Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Balls Talks Balls

Ed Balls is a weapons-grade fucking cunt:

Schools are being given advice on how to prevent pupils becoming drawn to violent extremism and terrorism.

Guidelines are being made available to primary and secondary schools in England to help them discuss the issues surrounding extremist views.


Schools Secretary Ed Balls said schools could play a "key role" in getting young people to reject extremism.

Schools should have a named teacher to whom pupils can report any concerns of grooming by extremist groups.

Teachers should protect the well-being of pupils who may be vulnerable to being drawn to extremism, says the government's "Learning together to be safe" kit.

Really, I think I should just pack up my stuff and go for a drive in the countryside. Reading this kind of shit just isn't good for my health.

Mr Balls said: "Violent extremism influenced by Al-Qaeda currently poses the greatest security threat but other forms of extremism and hate- or race-based prejudice are also affecting our communities and causing alienation and disaffection amongst young people.

"The toolkit shows how education can be used to tackle all forms of extremism and build a stronger, safer society."

Mr Balls said a security response to terrorism was not enough and that the underlying issues must be addressed.

"Our goal must be to empower our young people to come together to expose violent extremists and reject cruelty and violence in whatever form it takes," he said.

OK, so we have the obligatory "Al-Qaeda" dogwhistle, but what's this "race-based prejudice" thing? Can you see what's coming?

And you just know this kind of crap is going to enjoy a major endorsement from some lefty cock-wobbler, don't you?

The National Union of Teachers welcomed the guidance, saying violent political groups presented a significant threat to large numbers of people.

Acting general secretary Christine Blower said: "Terrorist threats have to be tackled.

"It's worth remembering that groups such as those from the far right can pose intimidatory threats to their communities, as serious as those from al-Qaeda."

So, as I see it, what this is saying is:
  • the government is spending your tax money to indoctrinate your children into a weltsanaschauung that is closely aligned to the New Labour orthodoxy
  • political viewpoints that do not fit into this orthodoxy can and will be reported to the state by lickspittle lefty teachers
  • right-on teachers think this is a fucking brilliant idea

Somehow I'm not convinced. This sounds to me like a combination of indoctrination by the state and a new Hitler Jugend. That, typically, has not worked out well in places it's been tried before.

We are SO fucked.

Update: Old Holborn has already had a go at this, which includes a link to the toolkit in question.

Update 2: The Daily Mash is spot on, as usual


Anonymous said...

The real probelm is not so much the lefties as the greens

They have already indoctrinated the young with their soft headed crap

Anonymous said...

So an 'extremist' view is any view that has not been endorsed by the party?

Such as thinking maybe socialists aren't all that right after all, or that maybe the world might not be warming up a bit, or that ID cards might not be all that great, that being in the EU might not be the best option, or even that the government is filled with halfwitted criminals?

Those sorts of views?

Yes, I can see why 'Bouncy' would want to get rid of views like that.

Funny thing is, he can't see why we might want to get rid of him. Which is good. He won't see it coming.

John B said...

What was the political affiliation of the last person to be convicted in the UK of actually building terrorist bombs?

Oh yeah, that's right.

Anonymous said...

Now might be a good time to invest in piano wire futures.

Must be a sounder investment that HBOS shares.

Anonymous said...

And the Left's retort will be "oh, so you don't mind children being racist then?"

This is the thin end of the wedge. Start off with Islamic extremism and racism, then it will be homophobia, chavphobia and gingerphobia.

Guthrum said...

My son doing A levels is railing against having the thoughts of Andrew Marr rammed down his throat every day

Two years ago he was ticked off for using the word 'black' in an essay rather than the acceptable Afro-Caribbean, he got into more trouble when he asked if he could put Anglo-saxon instead of White in his essay.

Old Holborn said...

I blogged this earlier.

You can read the whole PDF issued by the Stasi on my blog

One single, flippant remark by a 5 year old could bring a whole heap of shit on the parents.

This is worse than the DDR.

It also has nothing to do with Alkie Ada and everything to do with monitoring the BNP. See page 36

Anonymous said...

Here's the current score:

Islamists 51 'Far right groups' 0. The Islamists also missed an open goal two weeks later when they could have easily doubled their score.

Obviously, 'far right groups' are as big a threat as Islamists.

Old Holborn said...

It is not aimed at either Islamists OR the BNP.

