Saturday, October 18, 2008

To the Devil a daughter

Horns substituted for a halo: CUCA seem to have got hold of Madsen Pirie's picture of me from the ASI boat trip in July...

Your humble Devil is travelling to Cambridge today (rather than in November), to give a brief speech at one of CUCA's port and cheese parties.
8pm, Saturday 18th October 2008
Kennedy Room, Cambridge Union Society

Special guest: Devil’s Kitchen.

Our legendary port parties are back, with plenty of cheese, copious port and plenty of good banter.

It should be fun. As with most of these things, I shall prepare my speech on the train and then speak off the cuff as far as possible. Maybe I shall see some of you there...

A couple of weeks ago, having never been there previously, I was in Birmingham for a Tory Conference fringe event—last week, I was there again for work.

A pattern is emerging for, never having been to Cambridge before, I shall not only be there tonight, but also on Tuesday 28th—with the Libertarian Party this time.

I'm looking forward to both events immensely.


Old Holborn said...

Put me on the guest list for the Cambridge LPUK do on the 28th, DK.

Anonymous said...

Zis is a good picture of you.

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