Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, seriously, who IS going to save us? And when?

A commenter in my previous post raised the inevitable comment:
Quite frankly I'm getting sick and tired of listening to you middle class wankers talking about stringing politicians up from lamp posts when it's patently obvious you are a bunch of fucking fairies who couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

And he has a certain point. I'm fucking livid most of the day and most of my anger comes from frustration. The frustration that arises from watching a government which has been quite staggering in its ineptitude, flailing around desperately, trying to achieve something (anything!) that will help it stay in power.

They couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery. Meanwhile, they're encroaching into every aspect of our lives with loads of new, unaccountable, untrained pseudo-policemen and hectoring, nannying bureaucrats.

We're faced with the prospect of a regime change soon enough (or perhaps not soon enough, given the scorched earth policies Labour are rolling out by the day) but even when it comes, what will change? Call Me Dave is a resolutely policy-free zone with every apparent sign of being another Tony Blair.

And where are the riots? We're being fucked in the arse every day by arrogant cunts, and who is standing up to them? Those same cunts who ran the poll tax riots are probably now comfortably ensconced in local government, pissing your council tax up against the wall of stupidity. We can't even arrange a petrol blockade.

When will sufficient people actually care enough to stop talking and start doing?


Anonymous said...

Join the Provisional Wing of UKIP

Anonymous said...


No-one will do anything. As soon as the govt. get wind of any dissent the dissenters will be locked up for 42 days under ant-terrorism legislation. In short, we've all been stitched up like the proverbial kipper.

Old Holborn said...

It'll come. Eventually, ZNL will run out of bribes for the great unwashed, as they run out of our money.

When people realise that ZNL is not going to stop the bailiffs coming round after all, that they'll be back where their parents were during the seventies they'll start kicking off.

Anonymous said...

I always remember the riots of the 1980s. Looking back, it's like a different planet!

What DOES get people outraged these days?

Anonymous said...

Brown has turned our country into a banana republic. Unfortunately our military are otherwise engaged in other theatres to be in position to do what all good banana republic armies do...launch a coup.

Ken said...

The bloke who ran the poll tax protests in Newton Heath Manchester still cleans windows, last I heard from him. He did end up doing a political science degree and then an MA, but that doesn't lead to shit if you are working class.

As to why the middle class is not rioting, well let's think about it, shall we? The middle class are people who haven't got the balls to be workers nor the brass to be gaffers. What that means is that you haven't got the bottle for a ruck, and you can't afford to hire thugs as the upper class can to do it all for you.

You are not going to get any support from people like me because you were quite happy to see our factories closed and our unions attacked over the past three decades. Sorry, you are on your own.

Timothy Wallace said...
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Ken said...

And one other thing, while I'm in the mood - your lot always prefer injustice to disorder. You have a pathetically small amount of property and want to keep it. So if the food doesn't arrive for the council estates and folk do start kicking up, you will automatically side with those who control the army and police.

Keep the aspidistra flying!

Timothy Wallace said...

exile: slightly strange to say 'you are on your own' to the middle class in a country that is almost entirely middle class ...

And what about being 'quite happy to see our factories closed and our unions attacked over the past three decades'? Are you fucking surprised?

After decades of outrageous state support someone notices that running so many nationalised industries is a farcical waste of money which only results in mass unemployment, rather than the slow decline of an old failing industry - result? nationalisation, combined with fucking union power resulted in you losing your job. Not entirely your fault, but they were jobs that shouldn't have been around for decades, so delaying the pain made it a lot worse when it finally happened.

Ken said...

Yeah sure, only in your dreams, boy. The poofs who jump when the boss snaps his fingers may control the south, but just about the whole of Wales, Scotland and Northern England is working class.

The rest of your old wank just proves what I said. You believe in the man and the man's system. Great - I hope that you enjoy the ride.

As for me, I am planning to sit back and enjoy the main feature.

Timothy Wallace said...

what the sweet mohammed are you talking about??

Having lived on tyneside all my life, you would have thought i'd have noticed if 'northern england is working class' - let me assure you that it is not.

If 'the man and the man's system' means not wasting my tax on inefficient industries with no real purpose (since i'm not convinced the state is just an employment agency for people with outdated skills) then i'm more than happy to go along with it.

And are you surprised if there's been some kind of decline in 'working class' employment if you refuse to do as the boss asks? I always thought that doing your job was part of having a job - since you obviously don't, this could also explain why nationalisation had to come to an end.

Anonymous said...

If someone is dumb enough to do a political science degree and it leads exactly where a political science degree should lead, i.e. nowhere, then tough titty. It is just a shame that anyone with such a useless degree should find a job.

