Friday, September 26, 2008

England Expects more to follow

It seems that Gawain Towler has had to shut down his England Expects blog.
So long, farewell, auf weidersein, goodbyeee. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sad to announce that from henceforth England Expects shall be consigned to the dustbins of history. I say this with a heavy heart, but it is the case. And this is why.

Yesterday I was summoned by my Secretary General and informed that a formal complaint had been made about my posting on this blog. My activities were found to be in contravention of the Staff Code of Conduct.

A sad day indeed. Especially since Gawain has been rather good at giving us the lowdown on the absurdities of the EU from within the institution itself.

Of course, if you write insipid, naive, EUphile bullshit from a position of power, then writing a blog is fine.

Amusingly, of course, the EuroParl has recently been wittering on about journalistic integrity and media impartiality.

Can we leave yet?


Anonymous said...

I hate eurocrats.
My taxes pay their wages.
Is it too much to ask that he does his job...the one he's paid to do.

I really hope this is the start of something big and that every overpaid, sanctimonious little shit that collects his pay cheque from europe but who whines and moans about how hard done to they are get their butt's kicked straight out the door.

Mr Potarto said...

Anonymous: "Is it too much to ask that he does his job...the one he's paid to do."

So those who disagree with the EU's philosophy are not allowed a referendum and are not allowed to promote change from within.

Exactly what are euro-sceptics allowed to do to influence change?

Anonymous said...

thank you mr potarto for your reply, but you miss my point.
Mt towler has the same right to have an opinion about the EU as I do. He should have had the right to express it in a referendum as all of us should have. That he, and all of us, were denied this opporunity has nothing to do with the's down to the sanctimonious and hypocritical Brown chap who went back on his word.
On the matter of promoting change from my opinion NO.
If he were elected on that basis that would be different & good luck to him.....but he is an employee and is paid to do a job, diligently, and to follow the rules and the explicit and implicit terms of his contract of employment. He owns a duty of service to his employer, and ultimately that's me, a taxpayer.

Whether I agree with his anti-EU position or not is irrelevant...he is not employed & paid to promote his personal agenda. As I say, it is irrelevant whether his position is pro or anti.

Mr Towler, and no doubt thousands of others employees of the EU, need to get it into their self important little heads that they are not there to influence policy but to implement it.

He is part of the problem, not part of the solution. That you or i may agree with his position does not make it ok.

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