It is aimed at the introduction of "multi agency" responses to what a 5 year old child may or may not say in a class full of children.

"Daddy says he wants to kill Gordon Brown"

Level One: Documented and reported to Head Teacher
Level Two: Background check on parents by social services
Level Three: Police informed of "dissident behaviour of parent A"
Level Four: GCHQ Phone tap to monitor "activity" of Parent A
Level 5: MI5 ISP & Email trace on Parent A
Level 6: Parent A in Belmarsh for 42 days, child sent for re-education with lentil eating foster parents.

It IS the fucking DDR

Chris said...

Having Left/Green ideology as the norm in school is only going to make all opposing ideals more appealing to the poor, indoctrinated sprogs.

What is forbidden always has the seductive glamour of risk and rebellion.

Brace for colossal backfire. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't one of the London bombers a primary school teacher ?
Perhaps the prospect of radicalisation amongst a few 7 year olds would have brought a twinkle to his eye rather than a stern rebuke ?

And I understand at least one teacher has already been sacked after discussing suicide bombers in the classroom amongst predominantly muslim pupils.

Deputy head Hinds said the children were "very upset", so obviously the only solution was to issue an immediate P45 to the errant supply teacher.

Anonymous said...

From the PDF:

Use of extremist narratives

Violent extremists of all persuasions usually attract people to their cause through a persuasive narrative:
to explain why I/my family/my community am/are experiencing disadvantage/suffering/lack of
respect e.g. perceived persecution, inequality, oppression by a governing class, national or
international politics
to explain why the conventional family/school/community solutions do not provide answers to the
core grievances e.g. ‘the law does not protect us, my family is isolated from ‘real life’ and does not
know what it is like for young people’
and then go on to justify violent or criminal remedies – either in local, or national settings e.g. ‘we
need to force a change of views, the only way to achieve change is through action’ or ‘we need to
avenge a wrong we have suffered’
in some cases the cause is part of a wider global movement which may claim a political, ideological
or theological basis, however distorted
Extremist narratives have the potential to influence views to varying degrees: inspiring new recruits,
helping to embed beliefs of those with established extreme views, or persuading others of the legitimacy
of their cause.


Funny how the Kingsnorth clowns appear to be exempt from this!

Alan Douglas said...

"The National Union of Teachers welcomed the guidance, saying violent political groups presented a significant threat to large numbers of people."

Although not quite such a significant threat as the N.U.TY. itself ! To even larger numbers of (young) people, ie every damn pupil in their care.

Dumbing down has to be worked on, and they do.

Alan Douglas

Roger Thornhill said...

The self-loathers, if faced with Islamist statements will be like Robbie the Robot, trapped in a thought nexus throwing off sparks and unable to react, their "prime directive" clashing with this latest diktat.

No, I suspect this will eventually be used to nail some BNP type, or a kid who is not convinced about AGW or World Government and speaks up. It will get major play and be used "pour encourager les autres".

Anonymous said...

These impositions of 'good social behaviour' always have a habit of confusing leftie-types.

For instance, ever watched a mung bean-eating sandal-jockey trying to work out whether its acceptable to tell a black, blind man to stop smoking...? You can see it on their faces... 'Ooo now what does the PC manual say on this one..?'

We all know Hitler was a veggie & loved animals. Now we know where the danger comes from. It's not the ranters & the ravers - usually they have a heightened sense of what is or isn't fair & an intolerance of injustice.

No, its always the right-on brigade who think they know what's right & 'if only you all did the right thing'.. mentallity.

Of course, they mean 'if only you did what I think is the right thing'...

Wankers the lot of 'em.

Old Holborn said...


My eleven year old Stepson has just asked:

"Why do all the black kids at school make such good runners?"

For the same reason the Chinese and the Jews are so much better at maths than us. My good lady (his mother) has just told him NEVER to mention this at school.

Christ. We are SO fucked.

Anonymous said...

I remember the days when you went to school to be educated. Pity this government doesn't

John B said...

"No, I suspect this will eventually be used to nail some BNP type"

Despite the fact that the Incitement to Racial Hatred laws, despite being passed primarily due to worries about white anti-black racism, have always been used far more frequently against black power and Islamist activists than BNP/NF types?

John B said...

"Here's the current score: Islamists 51 'Far right groups' 0."

