Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gottle of Greer...

For those who care about such things (and, deep down, I do, I'm afraid), I have posted some buttons reflecting The Kitchen's placings in the Guide To Political Blogging top lists in the Vanity section of the sidebar. You can get a whole range of them, which were designed by Mike Rouse, over at Iain Dale's place.

You can also download a black and white version of the Total Politics Guide To Political Blogging 2008/09 [PDF], which has the usual lists, tips, commentaries and "state of the blogosphere" summaries. Thanks to Shane Greer who wrote the Right of Centre focus-piece, for including a large section on your humble Devil.
Like it or not large swathes of bloggers on the centre-right have the Labour government (and Gordon Brown in particular) to thank for their success. After all, it’s easier to take pot-shots at a party in government, than a party in opposition. But when that privileged position disappears so too will the fuel that fires this portion of the blogosphere.

However, to predict a similar fate for the bloggers of the centre-right as a whole would be a step too far. Indeed there is an increasingly influential group of blogs whose loyalty is very far from the Tory Party; the libertarians (who earlier this year managed to orchestrate the barring of Alistair Darling from pubs across the UK).

Well, we at least made an effort to do so, eh? After all, mischief-making and rabble-rousing is so much fun! And it allowed me to indulge myself in writing a little fantasy about it.

Anyway, apparently the libertarian bloggers'...
... unofficial standard-bearer is none other than the Devil himself [...], a man whose support for libertarianism is matched only by his propensity for swearing. In the past year [the Devil] has promoted the cause of libertarianism with ever increasing fervour, welcomed hordes of new libertarian bloggers into the fold, and even launched a Libertarian Party.

Hem-hem. One can hardly take all the credit for those achievements—or even a fifth of it—but thanks all the same. But the libertarian blogosphere has always been strong and it continues to gain ground: and, as Shane quite correctly points out, this trend will continue even after the Tories are in power.

So go us! Woo! Forward the libertarians—let us raise the standard for personal freedom and responsibility. Oh, and don't forget the swearing...


Katabasis said...

Onwards and upwards!

I wonder if the "mischief-making and rabble-rousing" gambits could become our best regular route to pulling more people in.

Unknown said...

It is true that your swearing (and rude references) kept me away from your blog for some time. But your writing, insight, and humour has won out in the end. Somehow, in spite of the swearing, I really enjoy it.

I do wonder how many of your readers are drawn to your blog, in part, precisely because of the swearing. And if you stopped swearing, would you draw in a different crowd? Hmm. I suppose we'll never know.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, Miss, you may have noticed that I have been swearing considerably less recently. I will always be, as someone put it, the "Field Marshal" of swearbloggers, but that is not all that I am!


Unknown said...

DK's targets for autumn term:

1. Swear less (but not 'not at all' as this would mean your target was not SMART - the 'A' meaning 'attainable')

2. Earn more money - We need to make that Specific for the 'S' so you had better come up with a plan.

3. To try out an expensive haircut one day and see if it is all it is cracked up to be.

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