Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh look! I'm right again

At the Freedom and the Internet discussion in Birmingham, I touched on the attempts to regulate blogs and maintained that a number of agencies—most notably the EU but also the Labour Party—were making definite moves towards curbing what and how we write.

At the time, Guido pooh-poohed me, maintaing that it simply wouldn't be possible. It seems that Guido may be thinking again.
At a fringe meeting at Conservative Party Conference on the platform Guido insisted the government wouldn't have a chance of suppressing him unless they went down the Iranian route of censoring the internet at the ISP level or copying the Great Firewall of China, and they wouldn't do that.

Maybe Guido underestimated the government. Having failed to put a positive spin on Gordon, Stephen Carter is going to try and regulate blogs under the guise of "promoting content standards" - otherwise known as censorship. No doubt bloggers will first be found guilty of some kind of thoughtcrime to justify censorship, apparently calling Chinese milk a "Chinky Drinky" in a jokey headline is bigoted, co-conspirators calling Ed Balls names will no doubt be guilty of a crime against the state soon.

Andy Burnham a couple of weeks ago made a direct threat against bloggers, "It is not just about copyright or intellectual property but [things like] taste and decency in the online world. The time will come to say what are the direct interventions [needed, if any]."

Go fuck yourself, Burnham, you fucking little shitbag. We are no fans of yours, here at The Kitchen.
At The Kitchen, we have discussed the truthiness of Andy Burnham—as well as calling him a liar, a cunt, a spiv and a braindead bore—and this terrible, little greaseball is one of our very favourite ministers. No, really.

Not only is he not one of our favourite ministers, he is also a fucking little greaseball; I think that he should shut the fuck up and go and drown himself. After all, if we were maintaining "standards" in public life, he wouldn't be allowed to stand, let alone get elected.

Anyway, enough of that smug, greasy-haired fuck, and back to Guido.
Freedom of speech is messy, freedom is messy full stop, but it is of primary importance There is no way Guido is going to surrender his liberty to insult, expose and humiliate our rulers in the vilest ways he can.

Quite. And I might have to step up the levels of bile in order to redefine the term "vilest".

It doesn't alter the fact that I was right though: they will try to regulate us and there will be a fight...


Dr Evil said...

Burnham and any other bastard be they a minister or whatever trying to curb freedom of speech should be shot, lynched or subject to the brazen bull for such behaviour. I'm sick and tired of politicians trying to destroy the freedoms that several generations put their lives on the line to uphold. How DARE he and this Marko woman even consider any regulations for censoring free speech as we have it today. This is not acceptable. I would go to jail to defend this right. Elected ministers shoulkd defend it, not try to end it, just because they don't like us slagging them and the dear leader off. Fuck them all. I think a time for direct action against these slimeballs isn't far away.

Anonymous said...

But ed balls is a useless cunt! its not opinion its a fact.

Anonymous said...

No doubt it will be promoted so as to protect the chiiiildruuuun!

If I ever meet Gordon Brown, I'm going to poke my finger in his good eye.

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