If you do a proper degree then it leads to plenty even if you are working class.

The scum who rioted in the 80s were of the type who objected to the notion that they might actually pay for some of the services they use.

In a democracy, flawed as it maybe, nobody should be rioting. If you can't persuade enough people to support your cause, then live with it. That is true for UKIP, libertarians, SWP, BNP and greens.

haddock said...

"Join the Provisional Wing of UKIP"

No, rather than join a party with the clear intention of bettering our lot by getting rid of several layers of fuckwit government, they would rather nance around being " Libertarian " In a previous post I likened them to the fucking hairdressers et al in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy... sitting on their arses trying to decide the texture of a fucking wheel. Instead of fucking about with a new party based on a few wishful thinking idealistic principles ( which on close examination will/must approximate to the code of behaviour laid down in The 10 Commandments so derided by the atheist. ), why not pull on the side of the only party that meets, part way, your ideals ?

Devil's Kitchen said...

"The rest of your old wank just proves what I said. You believe in the man and the man's system. Great - I hope that you enjoy the ride."

Whereas you, of course, were just happy to be propped up by The Man's tax money, in industries run by the state which is, more than anything else, the real The Man.

Because the state is the only real monopoly: there are no competing states. And the state exists solely through stealing fruits of the hard work of other people.

And your so-called industries were all being propped up by other people.

My dear Exile, you were working for a monopoly which used the threat of force to steal bread from the mouths of others, in order that you might continue to do something pointless.

I would suggest that you were, in fact, The Man. But, of course, you were not: the state is The Man: you are just one of The Man's useful idiots.

Tell me, if I look at the back of your neck, do you still bear The Man's glyph?


Ken said...

See what I mean? A true believer. Look, fool, the boss sits behind his desk and gives you his old buck. Your labour creates your pittance and his fat salary. The point is to share out the graft so that no bugger has to bust a bollock and everyone gets a buttie.

Never mind, I give up. The crash is here and you are going to be reduced to pimping your daughters very soon.

People like me will sit back and watch it all on TV.

Anonymous said...

"but just about the whole of Wales, Scotland and Northern England is working class."

Where would these regions be without the South-East to subsidise them?

Anonymous said...

Who is paying you to sit on your arse, exile?

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Look, fool, the boss sits behind his desk and gives you his old buck. Your labour creates your pittance and his fat salary."


No, I voluntarily rent my labour for the amount of money that the boss is offering. If I don't like the rate, then I can go elsewhere.

The boss might make more money, but the boss also takes more risk. I know: I was a boss and I lost a lot of money.

"The point is to share out the graft so that no bugger has to bust a bollock and everyone gets a buttie."

Because Communism works really fucking well, doesn't it?

Look, you fucking moron, we are all incredibly fucking rich these days: we are all far richer than people were 50 years ago, and almost unbelievably rich by the standards of 100 years ago. In fact, we in the West are almost unbelievably rich compared to the majority of other humans on this planet.

What do I care if my boss takes a risk and gets richer than me, as long as I make enough to be happy?

Fucking hell, I thought that your sort had died out in the 80s. Perhaps you could build a time machine, go back to the 80s and die?


Ken said...

I've never actually done any job that wasn't in the private sector, so by definition a surplus has always been created out of my labours. Whether it was showing films as a projectionist, turfing drunks out of nightclubs or any of the other bastard jobs that I have done that principle has always held. My labours kept management filth in their fancy cars and big houses.

Enough of this merry banter: what will it be - pimp the daughter or spread Vaseline over the bum holes and prepare for entry? That really is the only option left for types like you. My family all live in council houses and if things go pear shaped for them then they will riot. Hence the food trucks will always get through. The wealthy will not even notice that anything has changed. It is your lot who are heading for the toilet.

You have no idea how much I am going to enjoy the coming years.

Dave said...

"And where are the riots? "

Thanks to 24 hour telly from birth, 24 hours boozing, non existent policing so that anyone and everyone can score the drug of their choice 24 hours a day, everyone's too pissed or stoned to care.
And that's the way the people who rule this planet have planned it.

Apathy rules. As blinky once said "So what?"

There you are, a genuine man of the people, someone who has his finger on the pulse of the proles. "So what"

The country goes down the tubes and the people said "so what".

Anonymous said...

I was on duty when the 1999 'anti-capitalist' riots kicked off, during a demo at Euston.

I remember a punter who sustained a break to the mid-shaft of ulna, the so-called 'night watchmans' fracture [side of arm held in front of face, trying to defend against a chopping blow from a stick].

My brother in law [a copper] made the national press after having the shit kicked out of him during the Toxteth riots.

