500 metres of schools. Funny, I don’t remember voting on that particular issue in this wonderful democracy that you seem to think exists, much as I didn’t vote on the idea of a blanket smoking ban but DID vote on a partial ban and a manifesto pledge of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

That is just the past couple of days.

Your copy of 1984 is richly deserved after reading your blog post. Read it again and take note of how your party have passed so many laws that are so very similar to those mentioned in the book.

Here’s an example - a guy accosted in Middlesbrough for taking pictures on his mobile phone, the reason for being stopped for doing something legal? Anti-Terrorism laws. His crime? Nothing. The Police officer’s reasoning as to why he may have been committing an offence? He may have been a voyeur. Is the officer examining the man’s thoughts? Is this a ‘Thought Crime’?

My local paper (today) has the story of a 15 year old on a Geography field trip being accosted by PCSOs and made to sign forms under the Terrorism Act. His details were to be stored on a database as a potential terrorist for 6 years. Fortunately he has a Dad who is educated and can get it erased. Your lot talk about social justice, can you imagine the son of a builder living on a council estate getting the same result? YOUR laws Tom.

Labour is rotten. Orwellian nightmare under Labour? Absolutely.

Quite. But, Tom being a party political animal, can't resist getting such a dig in.
We live in a democracy, and just because those - including my anonymous benefactor - who get excited about such things are unhappy that Labour is in power, that does not make us anything other than a democracy.

You total fuckwit. As you will see, come the fifth of November, every single MP will be receiving one fo these, irrespective of party. You are all as bad as each other, and we who can think for ourselves loathe the lot of you.

Yes, we live in a democracy (and why is that a virtue, precisely?) but as I have stated many times before, you represented yourselves to us falsely.

I need to sleep: I shall address this lying slag's crap more fully in the morning...


Martin said...

'Fess up. Who posted early?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the Tories had done to our civil liberties one tenth of what Labour has done, fucktards like Tom Harris would be up in arms and screeching about the Orwellian police state. Indeed, those of us with memories stretching past last Thursday remember that "police state" was a term that Labour loved to throw around in the 1980s to describe Thatcher's Britain.

Harris, like the rest, is a partisan animal for whom his chosen tribe can do no wrong and the other lot can do no right. The sole loyalty of these people, the sole interest, the sole obligation, is to their party. Whatever the party chiefs decree is Holy Writ for Harris and his ilk - and if that means raping our civil liberties in the name of Broon's latest social experiment, Harris and gang won't even blink.

Until - and unless - we have politicians who are actually prepared to act from principle rather than from partisan tribalism, our country is doomed.

I also think it's high time we put some basic IQ and psychological testing before anyone votes or is allowed to take a seat at Westminster. I, for one, am sick to the back teeth of barely literate Labourite mongoloids whose sole education consists of memorising An Idiot's Guide to Marx.

Anonymous said...

a large part of the problem is just the partisanship you describe. both parties prescribe the same police state policies because both parties are funded by the same interests, as has been shown hz the recent mandy /osbourne row, and yet both parties claim it's "the other lot" who are doing/will do it. the same thing is being used in the us election at the moment. the people vote against what they've got and just get more of the same. the other plank is the mickey- taking describedin the original post. dozens of people indeed. they use the same tactic whether you are questioning climate change, buildings falling at free fall speed, fingerprint scanners or any number of issues. all they have to do is paint you as a tin foil hat wearing crank and the years of tv and movie conditioning will do the rest. crank! denialist! commie!

Old BE said...

I think Tom Harris MP "gets it" totally. Did you think he was going to say "sorry folks, we hadn't realised how bad we were, we'll be better from now on"???

The Filthy Smoker said...

"it’s a rollicking good yarn, with a great plot and a very dramatic ending"

Not to be confused with Animal Farm - "a rib-tickling comedy about talking pigs" or Homage to Catalonia - "a bloke on holiday in Spain".

Guthrum said...

One !

Dave said...

The only parts of the NULiebor manifesto that have been vigorously pursued and pushed through Parliament are-

Lowering the age of consent for homosexual acts thereby allowing many prominent Labour politicians freedom to bugger young boys at will.

Banning hunting with dogs.

Everything else has been an abject failure. I voted in '97 and was deceived by the spin the u-turns the failures to get anything done, the polictics of the soundbite and of expediency. Under this lot, "long term" means "to the end of the week" and soon it will mean "to the end of the day"
Ayn Rand was right

pagar said...

Just look at the comments left on his website and not all from names I recognise as libertarian commentators.

If the book doesn't give him pause for thought then maybe the reaction will. I am going to make my contribution and I'd urge you to do the same!!!

Old Holborn said...


He hasn't published my comment.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I have never figured out why Iain Dale rates Tom Harris. He has recently gone from being ministerial lobby fodder to being just another Scots MP with an endangered seat. He has never said anything vaguely interesting on his blog.

I have long maintained that he has his head up his arse and have told him so.

I am impressed by the "1984" campaign. I only got wind of it just now though. (I know, I should read this blog more often)

A central tenet of the book is the idea that thoughts will be manipulated by strict control of common vocabulary. (keep up at the back, there) Marxists have long argued that linguistic hegemony, for lack of a better phrase,is central to gaining control of the agenda.

Tom Harris simply does not have the vocabulary to look critically at his masters. Use of the word "Muslim" is banned when speaking of Terrorism. This was at the behest of Gordon Brown. The phrase "war on terror,likewise.

Indeed, even the phrase "political correctness has been banned by one local authority.

I used to leave posts at TH. One day I mentioned "The Da Vinci Code" and his erstwhile boss, Ruth Kelly, in the same post. It got binned. I didn't even say "Opus Dei" or "Celice".

