Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lib Dem look-alikes

So Jenny Randerson has thrown her hat into the ring, challenging Kirsty Williams for the leadership of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

In a contest like this one (ie a Lib Dem one), there's no point asking about the candidates' policies. Lib Dems, after all, will promise anything and everything to anyone and everyone. Instead, let's concentrate on what they look like. Or rather, who they look like.

According to this website which allows users to find out which celebrities they resemble, Kirsty is a 76% ringer for Rachel McAdams, 73% similar to Michelle Pfeiffer, 72% alike to LeeAnn Rimes, 71% akin to Miriam Yeung, a 70% doppelganger of Holly Marie Combs and Liza Minelli, 68% similar to Judy Garland, and a 67% look-alike of Jane Birkin, Mischa Barton and Amanda Seyfried.

Jenny on the other hand is 73% Judi Dench, 54% Ruth Rendell, 52% Barbara Walters and 48% Kathleen Turner.

This is just about as interesting as the Welsh Lib Dem leadership contest is going to get.

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Anonymous said...

I'd vote for the fit one

Anonymous said...

Welsh Liberal Democrats? You need to be a full-time political obsessive (quilty, m'lud) to even conceive of such a thing, let alone be interested in it. 'Welsh Liberal Democrat leader' as a political office is roughly on par with Sheriff of Niobrara County, Wyoming (pop. 2,407).

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