Apart from a transient adrenaline rush, such riots have hardly resulted in any significant change to our political landscape although they are guaranteed to terrify one or two unlucky individuals who will sustain unpleasant injuries [or in some cases much, much worse if we think of the Broadwater farm riot in 1985].

I must admit I find the idea of hoodies with petrol bombs rather depressing - needless to say, the tax payer then has to shell out even more cash to clear up the mess.

Fidothedog said...

The plebs will rise the day after the telly go's off for the last time....

Anonymous said...

Earth calling exile, earth calling exile......

Go out an read a few books, get clued up and join in the debate. And No, Naomi Klein doesn't count.

Mark Wadsworth said...

This country was a democracy last time I looked. So either join LPUK or the Provisional Wing of UKIP and start knocking on doors.

Ken said...

Ooer, I love it when some webmong tries to patronise me. I don't know who Naomi Klein is, but I can recognise a spaz when I read his words. Plus I can almost hear the arsehole clench as said spaz has to resort to the old ad-hom, knowing as he does that I am right.

So, who is going to come to your rescue? Nobody because people like me find all this hilarious and the wealthy don't give a shit.

You are on your own, and it serves you right for being mugs.

Anonymous said...

You want a protest vote ? the only protest vote that the political establishment might listen to is one for the BNP.

Which is depressing because all the BNP offer is more bloody socialism with a dollop of nationalism on top.

My original comment was more about the excessive hyperbole which libertarians seem prone to, rather than a call to bloody revolution, but it's yours to do with as you will.

Guthrum said...

Negotiation by riot is a given of English political history, it will come, it always does- once 'legitimate' protest is stymied.

However whilst the rest of europe was in flames in 1848, we had the chartists who filled out a very large petition, so it takes quiet a bit to get the English to negotiate by riot.

Old Holborn said...

Exile darling

99% of Libertarians work for themselves. We ARE the boss. It's in our make up.

We are not entrapped by designer clothes or 42" plamas like the very poor or the very rich. The lower orders have everything to lose when it kicks off. They'll be the ones fighting the Somalis and the gun totting blacks for the food handouts and they'll be doing it where they live. Try your holier than thou patois on a rage of angry Muslims in Bradford. Tell them how clever you are to have predicted it all and show them your "solidarity", bruvver.

Me? I'll be off to Switzerland, taking my fortune with me. The rest will no doubt head for Oz or Canada or the US or NZ. You'll be left here fighting over the remnants and smoking ruins with African/Arab/Yardie warlords who really do know how to deal with your ilk.

Would you like to join me on my little walk?

Anonymous said...


Even for a man with an anal-lubrication fixation you don't half talk some shit.

It might have escaped your attention but 'the man' that has been running this country into the ground for the last decade is leader of the Labour Party.. That's The Labour-Party. You know, the bastions of the workin' mon etc etc.

They've done a really splendid job haven't they.

PS You seem to be doing a lot of sitting back and watching. Have you ever tried doing for a change. Just a thought.

PPS A thought is what happens when you allow yourself to consider another's point of view rather than recycle tired old class-Warrior rhetoric. Hey, now there's a thought, you aren't Billy Brag are you? Spouting about social injustice from his million-pound mansion in Cornwall.

Even if you aren't I have no doubt that you are watching the decline of Western Capitalism on a 42inch plasma TV paid for by our taxes.. Enjoy Trisha this morning did you?

Anonymous said...

And then exile said...

"So, who is going to come to your rescue? Nobody because people like me find all this hilarious and the wealthy don't give a shit.."

The difference between people like you and people like me exile, is that I don't naturally expect that anyone will come to my rescue. I'll look after myself thanks.

You should try it.

Anonymous said...

Old holborn: While i can't disagree with you on principle, and you're quite right about exile, i'm afraid there's nowhere else to run. Go to oz or switzerland the crash and the riots are gonna follow you there too. This is a global meltdown, just as it was designed to be. Problem reaction solution. The solution to global meltdown? Global government. Happy days.

Ken said...

Ah, yes, the we are all rich load of old bollocks. Listen, losers, if you were then you wouldn't be getting all mithered would you?

Look, I lived through the Mexican peso crisis of 1994. The rich just took off to their houses in Spain and France until it was all over. They did not sit around giving it tongue like you lot are doing - their indifference shocked even me.

As for me, the same bloke who sold me my milk carried on except he didn't take pesos he wanted cigarettes. I taught English to the daughter of a man who fixed my car. Other than that the whole thing passed ordinary people by.

People like you with your pathetic desire for status and your heavy debts got shafted.

