Saturday, September 06, 2008

Don't stay...

... at the Metro Hotel, Woking.
A soldier home on leave after being injured in Afghanistan was refused a room by a hotel when he showed his military ID card at reception.

Corporal Tomos Stringer, 23, from Gwynedd, was visiting a wounded colleague in Surrey when he was turned away from the Metro Hotel in Woking.

He spent the night in his car after being told it was management policy not to accept military personnel.

The hotel has apologised, describing the incident as "a mistake".

I would say that it was a pretty fucking big mistake, yes.



Anonymous said...

They should of course be free to refuse custom from whoever they like.

They're still cunts for doing it though.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are not free to refuse custom to whomever they like. Had this been a black soldier, they'd have been batting on a very sticky wicket, having to explain that their policy was pre-existing, totally to do with soldiers and justify it in full, at least. Then I wouldn't give a lot for their chances of licking out of it.

However, whilst they may be notionally free to refuse custom to whomever they choose, everyone else is perfectly entitled not to patronise their establishments and advise others to avoid them.

This is going to cost them.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

They are fucking cunts and you can ring them on this number to tell them so..

01483 727100

Mr Angry said...

Stuff that, I'm not going to stay in any of their hotels. What a bunch of pricks!

Boy on a bike said...

If they want to refuse certain types, they should say so publicly. If they don't want gypsies, muslims, lesbians, latvians, salesmen etc, they shouldn't have to accept them.

They should feel free to put up a sign in the window saying so, along with "soldiers, Irishmen and Ugandans".

Then I'll happily toss a brick through the same window. What a bunch of arsewipes.

Anonymous said...

Some liberal use of munitions should result from this: does the RAF have any nearby target range from which a bomb might *mistakenly* go stray?

Anonymous said...

No, you want to stay in the hotel but pull the carpet up and leave bacon and milk under it.

Anonymous said...

If he'd turned up with his boyfriend he'd have found he had a legal right to stay at the B & B and there was fuck all the business could do to stop him enjoying a thorough shagfest until checkout.

It's a funny old world isn't it.

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