Monday, October 06, 2008

Look: just fuck off, OK?

Fuck. Like we don't have enough intrusive cock-mongering already:

The world needs an international agreement like the Kyoto protocol to reduce levels of ozone pollution which harm human health and crop yields, according to a report from senior scientists.

Enough. Just ... enough. We've had the blatant lies about the allegedly warming planet shoved down our throat for long enough. We have people telling us to cut down on eating what we want to eat for the sake of Gaia. We have people flying around the world telling the rest of us not to fly around the world. We have weapons-grade cock-ends telling us that we must use wind energy because it reduces our carbon footprint, despite the fact that it just leads to a requirement for more backup power from "non-green" sources. We have other weapons-grade cock-ends telling us that despite the "green-ness" of nuclear power generation, we shouldn't use that. We have people raving on about peak oil without any fucking consideration of economics. Yadda, yadda, fucking yadda.

I said a couple of years ago that a point would come where people would get sick of all the wolf-crying and we might well just ignore a genuine crisis, because we'd all be sick of the enviro-weenies wanking off about every little thing. Well, I hereby declare that for me, that point has just arrived.

"Senior scientists", take your alarmism and go fuck yourselves.


Mr Eugenides said...
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Mr Eugenides said...


God ream your eyesockets, Clown, but I hate being second to a new curse-word.


Martin Meenagh said...

I think that the case for peak oil, overall, is persuasive. I am not a green nut. Yet we are clearly now in a downward trend for oil prices, which I thought would not happen. I want to use this forum, which I posted on in the summer, to say that the Devil's Kithen, which suggested that oil would fall in the immediate term, were right, and that for all the swearing there is a great deal of sense here. I also concur with Obnoxio, except that, sometimes, and it's awful when it happens, the usual silly bastards are right.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@martin: The bottom line is this: if technology stood still and prices stood still, we probably would have run out of oil as per the very first peak oil scare.

But the increasing price of oil and new technology solutions allow us to drill for oil in places that were not economically viable before. America has massive oil fields that were not economically viable at $35/bbl, but very viable indeed at $100/bbl.

And the other key point is that technology will find something better to replace oil at some point and we'll all migrate over to that.

As for the rest, if you make a million predictions at random, you're bound to get one or two right.

Anonymous said...

@obnoxio : +1

My "for fucks' fucking sake you fucking TWATS" moment came a few years ago, and my blood pressure started resembling that fucking graph.

However, if you think that gruaniad shit is bad, feast your eyes on this drivel:

Jarvis Cockhead and Marcus "fucking twatty cuntfaced twat of twats and just about the least funny comedian since Gordon 'Mongo' Broon got his fucking eye kicked oot [oh, wait, no, that was funnier]" Brigstocke.

Oh, and KT "one fucking hit wonder, and that wasn't particularly brilliant although the chorus was OK" Tunstall can fuck right off as well. I hope they all get eaten by a fucking polar bear.

Furry Conservative said...

There's one of these reports per week now. Can anyone remember a report which advocated individual liberty? A report which reported the truth, which is that humans are wealthier and healthier than at any time in human history?

I have a theory that catastrophist cults like the Greens or others centered around health scares can only really prosper in a technologically advanced, wealthy society. When the vast majority of the population are lifted out of the immediate, life-threatening demands of staying alive and avoiding disease, their lives become increasingly abstract and gradually catastropic scares become more significant. We have forgotten what real privation (starvation, disease) is like. We are sitting ducks.

Not, of course, that I am advocating a return to a subsistence lifestyle to boost our intellectual immune system. There is a problem though - how to stop a culture destroying itself simply because it has become too comfortable and wealthy to understand the abyss it is heading towards.

Martin Meenagh said...

I agree Obnoxio. I am appalled at the 'viable prices' though. They enforce a restriction, even more so when the currenc is being debased.

As for preditions, I prefer those in books best kept in the toilet by Nostradamus freaks. At least then you know what you are dealing with.

TheFatBigot said...

My lavatorial reading matter is the Times weekly TV guide. During my morning evacuation it persuades me to have another day without intrusion from the idiot box.

As for scientists suggesting yet more oppressive measures to deal with yet more non-problems, it's just background noise for me these days. If we listened to the political ideas promoted by scientists, and particularly doctors, we might as well not bother waking up.

John Pickworth said...

"Senior scientists", take your alarmism and go fuck yourselves.

I'll second that... and of course extend the sentiment to the politicians too.

I'm torn between feeling genuinely depressed about the state of the world and uncontrollable bouts of intense laughter. For 10 years we've been hearing daily warnings that the sky is falling in... yet the moment it actually starts doing so (at least economically) the politicians can do little more than have EU group photos taken with their pension guaranteed chums.

Someone needs to remind the Government/EU and their grant fed scientific advisors that we can barely afford the current hi-carbon economy nevermind the vastly more expensive lo-carbon nightmare alternative.

We're all doomed.

Oswald Bastable said...

We need the Kyoto rort like I need a frickin' absinthe enema...

We need the Kyoto bullsit SOMEWHAT LESS than I need an Absinthe enema...

Actually- the fuckers that thought up the Kyoto Ponzi scheme need the absinthe enema.

With boiling absinthe that has been set on fire!

Shaun said...

I can't stand this green fascism; these fucking retards want to take us back to the stone age. They won't be happy until we're shivering in our dark, unheated homes dying at the age of 35 to bring the human population down to their ideal of a few million. Its a preplanned programme of mass-murder and no amount of fluffy-polar bear greenwash can conceal its genocidal intent.