All your fantasies aside - that's what's going to happen to you.

Anonymous said...

Get yourselfa supply of storable food. Get yourself a way of cooking it that doesn't rely on the fuel being pumped to your home. Get yourself some warm clothes (wait, you didn't actually believe that global warning nonsense did you?) And most of all get yourself a means of defending it against the mobs. Then you might be able to watch it pass you by.

Anonymous said...

This Obnoxious post has really made my day.

I think I'll come back later for another fill.

Anonymous said...


Like you I am fucking mad as hell with the EU (the real government) and our shit stainded little sock puppets in Westminster.

I am from an east London working class background. We were expected to go fucking nowhere fast and schooled to do exactly that from an early age. Fortunately, my old man pulled himself out of the fucking factory slavery and encouraged us to do the same, through hard graft and taking some chances with our money rather than spunking it down the boozer - not that we were shy of doing just that when we were flush.

I now own property in London and the South East - all paid for by my labour, sweat, worry and grief at runnning my own business. My kids go to a good school that is chav free and delivers the standard of education that will see them alright in the world (if they buckle down and work at it as we had to) all sounds a bit old fashioned eh?

Now, I have plenty to loose by rioting, not just me but my family as well - fuck me these commies could take the lot if you throw a fag end out of your car window nowdays. So, I take my 'White Riot' giving me age away there for all who were punks in 76/77 out in the political/agitation sphere. Might not break some shop windows, or bust some cunt coppers nose, but ultimately, I think it will have more of an impact in the long term.

pagar said...

The point has been made before that if you ask the population to vote for security or freedom, security will win by a landslide. Most people are content to be looked after rather than be bothered to take that responsibility for themselves.

As libertarians are in the minority who would vote for individual freedom, democracy should be a pretty irrelevant concept to them. And even if economic factors caused great hardship and the population felt that they were no longer being looked after adequately they would not become more libertarian. They would just vote for whoever promised to look after them better.

So if we seriously want to see taxation lowered, the NHS abolished and education privatized anytime soon we need a strategy that is not based on democratic methodology.

chris said...

Surplus value of labour, now there is a blast from the past. Not many people use that one anymore, mainly because history has proved it wrong. The Exile is right though, there will be no riots.

The recession will last a year or two and work out the excesses of the boom years before growth starts again. This business cycle will end and then the next one will begin. The free market economy will certainly not fall. This is not Marx's long prophised (but never realised) crisis of capitalism. There will be no revolution. This is a good thing because initiating violence isn't a good thing, despite the idolisation so often heaped on revolting lefties.

Those that actually work for a living will express their anger though the ballet box rather than in mindless violence like a chav. People will have debts to pay off and won't be able to afford so many luxuries, like handouts for the workshy, and won't want so much stolen by The Man in Whitehall. Labour will be voted out of office of another 2 decades and may implode due to its debts and get perminantly taken off the political landscape. The leftwing idea of propping up valueless industries has been tried and shown to fail. The leftwing idea that the state can micromanage everything has been tried and shown to fail. Society will drift towards what works instead, free individuals interacting freely, and away from the evolutionary dead end of socialism.

Ken said...

No, Chris, what will happen is that the Anglo-American economies will tank and the German type of regulated markets will just carry on with a hiccup or two. Countries like Russia and Mexico will not notice too much change either.

The English middle class that financed its lifestyle with credit will vanish, just as their counterparts did in Mexico.

Webmongs here will fantasise about taking to the hills, but you are parasites who need a strong state to protect the little bits of property that your bosses gave you for performing the osculum infame on them.

Given that the strong state is going to be a bit weaker, you will be cast adrift. Unable to pay your massive debts your houses will be seized, and all your assets lost. You will be left to feel like the scabby arsed vermin that you are.

I will be laughing.

Anonymous said...

I have recently taken up shooting as a hobby. If, when I retire, I have no pension courtesy of Gordon Brown I will kill him.

Anonymous said...


Let's leave Billy Bragg out of this for Christ's sake. The poor lad is still doing benefit gigs for the miners and it is bloody hard to live a Barking council estate lifestyle when you have a big fuck off mansion in Dorset.

He is as big a cunt as Paul Weller (another champagne socialist) from the Red Wedge days.

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame that crises like this always precipitate us retreating back to our old left/right comforting politics, not too much thought required, lets bash the toffs/the reds/the tories &tc. It's so easy isn't it? Us and them.
Except its not, the middle classes are being attacked now, sure, they are in any totalitarian takeover, even a piecemeal one like this. But the working classes will be next. Of course there are going to be riots, why do you think the government has been busy putting up cctv cameras and replacing the police with barely-trained thugs in yellow jackets for the last ten years? They have had plenty of time to plan while we've all been bamboozled with easy credit and plasma tvs and "everyone has the right to own their own home"

Old Holborn said...

