Sunday, October 05, 2008

A sad day for blogging, as a cunt gives it up

I have enjoyed reading Twenty Major for many years, and now it seems that "blogging fatigue"—for want of a more precise term—has brought his writing to an end.
This blog began exactly four years and one day ago.

Since then a whole lot of words have been written and read by countless scoundrels in many countries throughout the world. Thousands of comments have been left, many, many people have been called a cunt.

But, all good things come to an end, and even bad things come to an end too, which is why from today I will no longer be updating the blog. I may pop in the odd post from time to time, more than likely to give info about book two, but there will be no more regular posting.

Sure, the man was a total cunt, but he was a funny cunt (well, the man is presumably still alive so talking in the past tense is possibly bad taste, but the man who was the blog is dead) and he has provided your humble Devil will many laughs over the years.

You humble Devil's four year anniversary approaches even more swiftly—it falls on the 13th January 2009—and we shall have to see whether I will have the will to carry on. As Twenty points out, I probably shall.
So why stop? Well, for one thing I think every non-subject specific blog has a limited lifespan. I mean, if you’re writing about politics or football or tech then you’ve got new content every day now and forever.

True, although I have had my blogging fatigue moments. But roll on, Dave Cameron: that'll make it easier...
So really it just remains for me to say thank you to everybody for reading, emailing, commenting and taking part in the blog over the years. Thank you to those of you who bought the first book and I hope you’ll enjoy the second when it does come out in February/March of next year. I will update about it on the forum, definitely, and maybe on the blog.

Until then picture me with an handkerchief tied around a stick, Bastardface at my side and Throatripper chasing a condor through the woods, as I walk away into the distance with the end theme from the Incredible Hulk TV series playing.

Goodbye, you wonderful cunts.

This was Twenty Major, September 29th 2004–September 30th 2008.

The world will have fewer rude words in it now so, as one who loves the "c" word maybe even more than yourself, Twenty, farewell and thanks for all the cunts.

It's been a blast.


Anonymous said...

I dumped mine at the weekend after nearly 8 years. It was non-subject specific (personal blog) and had been in decline for around a year. I just couldn't be bothered with it any more. I wonder if blogging has had its day?

haddock said...

The success of Twenty's blog was as much to do with the band of amusing cunts who commented as with Twenty. I wonder where they will go now....

Stew said...

stuart - What? Because you've given it up? Corrolation is not causation as any fule kno

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