Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Tories and the Lisbon Referendum

John Redwood is having a good old moan about UKIP keeping loads of Tory MPs from office; this is not only a bit disingenuous (there were very few seats where the UKIP vote was higher than the margin of difference between the elected MP and the Tory) but also fucking arrogant—it is not your fucking seat, you know. You Blue bastards aren't entitled to win: you have to convince people that you are worth voting for, and you really haven't done very well at that, have you?

Anyway, Redwood then bangs on about the Lisbon Treaty.
Conservatives have made clear we will give a referedum if Lisbon has not been ratified everywhere when we come to office. It seems unlikely it will have been ratified, so there will be a referendum.

Ten words, John: I will believe it when I fucking see it, sunshine.

You lying sacks of shit are no better than Labour when it comes to the EU (and possibly worse); I will believe you after you have managed to pass the Bill enabling said referendum and not before. You simply cannot be trusted.

Oh, and while we are about it, on which side will the Tories be campaigning?
If by any chance it has been ratified we will be taking other actions to sort out the EU mess, as we cannot live with Lisbon, or with other parts of the accumulated Treaties and powers of the EU.

Yeah, right, Johnnie-boy: we know where you stand and that is firmly in the EUsceptic camp (and good for you), but we do not believe that your slippery, massively-foreheaded cunt of a master—the World's Ugliest Mons Pubis (the WUMP)—shares your conviction.

Actually, the WUMP doesn't seem to have any convictions at all...


Anonymous said...

high peak was one we could have got rid of Levitt famous only for how far he can squeeze his head up who ever is the current fuhrers arse

Anonymous said...

In the euro elections a Tory vote is a wasted vote. (And a NuLab or Libdum vote is a vote for subjugation by the EU).

The Tory position is completely untenable: they don't understand negotiations. Even if the Tories want to stay in the EU they must take something to the table - a give away or a threat. Since they say they don't want to give more away, they must threaten to leave (taking all that taxpayers cash from Brussels) to get their way.

Frankly it won't happen and Redwood, Hannan and co are whistling in the wind. The only honest option is to state that we will leave.

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