Exile, just had a look through your left wing blog

Once I got past all the adverts and the paypal donate buttons and pictures of semi naked latin nubiles that is

you wrote:

"If you can find such a niche, as my mother once did, then you might just sail through the recession unscathed. If you can't, then you are in my dad's position and will find yourself shit out of luck."

I write:

"It is the very working classes that you love who do not have transferable skills. Remember the miners? Most of them are now grandfathers and have never seen their offspring or grandchildren work. Remember the middle classes who got fucked during the eighties? Guess what! They all moved into middle management, got OU degrees and got on their bikes. Guess what will happen this time around. The middle classes will start their own businesses again.

And the poor, downtrodden workers in their burberry caps and Fiestas? The world can only stand so many mobile car valets, you know.

Labour have betrayed the poorest in the most evil way possible. They have chained them to a giro that allows them "some" of the things hard working people get. It's like herding them near the Lord of the Manors dining table as he banquets yet they are only allowed one potato. They won't starve, but they won't be learning any hunting skills either. They'll sit and wait all day for the chance of a potato. From the rich.

Labour did that. They have enslaved millions. You think the Tories are bad, they are. But Labour have created a huge underclass unable to get on bikes, unable to do anything. No skills, Labours education system makes sure they stay stupid, no niches, Labour makes sure they are all tarred with the broad benefits brush.

They are not free. I am free. I am my own boss. I can work as hard as I like and I will get richer or I can kick back and relax. Labour hasn't given me that. I did.

Anonymous said...

Exile, despite your obvious glee at the number of people who will freeze to death in the UK this winter, have you thought who those people will be? Do you really imagine they'll be stockbrokers and investment bankers?

You are right in one sense. Nobody is coming to help. There is no caped avenger plotting in a secret and forgotten part of the underground.

If we want out of the mess, we have to do it ourselves. Riots will very likely happen and people will be arrested, beaten and possibly even killed. Guess which ones? Stockbrokers and investment bankers? I doubt it somehow.

Riots will not work because as Anonymous has said above, riots are exactly what this government expect. As you said yourself, many of the middle classes will side with the authorities because rioting will frighten them. Frightened people are easier to control. Uneducated rioters are easily squashed.

Your great labour heroes are happy to scarifice a few of their downtrodden proles in a riot or two, to ensure their herd of taxpayers are kept in place. To ensure we'll all accept curfews and controls on our movements. The riots are coming because the Government want them to come. They've been preparing for them for a long time.

Exile, you can laugh all you want at the financial collapse that is happeing and that will continue to happen, but who do you really think will still be alive next spring? Who do you think is going to riot?

Rioting won't help. It will make things worse. It will make things much, much worse for the poor and for the low-paid that Labour used to support. The rich will leave. The middle classes will, as Old Holborn said, dust themselves off and start again. Government control will increase to insane levels.

And, I'm afraid, that was the labour idea all along.

Anonymous said...

All what leg-iron said. Not to mention needing to control us to keep us safe from "terrorism," "climate change" and the newly dusted-off and recycled "the russians are coming!" no wonder blair went to bilderberg before he came to power.

Ken said...

Not quite, Leg-Iron. I don't believe that there will be riots for the simple reason that, as I have already said, the government will ensure that the cities do not go hungry.

Roughly a third of the British people are either unemployed or underemployed. God didn't do that - it was done with the consent of scum who thought that by siding with the employer they would be allowed to rack up ever increasing debt and finance their lives that way.

Fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

"I lived through the Mexican peso crisis of 1994"

So did I, apparently, but I never noticed it. Perhaps that's because it was in Mexico.

"Roughly a third of the British people are either unemployed or underemployed. God didn't do that - it was done with the consent of scum who thought that by siding with the employer they would be allowed to rack up ever increasing debt and finance their lives that way."

A total load of bollocks. While you are sitting on your arse waiting for something which is never going to happen, the people you despise (us, or those who aren't sitting on their arse) will adapt, get on, prosper - because we don't sit on our arses hoping and praying that other people fuck up.

And we'll be laughing at you.

Anonymous said...


I do not believe there will be riots for the simple reason, as you have said already, the government will ensure that the cities do not go hugry.

Got your attention? Good now lets tune in to what really happens.

