Sunday, September 21, 2008

Papers please!

You know how the Nulabour politicos keep on telling us that ID Cards and the accompanying database (NIR) is for our own good, but there would be absolutely no obligation to carry said ID Card with you? Did anyone believe them?

No? Good. But just in case you were in any doubt, here's a story from Dizzy...
Last week, the Tory Leader of the Opposition on the Council was stopped by Police and accused of being a terrorist whilst he took a photo of the local Police station for a ward by-election campaign leaflet.

This is not a joke. Councillor Spencer Drury (pictured) was out in Plumstead High Street to gauge opinion on the issues down there in advance of a ward by-election next Thursday. He was also taking photos and when he got to the Police Station he took a photo of it.

After doing this a Police van pulled up, an officer got out, and then asked what he was doing. Cllr Drury explained that he was a local politician and that he was taking pictures for literature in the upcoming by-election. The police officer however did not believe him and demanded identification under the Terrorism Act.

When Cllor Drury asked if the officer thought he was a terrorist he was told the answer was "Yes".

There is something seriously wrong with this country and whilst the rot started with the scum in the House of Commons, they have, as my colleague Obnoxio points out, long since lost control.
Who's actually running the show here? Because Douglas Carswell, MP, reckons it's not parliament. Most of the rants I've had recently about nanny state interference have involved councils, not government legislators. We have councillors usurping and abusing anti-terrorist laws to spy on made-up rules about waste collection, we have unelected bodies like NICE telling us what drugs we can get out of the huge sums we piss out on the NHS every day, we have elfin safety telling us what kind of goggles we can wear in swimming pools.

And it's not just the egregiously fascist Labour Party that espouses this kind of shit at lower levels. "Call me Dave" is nominally the leader of the Tories, but when Tory-led Cuntcils indulge in this kind of petty fascism, "Call me Dave" just says, "It's got nuffink to do wiv me."

Anybody who thinks things are going to be better under the Tories is sadly mistaken.

Meanwhile, MPs are too busy feathering their own nests and shoring up their gold-plated pensions to give a rat's arse about what happens outside the Westminster Home for the Terminally Feeble. They like to see themselves on telly looking statesmanlike, but they won't expend the slightest effort on stopping the impending train wreck. Meanwhile, further down the devolved (but entirely unaccountable) power chain, unelected organisations, faceless cuntcils, civil servants and charities all vie to see who can fuck the man in the street a) the hardest and b) around the most.

Sooner or later it's going be pitchforks, tapers, piano wire and lamp posts. And these jumped-up little Hitlers better watch out, because we're not going to stop until every single one of the little fuckers is swinging in the breeze.

Either that day will come, or people in this country will just buckle under and accept their serfdom—and I am beginning to think that this latter option is the one that most will choose to take. As long as they have their Trisha and their fake fucking scandals cooked up by The Scum, what the fuck do they care? Are enough people angry?—that's the question.

As regular readers will know, I think that Douglas Carswell is one of the good guys (as far as there are any in that dell of iniquity that we call a Parliament), a man who turned down a position of power in order not to compromise his principles.

I wonder how wedded to the Tories he is, for there is only one party in this country whose central platform is one of freedom, and it will give me no pleasure at all to have to open Carswell's trapdoor.


Old Holborn said...

Tell the police to fuck off.

Yes, they can take your dna, your fingerprints and your photo, but if you don't say a word, they'll have no idea who they belong to.

And they hate it.

James Higham said...

Either that day will come, or people in this country will just buckle under and accept their serfdom—and I am beginning to think that this latter option is the one that most will choose to take.

We were discussing just this today. It will be made more desirable [e.g. you won't be waterboarded] if you knuckle under.

Anonymous said...

But after 42 days when they let you out you will have lost your job and your family/friends will have been worried sick. There is no question that something needs to be done about this state of affairs, the only question is what?
Obviously revolution is out of the question since, unlike the Americans, we have no right to bear arms. Standing for election is possible but pointless as the masses are thouroughly bamboozled by the false left/right paradigm and think things will be different under the other lot.
Mass civil disobedience al la poll tax refusal may work for some things, for example fines for putting your rubbish out on the wrong day and other council ninnying, and probably for "green taxes" too, but they really have us by the balls with their excuse-to-do-anything terrorism laws.

