Thursday, September 18, 2008

EuroParl TV in bias shock!

Jon Worth had a bit of a gander at EuroParl TV and was shocked—shocked, I tell you—to find that, in a discussion about the state of the Strasbourg Parliament building (the one with the magical collapsing roof), that there was significant bias...
The only MEPs featured in the report were French - Gérard Onesta (Greens) at least mentioned the environmental impact of running 2 buildings, but Joseph Daul (EPP) basically declined to acknowledge there was any problem with Strasbourg, and even had a go at the quality of the Brussels hemicycle. Daul is, you guessed it, from Alsace… Where were the MEPs opposed to Strasbourg?

The Europarl TV editorial charter states “The channel shall ensure that the plurality of opinion in the European Parliament is reflected, with due respect to the relative strengths of the political groups, in accordance with a neutral, non-partisan editorial policy.” Really? Seems they are off to a bad start.

I have to say, old chap, what the fuck did you expect? Oh, you expected them to stick to the terms of the charter? Why the fuck should they bother: who's going to remove their right to broadcast?

Well, I'm guessing that the only entity that can remove their right to broadcast would be the EU, so I'm pretty damn certain that anti-EU stories are going to be few and far between.

Can we leave yet?


Panopticon Britain said...

You were fucking right with your "scum" post, you know. These arseholes really do want to force Pro EU crap onto our plates, up our asses and anywhere else they can.

I say we get a stomach pump and an enema.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about inventing an EU TV station is that they'll be able to charge us a licence fee, whether we watch it nor not. Just like the BBC, this new Mouth of Sauron will be in our wallets soon enough.

Oh, they will. They will. Since it's online that means licensing your computer. That license will also come wth a fixed IP address attached to your name and address. No more tedious tracking of dissidents.

Move house or ISP's but keep your IP. It's yours, generously provided by the EU and incidentally allows them to monitor exactly which web pages you visit and where you send Emails. They won't mention that part. Few will realise.

Aren't they clever little goblins?

Anonymous said...

Why was he watching that? What a sad twat.

Timothy Wallace said...

Leg-iron: You seem to have forgotten that (in the words of Wikipedia)the station 'is funded via the Parliament's budget'.

So what a fucking surprise, we are, or course, being forced to give our taxes to pay for this shit.

Not that we won't end up having to pay an extra licence fee as well...

Trixy said...

£7million pounds and where is the British press on this shocking waste of money which is propaganda Goebbels would be proud of?

I was there when the Head of Parliament visual services told an ITN journalist that he was not allowed to show a film of Nigel Farage and his chickens (the theme was 'too chicken for a referendum') because "dissent is not to be shown in the European Parliament."

I shit you not.

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