Actually I think that the benefit dependents, the state housed and the underpaid will find themselves on the very shittiest end of whatever sticks are going. It always happens when times get hard. Whichever local Capone forces his way to the top of the pile on the sink estate gets to rule. Good luck with hoping to relive your happy time in a Mexican stylee. I hope it works out for you but I strongly suspect that it won't and that you and yours are on course for getting the wrong end of a broken bottle. This is the UK and it don't happen quite like your happy Mexican urban peasant experience over here.

When the local Capo or his favoured sycophants decide to come and fuck over you and yours in the comfort of your own front room, remember, you nearly predicted it first, you just got his target wrong. The poor and weak always prey on each other first, longest and strongest.

Time will come when you have to decide, stand, buckle or flee. Trouble with being at the bottom is there's no worthwhile place left to fly. When the head man for the Evil Poor comes knocking through your door looking to fuck up all you might hold dear because you are closer and easier to target than the middle classes, remember me. I'll be there to study your chalk outline or submit the rape kit samples.

I have personalised because you are a troll and I want people to understand how terribly limited your personal world view is and to speculate that rather than being a gritty lefty, you are merely a bit sad.

Pin your ears back, the. middle. classes. never. really. get. it. in. the. neck. when. times. get. hard.

You muppet. Sad, braying, victim shaped, idiocy posting muppet. They are not the first off the sledge. They never have and they never will be.

Live in social housing? Buy better locks, buy better doors, have a better pitbull and don't ever trust the neighbours because they will sell you out for the change in your pockets. It won't save you because out on the Cannonrail estate, when the money gets turned off, there are only two types of people, motherfuckers and the motherfucked.

Anonymous said...


You still seemed to have missed by a mile the point that, despite what it says, this Labour government doesn't give a fuck about you and doesn't give a fuck about the working class (or the middle class, but I think you understand that bit!). Providing you do as you are told and keep voting it into power it will distract you with a bribe (take your pick...) while fucking you and everyone else over when you're not looking. They only care about increasing their power and taking what they can for themselves before the ship sinks.

And the Tories and the LibDems ain't no better.

To change one word in your sentence:

"Roughly a third of the British people are either unemployed or underemployed. God didn't do that - it was done with the consent of scum who thought that by siding with the government they would be allowed to rack up ever increasing debt and finance their lives that way."

I hope we don't have riots and I hope noone gets fucked up or dies, but the government is so far from reality that it's hard to see anything but a very hard crash back to reality.

bernard said...

I feel the pressure rising.....
There's going to be an explosion....

aaahhhh.....that's better...phew!

Ken said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah - keep giving it one with the wrist, lads, 'cos it's all you are good for.

You have no idea how I vote, so you just make shit up, don't you? For the record I stopped voting Labour when that little Fettes fuckboy became leader. Prior to that I voted CPGB in the 70s and Labour in the 80s. I accept 100% that Nu-Labour is the party of scum like you who will soon be living in tents - that's also why I blog about Blatcherite policies.

Now you pin your ears back. I saw at first hand the end of people like you in Mexico back in 1994. The claim that dickheads with credit cards somehow survived goes against the simple truth of the situation. You will not survive. You owe too much money.

And if you really doubted my word, then you wouldn't be so wound up, now would you?

By the way, someone with the monicker of "Doctor" enjoys leaving threats at my place. For the record I hope to be in the UK later this year. I will send my contact details to this wally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Exile.

I'm still up, still working to pay the Labour taxes. They love us working 'middle class' people you know. We pay their bills.

I have no debts. Few of those you deride here have any debts at all. You know who does? Those who can't pay it back. Your glorious revolutionary heroes.

When you come back to the UK later this year, if you do, have a good look around. It's not as you imagine, not at all, and the later you leave it the worse it will be.

I'd be careful about carrying a map or taking photographs if I were you. Stalin's rules apply here now.

I have no idea who 'Doctor' is, but it's not me even though I have earned the right to that title. I wish no violence on you at all.

Only sense, and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

uuuh, exile, I went over to your place and followed the 'doctor' and his pals around the net.

If I were you, I wouldn't be too quick to hand out your contact details. Seriously. He is in with some people you don't want to meet.

Let's just say your talk of lube and bending over has attracted their attention, and they aren't too bothered about the 'consenting' aspect.

This is not a threat. It's advice. Forget the politics for a moment. You've attracted the attention of people who are best left alone and that's not a good idea.

Ken said...

Not everyone does, but millions do. By and large they are the ones who put me on the dole. Wanted to get a class above themselves - fine, I will enjoy their downfall.

I have been in the UK quite a bit over the past five years. You see, I don't need lectures from types like you to tell me what conditions are like in the areas that I grew up in - I blogged about the two murders that my family has suffered.