Anonymous said...

There is a point here that we have to consider: if over the past ten years or so of Lab misrule we have had thousands of new offences, suspicions, controls, edicts, taxes and impositions, do we really think we might have reached a limit?

Is there in fact an "end date" to all this interference - a date when the EU, Gov and their associated minions say that's it, we've done it all? We can do no more to regulate and correct and influence.

Or in the next ten years will the number of interferences and law-making and initiatives continue at exactly the same pace?

In other words, who will call a halt to all this? Who will have the temerity to stand up and say, I think boys and girls, we have enough now?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I don't have any answer to what must – by any stretch of the imagination - be described as a sort of nightmare. An infinite series of laws and demands to be imposed on people, because they cannot be trusted to make the right choices or act appropriately.

Clearly everything our leaders have done over the last ten years alone isn't enough, apparently, so we will have more of it. And, more to the point, will so many more laws and controls devolve power to smaller and smaller figures of authority, who have neither the training or the intelligence or experience to do anything but try to imagine what this morass is all about?

This is where we will be broken I fear: among so much 'direction' no one can really know what is right or wrong, what is allowable or not. So the minions may as well make the rules up as they go along because not only does no one know, but they don't really care either.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if we should have a "Photograph the state day" where everyone takes photos of the police, the council offices, the bin men, the teachers. Just as, you know, a reminder of what the law is.

Anonymous said...

bishop: organise it! that's exactly the sort of action that's needed. It won't make the news of course, but by its very nature it will be all over tha alternative media, while there still IS an alternative media.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"Is there in fact an "end date" to all this interference - a date when the EU, Gov and their associated minions say that's it, we've done it all? We can do no more to regulate and correct and influence."

Won't happen, the tobacco control example proves that. The Filthy Smoker will agree that when the smoking ban was brought in, every smoker I know was saying that ASH would now disband as they had got what they wanted. They are, of course, now flushed with success and instead of easing off, the new demands are coming by the month.

Other areas of interference will be equally hard-line. Give them an inch and they will take the EU Kilometre.

Regarding the photography nonsense, watch this (two cunts who should have been drummed out for being not only mis-informed on the law they are there to enforce but also retarded ... but are probably still massaging their bullied-at-school egos on the streets of Central London)

Trooper Thompson said...


"We were discussing just this today. It will be made more desirable [e.g. you won't be waterboarded] if you knuckle under."

Wrong. Cringing cowardice only encourages them. Stand up and fight like Solzhenitsyn said. There are more of us than them.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Hill, that is a great idea. We need to get the names and addresses of the local council Hitlers then get together in gangs to go and hang over their fence taking pictures of their bins, emptying the contents onto their driveways to ensure they haven't got a plastic bottle in the wrong one. Lurk outside their local to make sure they aren't enjoying a pint and a ciggie. If they are, make sure you get a photo. If they've got anything other than a tiny electric car then make sure you bombard their letterbox with eco-crap leaflets. It's about time these bastards got an inkling of how revoltingly intrusive their ideas are. At what point did councils forget that they aren't actually the police and their purpose was meant to be to provide a service for local people?

Thatcher's Child said...

I was thinking about this today - we are all screwed!

I sometimes wonder if the end result will not be a political version of the plot of I AM LEGEND.

Not the shit Will Smith version, but the book.

One day you will wake up, and you will be the only one left who understands what freedom is - and that will make you the odd one out - the dangerous one, the one that needs to be put away.

Until we decide to make that stand, stop blogging and start taking action, that day is coming closer every night.

Anonymous said...

Whoops you state that unlike the Americans we have no right to bear arms. Well maybe not in the strict sense that we don't have it enshrined in a constitution. However the police cannot prevent you owning a shotgun. They can bluster and bullshit but the bottom line is provided you have a safe place to keep it and your not barking mad there is no reason why you cannot own a 12 bore. I recommend a semi auto Remington loaded with SG (or SSG if you can find it) personally! It is your right to own a gun and not subject to the whim of a petty bureaucrat. get one now while you still can!

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