Sunday, October 26, 2008

24 Hour Party People

Filthy Leftie John Band has this absolutely right...
Every prediction I made in this piece from 2005 on 24-hour drinking has proved to be correct: on-trade alcohol consumption has fallen, levels of alcohol-related crime haven’t changed; pubs haven’t made any extra money; but puritan idiots have continued to rail against the rule change anyway.

The most offensively stupid puritan argument is that ‘24-hour drinking hasn’t cut violent crime, so it was a failure’. No - the point is, it means that law-abiding people can go out for a drink without having to obey insane rules created to stop soldiers in the trenches getting jealous of civvies back home during WWI. That is a good thing in its own right. If drink-related violence had risen, we’d need to weigh the good against the bad. Since it hasn’t, we can say that the licensing law changes are an unequivocally good thing, and crack open some booze to celebrate. Hurrah!

Quite right. The first round's on John...!


Mark Wadsworth said...


Pubs haven't made any more money = because of the smoking ban. I personally would rather be able to enjoy a smoke with my pint(s) and bugger off home at 11, frankly.

asquith said...

Real ale pubs will outperform chain pubs over the next 10 years. When chain pubs close down, which they will, I hope they get taken over by syndicates of local people who will run it in the way that punters actually want, rather than according to the dictates of some fucking mong at a PubCo's head office.

Shite like Wetherspoons is perhaps the worst example of corporations ruling the unfree market, & I for one will welcome consumers exercising power & running their own enterprises.

asquith said...

PS- Lest it wasn't obvious, I welcome the new opening hours as much as you. It was really shite when we used to get tipped out before we'd finished. Most of my local pubs only stuck another hour on, but it was still an improvement.

You can drink single malt to your heart's content at the real ale pubs like the Bull's Head or the Congress, & have excellent conversation with some proper working-class people without having to endure a blaring TV, chavs, & shite music.

Anonymous said...

"on-trade alcohol consumption has fallen" - yes, because the twats banned smoking in pubs.

I support deregulation, but let's get our arguments right. What were the figures like from deregulation to smoking ban?

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