Now I can figure out what everyone's game is. You are fucked and need allies because there aren't enough of you. What I am trying to make clear is that you are on your own. Sorry, boys, you really should have thought about the consequences of becoming ten bob millionaires.

Ken said...

Poof is he? Lives in Manchester alas. Guess what? My home town.

Anonymous said...

Exile, I need no allies. Nobody helped me out of that coucil estate, nobody helped me back up when I blew my cash, and nobody needs to help me in what's coming.

I'm not lecturing you (even though I spent years as a lecturer before hitting the redundacy wall), I'm telling you things are changing fast here. Very fast, and getting very nasty.

The council estates I grew up on were rough but they were nothing compared to the war-zones we have now. We were little cunts, there's no way to deny it, but we wouldn't stab anyone. Even in the last few years, it's been getting worse and the decline is accelerating.

As I said, I wish no violence on you and I will add that I don't want to influence your thinking. When you come back, see for yourself. The shit has hit the fan and it just keeps coming.

Oh and Doctor is more than just a bit of a poof. Seriously. Don't give him anything that could be used to trace you. Politically I'm not your friend, but trust me on this one.

Anonymous said...

If I needed any further proof that both the left and the libertarians are mentally frozen at the age of 14 then it's neatly encapsulated in this thread.

My solution to the UK's problems is that I'm getting the fuck out of here ASAP.

Ken said...

You did need help though and you got it. You went to university and got a grant. So did I when I was almost 30 and I got an age addition grant to boot. When you became sick you had an NHS doctor to treat you and a hospital if you needed it.

I'm older than most bloggers. Here's a clue - I can remember Home as Prime Minister. I left school at 15 and went to work. We had a social wage so everyone did their hours and everyone drew from that social fund that was created. Cheap bus fares, cheap housing, cheap gas and electricity. I could go on but what's the point?

Now, people like me did not upset that apple cart. The people who did were the mugs who bought into the post-1979 load of old tosh. OK, you have feral estates. That is the price you pay for voting to murder our economy. Many of you will see your homes taken away. That is the price you pay for buying into the consumerist dream.

So, what you have staring you in the face is a credit crunch. It is not going to effect anyone other than the mugs described above. 1929 did not trouble my father who was 18 at the time. 1932 rocked him on his heels, but the latter date will not return for my family as most have been unemployed for that many years that they can only dimly remember work.

Now then, I know that you lot want to involve all of us in this, but sorry, that isn't going to happen. This is a mugs' problem, not ours - and that is why the webmongs are screaming at me.

They know I'm right.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@exile: all we know is, you're stubborn and you're stupid.

Personally, I'm not expecting anybody to come to my aid, I was merely expressing my frustration that another aspect of mythical British culture was a lie, along with tolerance.

You enjoy your sink estate and dole cheque, I'll probably fuck off to Oz for a couple of years and grab some rays and a nice beachfront property.


Anonymous said...

Exile -

You really need to see someone about your sexual frustration thing. Virtually every one of your comments refers to either wanking or buggery so just go and get on with it - either piss or get off the pot.

Secondly, I too live in Manchester and I tell you what, if it wasn't for middle class workers getting up and earning the money to pay the taxes, your family wouldn't all be in council houses because the council wouldn't have any money and there wouldn't be any coumcil houses. So take your class envy and piss off - some of us aren't in shedloads of debt, we'll pull our belts in a bit and carry on as normal till things level out and if you and yours riot then fine, doesn't matter because it doesn't affect us. We won't be the ones whose cars are on fire and whose local pub gets burned down because we have the good sense to turn our protests on those who are causing the problem rather than just destroying our own habitat.

Anonymous said...

Just what is this Exile person on about? What is his point of all his references to being buggered and masturbating? Apparently he plans to sit back and watch it all, but it isn't clear what he will be watching. Will he be watching TV? Or out observing the sexual antics of neighbours? He will be laughing, apparently, but why?

If he is a left-wing supporter I can understand his confusion over life, and the fact he misses out on the humour of seeing the Broons in operation every day. But clearly no one ever explained to him how to make a point in an argument; I am sure among all the vaseline and day-time TV shows he has something to say.

Anonymous said...


Feel free to look us up when you get here, always beer in the fridge and gin and whisky in the cocktail cabinet. Big skills shortage so it is not too difficult to get in. Beachfront property can cost an arm and a leg but then if you're an evil boss you can afford it plus a couple of fancy cars. We go to sleep every night with the Coral Sea lapping the shore below.

There are arsehole politicians with whom one can get a bit excited here but somehow it doesn't seem to matter quite so much if you see yourself as an ex-pat. You just have to hope we (England) win at sport occasionally.

