Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunning ourselves in Europe

Apologies for the continued lack of blogging from your humble Devil: I am still stupidly (but enjoyably) busy.

However, via Timmy, at his Temporary UKIP Blog, I see that The Sun is running a campaign to find out which silly EU law you'd like abolished.
The Sun has teamed up with a German and Polish newspaper to take the pulse of the three nations. Which of the bureaucrats' barmy rules should be consigned to the dustbin of history?

Bendy bananas? Carrots are fruit? Biofuels pushing up food prices worldwide?

All worthy contenders of course but there's one much more important.

This one.

Yes, the European Communities Act 1972.

Repeal that one and we'll be free of all their crazed rules, not just one or other of them.

So, start here at The Sun.

In the first box, "European Communities Act 1972".

Second box "Because it is the reason the UK is a member of the EU" or something like that perhaps.

Third box: "If we leave the EU by repealing this Act then we are free of all their barmy bureacrats' rules, not just one." or something like that again.

Fill in the contact details and away we go!

Spread the word around, let's see if we can make our voices heard!

I've done it: let's see how many requests we can get. As the man said, spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to, in fact i was filling it in, until i got to the "fill in your name and address so we can forward it to the European Commission" bit. The Sun is a Murdoch paper don't forget, and it's nothing more than a NWO fishing expedition for dissidents and I dont fancy getting "accidentally" shot to death on the tube or something. Remember when Stalin declared Freedom Of Speech for a few weeks and then sent all his critics to the Gulag?

Anonymous said...

Whoops makes a good point. There was an apparently random stabbing in a supermarket today and there have been far too many random killings for comfort lately.

I'll keep my stylish gimp-hat on for now, I think.

Although, I could run a certain IP address through a tracker and use that address...

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, how paranoid are you lot ?

I have an interest in the engineering and physics involved in nuclear weapons and I'm always searching for open source literature on the subject so I can mentally reverse engineer how a fusion bomb might work.
Imagine your Google searches containing words like " polonium, initiator, neutron lens, permissive action link and linear implosion "
I'm still waiting for the black helicopters dropping NWO troopers onto my house.

Then again, I'm stealing someone elses unsecured wifi to do it, my own connection which resolves to a street address is just for downloading American Chopper, Future Weapons and the latest horror films.

Oswald Bastable said...

Which law to abolish?

The law of gravity!

Roger Thornhill said...

...or "Let a thousand flowers bloom" scheme by Mao.

Remember, Stalin and Mao are the EU's poster-boys.

Tomrat said...

My personal data can be forwarded to the EU-Commission in order for me to take part in the Anti-Bureaucracy-Contest [Red Tape Reduction Award]

The Comrades can come for me if they like to give their "Red Tape Reduction Award"; they'll find themselves on the receiving end of a kali stick or 2.

Anonymous said...


Gave them name address - the lot.

Ticked the box.

Fukemall - when we let ourselves be scared of the twats they've won. Just like Thatchbitch's Poll Tax. I didn't evade it - I just out and out refused to comply. Face to face. When they sent the bailiffs around to collect (seven times in all) I stood in front of my door and told him straight to his face to fuck off and stop wasting his and my time. Hell - I even stood for election to the council in my ward, and only missed winning by six voters.

When you want to defy the bastards do it striaght to their faces in such a way that your contempt shows. Hide, and they have won. Fukem.

Anonymous said...

I second Sir Henry, you can't let them intimidate you. Of course, I won't be at the given address in a few weeks; it's hiding out in University Halls for me.

Patrick said...

Sir henrys post filled me with vigour and I followed suit...

Yes it's interesting that Murdoch employs a EU hating rag like the Sun, as I always considered hin to be a complete statist regarding govt..

Ho hum, my address is merely temporary currently...

Not sure what it will achieve as it's just an exercise in the EU masturbating itself on the premise of 'listening' to its a electorate

Anonymous said...

Oswald Bastable said...
Which law to abolish?

The law of gravity!

Bad idea, we'll need that when the time comes to make them swing.

Old Holborn said...

I've signed up using 10 Downing Street as the address and Gordon Brown as the name

James Higham said...

Worth a try.

Anonymous said...

I think the EU knows about me anyway so I`ll sign up and take it to a Commisioner.
They understand why the EU is not popular here and sympathise privately.

Unknown said...

I hope you are having a lovely holiday. The sun came out here today, but only for a short while.

Shug Niggurath said...

But why do they want to know where I work?

Oswald Bastable said...

"Oswald Bastable said...
Which law to abolish?

The law of gravity!

Bad idea, we'll need that when the time comes to make them swing."

Point well taken- But they would be cheaper than clay targets...

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