He is better off doing Star Trek conventions as a William Shatner lookalike.

Anonymous said...

This comment produced a tickle.

"The vast majority of this country would like to see you all swinging from a lamp post."

Anonymous said...

From AJP Taylor’s History of England 1914 -45

An extract form the first page:

Until August 1914 a sensible, law-abiding Englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state, beyond the post office and the policeman. He could live where he liked and as he liked. He had no official number or identity card……..Still broadly speaking, the state only acted to help those who could not help themselves. It left the adult citizen alone.

Haven’t we come a long way?

geewiz said...

His comment "who get excited about such things are unhappy that Labour is in power" sums up their mentality.
As that chap said in QT, that they are in OFFICE to serve and not in POWER to rule.

Megalomaniac twats.

FlipC said...

With reference to the commenter quoted perhaps instead of sending copies of 1984 out to MPs, sending copies of section 44 of the Terrorist Act to both Police Officers and the newspapers might be more appropriate.

It is over 600 words long though so perhaps we can aid them by highlighting subsection 4a-d that explains that the stop and search powers require authorisation from someone of at least the rank of Assistant Chief Constable (outside London) or Commander (in London).

Better yet perhaps we should all print out our own copies so we can quote it to them should we ever be stopped for that reason?

Anonymous said...

"subsection 4a-d that explains that the stop and search powers require authorisation"

In London they have been renewed every 28 days for several years. In effect, they are permanent.

FlipC said...

In that case you can argue that a law that has clearly been designed for use as a temporary measure is being used as a permanent one which makes it null and void; not that it'll stop them.

Anonymous said...

Devil - I represent the Jesus Movement PLC (in Administration), formerly known as the Church of England.

Jesus has asked me to notify you that he will be in the Chandos next Wednesday morning and he wants you, "that bald twat Old Holborn", and all your lackeys and running to dogs to be sunbeams for him.

Instead of making a nuisance of yourselves, you will therefore be ... shepherded into St Martin in the Fields to listen to a sermon by the Lord himself followed by a little light re-education by Mr Bernard Tovis, metaphysician in residence to Transport for London, and an informal discussion over tea and biscuits.

I am sure that you will all find that this impromptu event will bring new challenges. And new rewards!

Meanwhile, watch and pray.

Yours in Christ

Patrick said...

I have oft wondered whether politicians are as blind to coercion as the rest of the populace... And I will admit the thought crossed my mind again reading this post...

However politicians have so perverted the real meaning of democracy... By applying much virtue and integrity to its content, as to oblige the masses into contrition...

Hopefully he may rethink his previous thoughts when he realises that all MP's got a copy... Hmmn, then again, maybe not...

Depravity comes to mind as well as a past of childhood beatings from a grotesque Father...

Mitch said...

OT but worth a read.

Fidothedog said...

So Tom is unhappy is he? Well maybe he could take his own advise and cheer up as it was only a few months back that this MP was saying about how brilliant every thing was in El Gordo's socialist paradise.

Old Holborn said...

It would appear we have our first hit.

Tom Harris is now officially "uncomfortable"

His blog is being bombarded with abuse of the system he is part of.

My copy of 1984 goes off tomorrow to a very special member of the 646. Jacqui Smith. Suitably signed.

Let it begin. November 5th is just the beginning.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

All of us have a voice, courtesy of the internet and our intellect. Make sure your voice is heard next week. If they have their way, it will be our last chance.

Anonymous said...

The virtue of living in a democracy, apart from any moral issue, is that it is the least ineffective means so far designed to access the wisdom of crowds. What a shame that so many alledgedly democratic politicians disregard that wisdom at the first opportunity.

Alan Douglas said...

Tom has had 116 responses, of which about 3 are his flip answers to minor points, and 2 or 3 are labour trolls laughing at the serious point-makers and calling them "foil hats".

Iain Dale says Tom is a good guy. Well, Iain, you will need to publicly recant (and on Chipmunk as well !) unless Tom seriously addresses 110 considered posts about the Labour anti-terror terror.

I am not holding my breath.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Thank you, LPUK, for mounting this campaign which is an elegant way of expressing the concerns of many people. I've publicised it, although someone else pledged to send a copy to my MP.

Since her missives to me have demonstrated a level of literacy consistent with NuLabour's standards, I don't expect her to get past the first page, but perhaps a colleague will explain its message.


iskander said...

The mind-numbing complacency of this man Harris's responses to some very pertinent and well reasoned comments beggars belief.

Or perhaps not.

Old Holborn said...

He's just called us "fanatics"

I think he doesn't like me

The cunt.

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea for a campaign. Next time I meet my MP, the always popular Yvette Cooper, I'll ask whether she received her new edition of Labour's secret manifesto.

Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting if any of the other MPs blog about receiving their copy. Unfortunately, Tom Harris will probably tip them the wink and they won't.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Iskander said: "The mind-numbing complacency of this man Harris's responses to some very pertinent and well reasoned comments beggars belief"

If you want mind-numbing, how about the Kerry McCarthy blog? X Factor, celebrity gossip and how she forgot to turn the clock back seems to be her main chat.

Another safe Labour seat too. Good grief!

Anonymous said...

Tom Harris has, as promised, left his final world on'1984'.

Whilst I can understand the reasons for his terse dismissal, wouldn't it be nice if he could have expressed the intention to consider the views of those who posted, even if it were a sop? Sadly, in the society which has developed under NuLab, even the minor courtesies seem to have gone the way of much else. Even nicer, of course, would be a sense of obligation on his part to take seriously the concerns of the electorate, but I no longer expect that.


Anonymous said...

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