Saturday, September 06, 2008

Financial Hell

A number of my libertarian colleagues, including Tomrat, appear to be attempting to quntify their monthly outgoings and so, in a spirit of solidarity and to get my head around what I spend, I thought that I'd do the same. The numbers are fairly rough, but are accurate certainly to the nearest tenner and, more likely, the nearest fiver.

Take home pay: £1520.00
Tax and NI: £480 (plus my employer pays... what?... another £100 NI?)

And expenditure is...
Rent: £750 (I have a single-bedroom flat to myself. This may well have to change soon, solely for reasons of economy)
Internet (including BT phone line): £30
TV License: £11
Car insurance: £90
Petrol: £200 (roughly)
Medical insurance: £48
Server and domains: £75
Council Tax: £80
Gas and Electricity: £40 (roughly)
Miscellaneous travel: £20
+++ ADDED +++
Mobile: £45 (yes, I went and got an iPhone)
+++ ADDED +++

Total: £1389

As the astute of you will have noticed, this leaves me with some £176 £131 per month with which to buy food, drink, cigarettes, etc.

I do bits of freelancing on the side still (just as well), and I have a few other bits and pieces to pay, but the above is pretty accurate.


I need to move (or find some lovely lassie who fancies sharing both my bed and the bills!) and I definitely need to go back onto the rollies (or give up smoking entirely). Still, it's lucky that I have a pay review coming up next month, eh?

So, could I do with that extra £480? Yes, I think that would make me rather more relaxed. I would certainly prefer that I spend it on living than some bunch of feckless fuckers spend it on expensive haircuts.

In the meantime, can I opt out of NI, please...?

UPDATE: I added in my mobile bill. Oh, and obviously I haven't included the fact that I am paying off my car still: there's still £700 to go on that (very reasonable terms from the Bank of Pater. I can't get a credit card, so abysmal is my credit rating).

Oh, and I had to pay the excess on fixing the window that some little scrote smashed: £60. Further, getting the car back on the road after the bastard rammed me into the central reservation cost another £210.

Prostitution beckons...


Panopticon Britain said...

the Libertarian party of New Zealand have a wonderful tool on their website which calculates exactly how much is taken from you by entering your income.

I'd love to see somthing similer on the UKLP site.

Patrick said...

You pay the BBC??... DK, what can I say... Your one honest guy... :-)

Simon Fawthrop said...

This is a bit confusing. You say your take home pay is £1520 then say what you pay in tax and NI; normally take home pay is nett tax and NI.

Your employer pays 12.8% (on earnings above £100) to the state for the priveledge of using your talents. Lets assume that your "take home" pay of £1520 is gross, then by my reckoning they pay c£190 per month to Gorgon's slush funds for the privilege of using your prodigous talents.

Give up the fags, it really does make you feel better. I was on 40/day when I stopped - but ffs don't become one of the zealots

Devil's Kitchen said...

"This is a bit confusing. You say your take home pay is £1520 then say what you pay in tax and NI; normally take home pay is nett tax and NI."

Well, I am paid £2000 per month. My income tax and NI are deducted before I receive my money, so what I take home is £1520.

Obviously, I have my definition of take-home pay wrong...


Simon Fawthrop said...

Apologies, I misread the post. At least you look just about solvent

In which case your employer pays £250pm to Gorgon for your services.

Anonymous said...

And remember about £120 (ish) of the £200 you pay for petrol goes to the treasury too.


Tomrat said...


Thanks for the mention Chris; I adopted the idea from Mutley though.

Spare a thought for him though; he sounds real hard up. I'm lucky in that my wife is significantly better with money than I am, which is why my policy is to have as little as humanly possible as early as possible after payday. ;-)

You should think about giving up; noone would think any less of you for just being foulmouthed, angry and caffeine saturated rather than foulmouthed, angry, caffeine AND nicotine saturated.

Just remember that you never really give up; I stopped smoking cigs about a decade ago and I find the best way to stave off the cravings was (is) to have a cigar every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

If you want to calculate how much you're being fucked over for the coffers then is pretty good.

Even the URL is cuntish.

Anonymous said...

£200 a month on petrol living in inner London? Blimey. £90 a month for car insurance is fucking robbery too.

Anonymous said...

I went from 30 a day to zero through Zyban. Worked a treat and well recommended. The doctor couldn't presscribe it quickly enough.

I had tried quitting before with patches, gum and the rest but always went back after 2-3 months. Zyban on the other hand worked long enough for me to change the habit.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I commute out of London to Ockham, and it's 26 miles each way. And my insurance is high because I have never owned a car before and so have no No Claims Bonus.


Anonymous said...

The good news is that it looks like you’ll get a £10 per month tax cut backdated for six months in your next pay packet. It’s to do with the 10% tax band fiasco.

Your employer will be paying around £2,376 pa (£198 per month) in National Insurance. So the total cost of paying you is £26,376 pa and that’s what you need to produce for it to be worthwhile to employ you. The boss doesn’t mind how that £26,376 is split between you and the taxman and if there were no taxes market forces would force the boss to pay you the something close to the full £26,376. So this means that your “real” gross is £26,376 pa and on this you are paying £7,991 in tax and NI – around 30.29%. The whole concept of "employer's" NI is a scam to fool the masses.

I agree that the car insurance seems high and is about 4 times what I pay in central Edinburgh. It may well be an age thing. Can’t you tell them that the Devil’s been around since time immemorial or perhaps start up your own Infernal Insurance Company?

Anonymous said...

Why dont you not pay the TV tax and then sell an article to a newspaper How I Save £11 per Month Not Paying the TV Tax ?

Unknown said...

Hmm. I'm sure you could find a way to make some money from your blog somehow. So many people read it. But I have no idea. And who fucking cares? Your fellow bloggers do.

Tomrat said...

I'm not so certain its the age/NCB thing; I'm 26, been driving just under 2 years and pay less than £60 quid - methinks it is more likely to do with the area you live in DK; as you've already demonstrated it isn't the best area.

My friend Paul lived in a fairly nasty part of Leeds until about 2 years ago and was having his car constantly vandalised/broken into - the minute he moved to the sticks his premiums plummetted way beyond what they would go with NCB/time.

I strongly suspect there is an ulterior motive to the NIC/NHS system changes which are leading us down the American HMO system; the sharks are already swimming round the boat and when odorous individuals like Patricia Hewitt are moving straight onto Private Healthcare companies after screwing up their own tenure you have to wonder...

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