Saturday, October 04, 2008

Now what the fuck is...

... Oh, sod it: what's the point? The whole world appears to have gone completely fucking insane.

Although, at least Ruth Kelly has resigned: that is a small comfort, at least. Ruth Kelly was and is a loathesome individual who should never have been born, let alone elected and then (for fuck's sake, HOW?) given a ministerial post.

Perhaps we should have a brief spin through your humble Devil's appraisal of Ruth Kelly, just to remind ourselves of just who the fuck she is. Posts with titles like "Ruth Kelly is a lying shitbag from hell" might give us a clue as to my opinion.
I fucking hate that lying old fag cow, Ruth Kelly. How fucking dare she, the whore fuck cunt bag?

How fucking dare she? How the fuck can she sit there and send her child to a private Specialist school when her fucking government has been closing down this option—and especially as regards specialist schools—for the last ten years? What the fucking hell does she think that she is playing at?

And the cocking BBC is playing the card that she is "acting as a mother not a minister". What? What the fucking fuck? What the fucking hell is this shit?

We might well ask the very fucking pertinent question: "why the fuck should she be able to act as a mother when her government has spent the last ten years preventing anyone else from doing so."

Long-time readers might recall that Kelly also featured on my list of "Ten People I'd Like To Hit In The Mouth With A Brick"...
6. Ruth Kelly. The voice, that awful, annoying voice. And the hypocrisy. And the belief in the sky-fairy. Just an awful, horrible woman. I shall tear out her vocal chords before beating her to death with an especially scabby brick.

So, as you might have gathered, I am not a fan. Nor is my colleague, The Nameless One, although he puts it a little more rationally.
The problem comes, though, if you are a member of a deeply strange Christian cult and are made Minister for Women and Equality. Because for a member of Opus Dei, equality is something dangerous and should be feared. After all, those who don't believe what you believe are wrong. Those who dare to have sexual relations (especially with members of the same gender) for any other reason that procreation, are evil and should be judged. Again, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong (if you wish to be an archaic moron) with holding these views - it only becomes an issue when your beliefs directly oppose your ministerial brief.

Now you could argue that it is not Kelly's fault for being made Equality Minsiter - that decision was made by Prime Minister Blair. I would argue, however, that it is her fault for accepting the role. What on earth stopped her from saying "actually, Tony, I've had a think and my religious views probably mean that equality will never be one of my priorities, so I will have to turn down the kind offer of being Minsiter for Equality"? Actually, I can take a guess at what stopped her - the Nu Labour obssessions with ministerial posts, ego boosts, and big salaries.

Which is why I am glad that Kelly has gone from the Cabinet - the decision to make her Minsiter for Equality sums up the contempt that Nu Labour seem to feel towards their ministerial roles. Kelly's beliefs made her unsuited to the position she held - fair enough, but it didn't stop her boss from putting her in charge of equality or from her accepting the role. Kelly can believe what she likes, but she shouldn't then be hypocritical enough to accept a ministerial job that flies in the face of her absurd religious beliefs.

So, thank fuck the sky-fairy believing loon has fucked off into the middle of nowhere, ostensibly to spend more time with her long-suffering family. It's her husband I feel sorry for: presumably the rancid old bag will want servicing a little more often.

One down: many, many more to go...

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