No, David Copeland got 3 - so by your metric, the score up to July 6, 2005 was Jihadi nutjobs 0 / Nazi nutjobs 3 and Jihadi nutjobs were nothing to worry about.

John B said...

"Why do all the black kids at school make such good runners?" - For the same reason the Chinese and the Jews are so much better at maths than us.

The difference is that there are documented physiological reasons why people whose genes come primarily from particular parts of Africa are more likely to be good runners, and that's accepted by everyone - whereas there's no such explanation for why Chinese or Jewish kids sometimes perform better on some maths tests, and most of the purported research into physical differences in IQ is carried out by deeply dubious Aryan Nation types.

Hence, mentioning the first isn't considered racist, whereas mentioning the second correlation outside specialist academic contexts is.

And meanwhile, you're raising your kid to be a gibbering paranoid and to lie about his feelings and beliefs in case he's taken away from you by an imaginary Stasi, instead of the sane approach of sitting down with him and an encyclopedia and explaining why certain African countries clean up in the Olympic tables (but that this doesn't always mean that everyone with dark skin will be good at running).

John B said...

s/"physical differences in IQ"/"racial differences in IQ" above, doh.

Mister Magpie said...

"Despite the fact that the Incitement to Racial Hatred laws, despite being passed primarily due to worries about white anti-black racism, have always been used far more frequently against black power and Islamist activists than BNP/NF types?"

A shame, if true. I don't know that being a racist scumbag should be illegal, but it'd be nice to think - if it had to be illegal - that the law was enforced towards scum of all colours. Link, statistics?

Anonymous said...

This document has the sticky fingerprints of Common Purpose all over it. Speaking of which, how is the investigation going, DK?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure I understand why you are so angry. Surely this is a step in the right direction? Right-on teachers? Who are they? Closely aligned to the New Labour orthodoxy? Huh?

We may indeed be 'fucked', but I'm not sure your post demonstrates why.

Old Holborn said...

What should I tell my son, snuffleupagus?

Why are the Chinese better at maths than he is?

Why do Azkanzis win more Nobel prizes than anybody else?

Why does the 100m Olympic Sprint feature 90% black men?

Tell me. What should I tell him?

Old Holborn said...

John B

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say.

Make it clear. Spell it out. If I disagree, I'll post on your blog.

Timothy Wallace said...

Is that Neo-Nazi actually a leftist, for his aims to restrict access to the labour market? doesn't sound very right wing to me...

Anonymous said...

Are you calling me a weapons grade cunt?

I've seen Yvette Cooper's. Now that's a weapons grade cunt!

Mister Magpie said...

"Is that Neo-Nazi actually a leftist, for his aims to restrict access to the labour market? doesn't sound very right wing to me..."

NeoNazi policy is usually based on what worked for the Nazis in the thirties; the German workforce at the time was amenable to socialistic labour reform.

Naziism is a very PR-oriented ideology; what matters is that policy is popular with the majority, not that it's consistant with stated philosophy. Hence the concept of 'national socialism', which appropriated the most popular (as opposed to successful or profitable) policies of both traditional conservatives and radical socialists in Germany at the time.

So it's a little pointless to assign a political 'wing' to Naziism; they'll be whatever you want them to be.

Roger Thornhill said...

johnb:"Despite the fact that the Incitement to Racial Hatred laws, despite being passed primarily due to worries about white anti-black racism, have always been used far more frequently against black power and Islamist activists than BNP/NF types?"

Apart from that being quite an extraordinarily bad paragraph, has it occurred to you that a question of evidence and an organised element to it might have something to do with it?

Anonymous said...

what's the point of being a kid if you can't rebel?

Kicking the world on the arse is teenagers job, for the love of all that's holy.

This country needs a parliamentary opposition with balls and a youth culture that's educated and capable of kicking up fuck. I just don't get it....half of them don't even vote, never mind rebel, ....spineless little shits.
Why am I paying educate them to be complacent....I don't think so. Ingates!

TheFatBigot said...

Everyone known why black chaps run faster, it's momentum created by their huge swinging members.

Ever wanted to know why Tiger Woods is so good ... take a look at the size of the flies on his trousers.

Just a thought.

John B said...

Magpie: only 40 people have been convicted in total, which isn't many. I traced all the reported convictions as of 2005 using Factiva on a blog I used to have; sadly I don't have it any more. IIRC I found about 20, of which 5-10 were white racists (generally done for antisemitism rather than black/Asian bashing), 10ish were Jihadi types, and the rest were assorted other non-white loonies).

