Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ego and the Freedom Zone

Your humble Devil is busy, busy, busy—and playing host to Timmy as he beds down into his UKIP press officer job. This has led to a slight contraction in my already small amount of spare time, and a reasonable rise in my alcohol consumption.

However, we now have the final details of the Freedom Zone Tory Conference Fringe Event debate that I am taking part in—as Dizzy reports.
The Freedom Zone is the brainchild of the Freedom Assoication, inconjunction with Forest and The Free Society and is being hosted in Auston Court, a state-of-the-art 150 seater theatre. They're going to have free wifi and blogging facilities which is handy.

There are all sorts of interesting things going on during the two days incluing discussions with David Davis, a discussion on the TV license etc. Additionally, I have been invited by Simon Clark of Forest to be on a panel on Monay 29th on the subject of "Freedom and the Internet".

The full details of the event can be found in this PDF, but the confirmed panel members are: your humble Devil, Dizzy and Nadine Dorries and Iain Dale in the chair.

Speaking of Master Dale, he has released the list of the Top 100 Right of Centre blogs, as featured in the forthcoming Guide To Political Blogging 2008/09. Although your humble Devil acknowledges all of the caveats about these lists and rankings, he is nevertheless rather chuffed to have moved up three places from last year's Right of Centre list...
  1. Guido Fawkes

  2. Iain Dale

  3. Conservative Home

  4. Dizzy Thinks

  5. Devil's Kitchen

Once again, the traditional thanks to all contributors, commenters and readers at The Kitchen—and I do really mean "thank you". Who would have thought that this little site—started on a whim after I saw a news story about a guy sacked because of something called "a blog"—would reach such dizzy heights, eh?

Anyway, I have a few items up my sleeve, a couple of which I shall try to publish at lunchtime but I am finding it difficult to get really worked up about politics: the NuLabour government has the stench of death around it and we are just waiting for the whole tired edifice to topple over and finally give up the ghost.

And then we can get stuck into Cameron and his merry men...

UPDATE: the final list is out, and your humble Devil is very happy to have retained his spot at #6 in the Top 100 Political Blogs. Although I'm not sure about this...
Then, of course, there are the so-called Marmite blogs – the ones you either love or hate. Donal Blaney, Devil’s Kitchen and Nadine Dorries on the right, and to a lesser extent Recess Monkey on the left, have all carved out that particular niche for themselves.

Personally, I loathe Marmite. But I am not, I assure you, entirely motivated by hate. Just mostly.

Anyway, you can buy the Guide To Political Blogging 2008/09 over at Total Politics or it will be made available as a free PDF from that site at some point next week.

Thank you all once again...


Old BE said...

I don't always agree with your stance, but your posts always get me thinking.

Keep up the fine work.

William Gruff said...

' ... I am finding it difficult to get really worked up about politics: the NuLabour government has the stench of death around it and we are just waiting for the whole tired edifice to topple over and finally give up the ghost.'

We're precisely where we were in the dying days of the Major government except that Blair and Brown, and the rest of the crooks and clowns, have destroyed the faith we once had in mainstream parties.

Nothing will be improved by Grooovey Dave's Conservatives, should they win a majority, and nothing will be changed by them.

Old Holborn said...

Please stab Nadine for me

Love and Kisses


Unknown said...

Well done DK. You get a gold star. (That isn't meant to be sarcastic!)

Anonymous said...

Please don't stab Nadine.

Anonymous said...

The country will die when the tories get in. The union will be dissolved. Drugs will be legalised because of the cocaine addicts in the tory elites,
The country will fall apart.
Great countries need great leaders.

Anonymous said...

The art of politics these days seems to be to create an element of hopelessness of change.

Nu Lab started this policy and Dave will carry it on - the answer really is a revolution - but a bloodless one - just the same way that the EU took over the UK.

I wonder if that is possible - it would be an interesting question to cover in your seminar ...

Mr Eugenides said...

I voted for you.

Now where the bloody hell's my pint?

Old Holborn said...

Drugs legalised?

Excellent news! Crime rates will plummet, drugs barons will go elsewhere, and the Scots will get all the heroin they need to finally shuffle off this moral coil once and for good.

Best news all day.

You say great countries need great leaders. Is that why we have that worthless cunt Gordon meandering through as though cottaging at Waterloo? Matching our currency ie. WORTHLESS?

I love you DES and want to have your babies. Where did you come on the top Political Blogs by the way?

Unknown said...

Congrats on the 100 blog list.

Anonymous said...

O/T but there's interesting speculation about Inspector Gadget's future over at his blog. Majority opinion seems to be that he has been busted. Some solidarity would not go amiss, DK-ers.

Old Holborn said...

But the EU are going to get him anyway

Report adopted today

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Old Holborn. It just means they'll force you to let them write their responses on your blog. Imagine how much fun the comments threads will be then!

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