Anonymous said...

It's the sheer multiplicity of these scientists that exposes their fundamental fraudulence.

Battalions of scientists... Armies of scientists... HORDES of scientists, come galloping over the horizon in a cloud of dust.

It reminds me of when 500 German scientists denounced Einstein's theory of relativity as false doctrine and "Jewish science".

The great man replied that if they had had a knock-down refutation, then one scientist would have done.

haddock said...

Back in the nineties, when I was teaching, kids were scared witless by the fact that their world was being destroyed by the 'depletion of the ozone layer'. They imagined they had no future and the world as they knew it would cease to exist. Now the attention seeking fuckwits say we have too much ozone.... to scare the kids. I imagine that 'senior scientists' have realised that the carbon scam has been rumbled so have cast around for a more exotic sounding scare.
The solution is however simple, based on the scientists previous calculations and predictions, we just have to crush a few old fridges and freezers..... or a few senior scientists.

Anonymous said...

"Scientists' is a lovely catch all phrase for a body of opinion we have mostly have little idea about; we don't know what these people know or how they know, but we are led to believe that 'scientists' have all the credentials, all the wisdom of the ages and therefore all the answers.

But it is the meedja that loves them most. Any old ditzy pronouncements (and they are inevitably doom 'n' gloom) provide the excuse for dramatic headlines, worried editorials and scathing, moaning, heart-rending, dewy-eyed, socialist utopia, anti-everything articles. They automatically provide a reason for the meedja to exist.

Let's face it. If the meedja didn't report all this waffle and guff so eagerly - so passionately - most of us would simply exist as we always do. We'd go on living our lives untroubled by fantasy projections and computer models and all the rest.

But equally, were I a 'scientist' and an 'expert' I would be eager to publish a doomy, gloomy report too before someone else got there and stole my glory. Er, I mean, stole my place on the front page of the Independent-of-Brain-Cells or on page three of Guardian-of-Socialist-Agendas.

Anyway, it's only today's kerfuffle. There'll be another one along tomorrow.

Alan Douglas said...

Wrote this yesterday :

An Ironic Science Primer

Mr Columbus :
The science is settled, so that is all right,
sail to world’s edge and you will get quite a fright.
Fall over the end, for here there be dragons
and everything else that merry hell spasms.

Mr Harvey :
The science is settled, so that is all right.
Galen’s letting of blood will cure every blight
as for anaemia, that is God’s chosen will
so be a good boy now, and stick to the drill

Mr Copernicus :
The science is settled, so that is all right
God created earth, heavens, darkness and light
with Earth at the centre of all that He made
your Revolution’s wrong, be very afraid

Mr Da Vinci :
The science is settled, so that is all right
if God had wanted us to have bird-like flight
Icarus would have succeeded, there’s no doubt
so throw your “aerial screw”, and all your dreams, out

All of Mankind :
The science is settled, so that is all right
you know the globe’s warming, give up on the fight
you’re made of carbon - that original sin -
no wonder the evil state we are all in !

Alan McAlpine Douglas

Anonymous said...

Act 1
Scene 1

( The scene is set in the polar bear enclosure of a metropolitan zoo)

Mummy Bear
Baby Bear

Baby Bear: Mummy, mummy , mummy, am I a polar bear?

Mummy Bear: yes dear, you're a polar bear, of course you are.

Baby Bear: Mummy, mummy, mummy, are you sure I'm a polar bear?

Mummy Bear: Yes dear. I'm a polar bear, your dad's a polar bear, you're a polar bear.

Baby Bear: Mummy, mummy, mummy are you really really sure i'm a polar bear?

Mummy Bear: Yes dear you are. I'm a polar bear, your dad's a polar bear, your grand fathers and grand mothers are polar bears...we go back polar bears for generations and generations....we're polar're a polar bear, ok?

Baby Bear: OK

Mummy Bear: What is it baby bear you still don't look convinced, what's worrying you....has somebody said school perhaps?

Baby Bear: No no mummy it's nothing like that.

Mummy Bear: so what's worrying you?

Baby Bear: Mummy, if I'm really a polar bear how come i'm so fucking cold?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Obnoximatosis,

I am a noted and respected scientist and in that capacity therefore agree with your view that science is an ass and that the sky is not about to fall in on humanity. However, there is always a however at the start of the second sentence, I have noted for many years that people cannot get enough scare stories. Indeed, there is also always an indeed at the start of the third sentence, we scientists are getting very hard pushed to keep up with demand.

In conclusion, always begin a final sentence with in conclusion, as the great Einstein famously remarked when he found the toilet paper had run out. "Fuck me, we've run out of toilet paper".

Gotta rush, soaps start soon.

Byeeeeeeeeee the nu.

Anonymous said...

During the Industrial Revolution the level of particulate pollution was immense. Whole swathes of the country were, in Winter, bathed in smog, and in Summer, bathed in beautiful sunshine. the world did not come to an end, and nor was it expected to. In the 1940's and 1950's there were legions of steam trains plying their trade, factories with boiler rooms belching out clouds of smoke and millions of homes burning coal for heating.
Now, scroll forward 60 years; everything is greener - not a steam train, factory chimney or coal fired house in sight, yet the 'scientists' are telling us we have to cut our emissions by 80%.
Are they paying attention to what has happened over the last century and a half - we are NATURALLY reducing emmissions, and if left alone willl continue to do so.

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