Roger: how's that a bad paragraph exactly? It appears entirely clear to me. Anyway - the NF were and BNP are hardly unorganised. I accept they've probably got slightly better lawyers, and have learned to say slightly fewer stupid things in public.

Old Holborn: if you tell your kid "the Chinese educational system is heavily focused on maths at the expense of other subjects; Jewish culture has a focus on succeeding amid potentially hostile cultures through education and study; and people from East Africa (or with strong East African heritage) have physical characteristics which make them unusually likely to be good runners", then you'll leave your kid with the same beliefs as real scientists on the three issues in question. You seem worried that doing so would expose him or you to some kind of sanction; it won't.

(real scientists believe in and study the physiological impact of East African heritage in running. They don't, however believe in a 'yellow or big nose = maths gene.)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm not sure I understand why you are so angry.

I'm not sure I understand why you're not. Perhaps you've just been successfully dog-whistled?

Anonymous said...

Ah, now you see I've spotted my error. I thought that schools were for teaching kids to read, add up and do some other useful shit that they might one day need. Clearly I was wrong, they have 2 functions, neither of which is to teach them anything.
1) Do what the parents should be, discouraging them from blowing stuff up etc.
2) Indoctrinating them into the Labour ranks, thereby ensuring the next generation of mindless NuLabour voters who are so terrified by the words 'extremist' and 'terrorist' that they'd vote for a stuffed panda if Labour said it was 'tough on terrorism'.

Anonymous said...

"Schools should have a named teacher to whom pupils can report any concerns of grooming by extremist groups".

The BBC has to be one of the most extreme groups of people. Perhaps children should start reporting their concerns about it.

Letters From A Tory said...

I had a go at this issue yesterday, and there wasn't a shred of support for this lunacy from any of my readers. The only people who support this policy are the left-wing nutters that Balls surrounds himself with.

Anonymous said...

Extreme left-wing groups like ETA (Marxist-Leninist) and the Provisional IRA (socialist) would obviously never pose a terrorist threat and don't warrant a mention.

The toolkit is a covert plan to politically fiddle with children.

Anonymous said...

john b:

For some bizarre reason you interpreted

"Obviously, 'far right groups' are as big a threat as Islamists."

as meaning

"Jihadi nutjobs were nothing to worry about"

which is strange, because it is not even approximate to what I wrote or the meaning I was conveying. Surely you didn't wildly exaggerate and distort to make a cheap point? Gasp.

Mark Wadsworth said...

@ Old Holborn, you spoilsport!

When you asked your son why Afro-Caribbeans were such good runners, the correct answer is "Because they get a lot of practice running away from hordes of BNP members".

Anonymous said...

Another quality article from DailyMash on this one:


Anonymous said...

Was stupidly unaware of the Mash. Thanks for pointing it out. Very funny indeed.

John B said...

Rob: the point is, Balls's speech suggested that Islamists and other terrorists with extremist or racist views could provide a terror risk.

The original piece implied that the 'racist views' point was just a way of victimising honest dissent, because there aren't any racist terrorists out there and therefore it's obviously just a cover for anyone who doesn't agree with the Guardian.

I'm just pointing out that there are actually far-right terrorists out there, along with animal rights terrorists, and therefore if we're going to have a programme trying to stop kids drifting down violent extremist routes (which doesn't seem like an obviously stupid idea) then including them as well as the Jihadis seems like a good idea.

Mark/Anon: excellent gags, hurrah.

Anonymous said...

Well I take my hat off to Mr Balls.

Something had to be done about these terrorists before they blew up our primary schools.

I remember fondly as a child in the early sixties throwing coke at the wogs. You must not do that replied the headmaster, they are not wogs, merely fellow pupils.

The school still stands, despite several near-misses by alky ada, but sadly they no longer use coke.

Quite how anyone gets high sniffing it is also beyond me, yuk!

Old Holborn said...

Meanwhile NHS DOCTORS are blowing up airports, according to the BBC

Anonymous said...

Seems John B can't even pretend to be objective when it comes to discussing genetic influences on intelligence.

Mother Nature is a bitch. Get over it.

If that presents a problem for your philosophy, then you need a new philosophy.

Old Holborn said...