If you do drop by, less of the swearing, MrsBud is from Yorkshire and thinks such language should be confined to the bedroom, e.g. "try that again and I'll break the fucking thing off."

Anonymous said...

"Prior to that I voted CPGB in the 70s"

Why them and not the SWP? The CPGB were supporters of a very nasty regime in the form of the USSR. For all their faults the SWP were at least opposed to Soviet authoritarianism.

Old Holborn said...

Because the Socialist can only exist in a "collective" using words like "the common good", "the people" and "collective needs"

They put individuals in concentration camps. The needs of the State always overide the needs of the individual. Every single time.

Old Holborn said...

PS, don't go to OZ. It's full of drunken sunburned belching thieves. Their idea of culture is what grows on old bread. Most of the wildlife there wants to kill you and the women shower once a month.

Anonymous said...

You must have gone to some of the less savoury parts, Old Holborn. I can assure you the wife and daughters, as do I, shower/bath every day, including days we swim or sit in our spa overlooking the ocean and islands sipping something cold. Culture isn't like London, I grant you, in the bush it is all rodeo and country music, but we head down to Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane 4/5 times a year and take in a show or concert. And if you're an exploiting boss it's possible to fly business class to London every year or two. Watching whales frolic in the ocean from the your pool deck certainly helps compensate for the lack of local culture.

Thatcher's Child said...

There are two things that a sensible person needs to do for this upcoming recession.

Firstly, know your skills, your weaknesses, know what you are willing to do to keep the money coming in. Find your local smuggler and start buying 'duty free' goods. Learn the next skill you will need - Mandarin is mine!

Secondly, ignore any law that stops you protecting yourself and your property.

BTW, Exile - There is no working class any more - just the dregs of society who never did any of the hard graft - the hard working working class got promoted into management - its no wonder Thatcher's legacy was that it promoted the social mobility that Labour talks about but had to stifle to keep its members!!

Ken said...

'Morning all,

Vicola, what are you talking about, you silly little cow? Just about all my postings yesterday were an obviously failed attempt to get you lot to grasp the fact that this is your problem and not ours. And what's with the class envy bollocks? Who the hell would want to adopt a Uria Heap attitude to life?

Old Holborn said...

Luckily for me, I speak German. Most of my customers are in Germany and I bill them in Euros.

I believe I am the only person in the country doing what I do, because only 12 of us in the UK speak German and the other 11 are flipping burgers in Leicester Square.


I am looking for more cheap property if anyone knows a friend or relative being turfed out of theirs by the bailiffs. Cash naturally.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Fick dich, scheisskerl! ;o)

Anonymous said...


Firstly, if you want to get into name calling then I need to let you know you are a first rate twat who hasn't got the brains he was born with, despite that fact that he wasn't exactly overendowed in the first place.

Secondly, it's blantantly obvious that you are suffering from class envy. If you weren't then you wouldn't bang on about class so often. And let me ask you this - if life as the underclass in Manchester was as fucking great as you make out, why did you piss off to Mexico?

Anonymous said...

When will sufficient people actually care enough to stop talking and start doing?

It's a question I've pondered quite often. I've also asked myself what it would take for me personally to act.

I'm saddened at the loss of freedom and democracy in a land that was the home of modern democracy. I'm appalled at the apathy of the populace here, happy to trade their freedom for the sake of putative safety and blissfully ignorant of the way their democracy has been given away without so much as a whimper.

But at the end of the day, as an Australian citizen, I've still got a democracy to go home to. For personal reasons I need to live here for another 2-3 years so it's still my home for now, and I chafe to see these things happening in my home but as long as I can still flee to a (relatively) free, democratic country like Oz that's going to be my preferred option.
The other factor is that my partner and I don't have children (can't afford 'em) so we have no real investment in the future beyond our lifetimes. Again, as long as there's a relatively free, democractic country to take refuge in (50 years oughta see me out) I have no inclination to risk my life.

The only way I'll be forced to take the kind of action I think is going to be needed will be if there's no longer anywhere for us to go to live in freedom and democracy.

Roger Thornhill said...

"and blissfully ignorant of the way their democracy has been given away without so much as a whimper."

Reminds me of the excellent Ron Paul quote

"the founding fathers would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with!"

Our "founding fathers" go back to Magna Carta, the peasants revolt, chartists etc. I bet they would all recoil at the thought of the last 60 years and how the experiment has entrapped the nation. Fabians are not called that for no reason. Slowly slowly catchee monkey.

Thud said...

old holborn...it must be great to be as rich as you...lends a tenner....and you swear too...tough guy as well.

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