Pay council tax?

Guess who just lost their money

Kent County Council - £50 million
Nottingham City Council - £42 million
Norfolk County Council - £32.5 million
Dorset County Council - £28.1 million
Hertfordshire - £28 million
Barnet Council- £27 million
Somerset County Council - £25 million
Northumberland County Council - £23 million
Surrey County Council - £20 million
Hillingdon Council - £20 million
Neath Port Talbot Council - £20 million
Westminster Council - £17 million
Brent - £15 million
Caerphilly County Council - £15 million.
North Ayrshire - £15 million
Plymouth City Council £13 million
Havering Council - £12.5 million
South Hams - £12.5 million
West Sussex - £12.9 million
Breckland Council - £12 million
Gloucestershire County Council - £12 million
Cheltenham Borough Council - £11 million
Lancashire County Council - £10 million
Scottish Borders Council - £10m
Cambridge City Council - £9 million
Wakefield - £9 million
West Oxfordshire District Council - £9 million
Wyre Forest District Council - £9 million
Cheshire County Council - £8.5 million
Bassetlaw District Council - £8 million
Bristol City Council - £8 million
Daventry District Council - £8 million
Wiltshire County Council - £8 million
South Lanarkshire Council - £7.5 million
Derwentside District Council - £7 million
North East Lincolnshire Council - £7 million
West Lindsey District Council - £7 million
Cherwell District Council - £6.5 million
Redcar and Cleveland Council - £6 million
Lancaster City Council - £6 million
Canterbury City Council - £6 million
Ceredigion - £5.5 million
North Lincolnshire Council - £ 5.5 million
Sutton Council - £5.5 million
Bracknell Forest - £5 million
Bromley Borough Council - £5 million
Buckinghamshire County Council - £5 million
Stoke-on-Trent Council - £5 million
Braintree District - £5 million
Cornwall County Council - £5 million
Exeter City Council - £5 million
Ipswich Borough Council - £5 million
Oxfordshire County Council - £5 million
South Ayrshire - £5 million
South Ribble - £5 million
Wokingham Borough Council - £5 million
Gateshead Council - £4.5 million
Oxford City Council - £4.5 million
Colchester Borough Council - £4 million
East Lindsey District Council - £4 million
East Staffordshire Borough Council - £4 million
North Wiltshire District Council - £4 million
Powys Council £4 million
Restormel Borough Council - £4 million
Rotherham Council - £3.8 million
Flintshire Council - £3.7 million
Aylesbury District Council - £3 million
East Ayrshire - £3 million
North Somerset - £3 million
Doncaster Council - £3 million
Nuneaton and Bedworth - £3 million
Peterborough City Council - £3 million
Rhondda Cynon Taff Council - £3 million
Solihull Council - £3 million
Stroud - £3 million
Slough Council - £2.5 million
South Oxfordshire District Council - £2.5 million
Wycombe District Council - £2.5 million
Cotswold District Council - £2 million
Gloucester City Council - £2 million
Great Yarmouth - £2 million
Moray Council - £2 million
Newark and Sherwood District Council - £2 million
South Ham District Council - £1.25 million
Monmouthshire Council - £1.2 million
Mid-Devon - £1.1 million
Charnwood Borough Council - £1 million
Dover District Council - £1 million
Bridgend Council - £1 million
Bridgenorth - £1 million
Hertsmere Borough Council - £1 million
Kirklees Council - £1 million
Perth and Kinross Council - £1 million
Tewkesbury Council - £1 million
Vale of White Horse District Council - £1 million
Winchester - £1 million
Sevenoaks District Council - £1 million
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council - £1 million
Lewes District Council - £1 million
Burnley Council - TBC
Chorley Council - TBC
Wychavon District Council - TBC
Other affected bodies
Transport For London - £40 million
Metropolitan Police - £30 million
Dorset Police Authority - £7 million
Sussex Police Authority - £6.8 million
West Yorkshire Police Authority - £6 million
Northumbria Police Authority - £3.5 million
Hertfordshire Police Authority - £3 million
Gwent Police Authority - £1 million

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what you mean by 'dog-whistled'. I say this as an invitation to explain. As I did before with expressing my confusion over your anger. It wasn't meant as an insult. I genuinely don't understand. Isn't Ed Balls doing something about the problem? Or is it because you feel he isn't doing enough?

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