Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dame Carol Black is a shit

I'm a little late to this party (mainly because of time pressures) but Dr Rant has been covering, in detail, the events surrounding the suspension of Dr Scot Junior: the sequence is as follows...
The story so far:
  1. Dr Scot Junior, a well respected and well liked surgeon in Inverness, calls Dame Carol Black a shit on a doctor's discussion website.

  2. Prof Elizabeth Paice, london dean and pal Carol Black groupie, calls Prof Gillian Needham, Dr Scot Junior's dean in Highland.

  3. Prof Gillian Needham immediately suspends Dr Scot Junior from work, in breach of Department of Health guidelines on suspension:
    Exclusion of clinical staff from the workplace is a temporary expedient. Under this framework, exclusion is a precautionary measure and not a disciplinary sanction. Exclusion from work ("suspension") should be reserved for only the most exceptional circumstances.

    The purpose of exclusion is:
    • to protect the interests of patients or other staff; and/or

    • to assist the investigative process when there is a clear risk that the practitioner's presence would impede the gathering of evidence.

    It is imperative that exclusion from work is not misused or seen as the only course of action that could be taken. The degree of action must depend on the nature and seriousness on the concerns and on the need to protect patients, the practitioner concerned and/or their colleagues.

    The Directions make it clear that staff may be suspended and refused contact with their workplace only if they constitute a risk to patients or staff or if it is thought they may tamper with evidence. Otherwise they must be kept in touch, to keep up to date with developments and maintain their skills.

    As the complaint is not related to the doctor's clinical work, nor is there any suggestion or allegation that he is in any way a threat to patients, nor is there any chance that he can 'tamper with evidence' whether at work or not, there is no justification for suspension.

  4. Senior doctors claim that suspension is a 'neutral' act and that therefore no wrong has been done. This case takes place in Scotland, however under English law, NHS Exposed points out that the senior doctors defending Prof Needham's actions are wrong:
    In February 2007 a judge ruled that suspension is not a neutral act and cannot be applied to non clinical duties. The case law can be seen here. [Mezey v South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust] Further judgments are available here and here.
    I quote some of the most important extracts :-

    The judge states
    "I venture to disagree, at least in relation to the employment of a qualified professional in a function which is as much a vocation as a job. Suspension changes the status quo from work to no work, and it inevitably casts a shadow over the employee's competence. Of course this does not mean that it cannot be done, but it is not a neutral act"

  5. Reports surfaced from Inverness that the suspension had been lifted and Dr Scot Junior was returning to work. However, when he did not reappear questions started to be asked. Dr Rant received the following information from a source within Highland Health Board:
    [Dr Scot Junior] is still suspended, despite local advice to reinstate, regionally needham has blocked his return. The local disciplinary committee and LNC recommended no action to be taken against him, but the deanery has continued the suspension.

Dr Rant is unsure what the LNC is, but it appears to be part of the medical training system. They, and the disciplinary committee, appear to agree with the rest of us: that this suspension should never have happened, and that Dr Scot Junior is not guilty of anything.

So, why has Prof Gillian Needham continued the suspension? Is criticism of the establishment now a crime? Is thinking that the people who made such a mess of medical training last year were idiots now a crime?

No. But clearly any doctor who thinks it is is not fit to practice. Dr Rant thinks Gillian Needham is guilty of gross professional misconduct. Thankfully, Dr Rita Pal, champion of the NHS whistlblower, has reported her to the GMC. (Thank fuck someone is doing something constructive.)


Your humble Devil would like to show solidarity with Team Rant, and Dr Scot Junior, by pointing out that Dame Carol Black is a steaming pile of fresh, fly-blown shit; I would also like to state that Professor Elizabeth Paice is a filthy unwashed, pus-sodden cunt, and that Professor Gillian Needham is a rancid puddle of semen-stained poo.

However, it seems that the scandal goes a little deeper and that it may have been unwise for so many doctors to have been so candid on DNUK.
Dr Rant is disturbed by information circulating both on and sent to him by email from people close to the story.

We were aware at the start of the Dr Scot Junior trauma that there had been reports of other doctors who had been referred to the General Medical Council because of things they had said on the doctors-only website.

One of those doctors, Debra Shephard, committed suicide in June/July of this year [was it 2008 or 2007?—Ed.] after the GMC were allegedly sent details of personal things she had posted online.

Who would do such a thing?

Who indeed? has been a hotbed of dissent for years, but had largely been ignored by power hungry people at the Department of Health and the deaneries. However, when the MMC scandal broke and the BMA - as usual - failed to mount any resistance*, thousands of junior doctors organised Remedy-UK online in a very short space of time.

Worse, the BMA later paid solicitors to argue against Remedy-UK and junior doctors (its own members!) in court. Is the BMA run by the same political elite that runs the deaneries? It would explain the joint letter from Carol Black and then-BMA chairman Jimmy Johnson. Online protest forced Jimmy to lose his job as BMA chairman.

Two online victories for bloggers and the forums. Suddenly, the Big Shits were taking notice. Suddenly it occurred to them that this intraweb thingy was actually quite powerful. Suddenly they saw the future - a future without them!

Fortunately for the Grosse Merdes, not only do all the doctors on DNUK have their real names and addresses available to other doctors at the click of a mouse, but DNUK security is a joke. A five year old could hack the login system. Plus, most of the shits in question are doctors, so they have legitimate access to the site.

Reports started circulating that things doctors were posting - even on really private areas such as 'The Couch' meant for doctors in distress - were arriving at the GMC.

Well, well, what a surprise. It seems that the medical profession are tearing themselves apart, as those who have been corrupted by their politico mates and their cosy sinecures decide to systematically weed out and destroy their less tractable colleagues.

Still, it is interesting to note that the process works in the medical profession as it does in the rest of politics.
Note the process: find someone who criticises your political scheme, decide on the punishment, find 'evidence' to prove their guilt, decide on the nature of the 'crime' after you determine guilt and deicide on the punishment.

Does that seem familiar? Well, it should: all totalitarian systems that run by people who are unelected, unaccountable, and have limitless powers are the same.

These people are filth. They are scum. They have no insight. They have no empathy. They have no shame. They have no honour. They have no right to be where they are. They have no future.

Here's hoping. What a bunch of shits.


Dr Liz Miller said...

Thanks for this summary.
Going through any kind of suspension, disciplinary procedure, or grievance procedure whatever job or profession you are in, is extremely distressing.

The GMC/medical establishment have perfected this unpleasantness, in 2003/4 9 of 215 such doctors died, some at least by suicide.
That having a mental health condition, such as depression is sufficient reason to be hauled before your regulatory body, the General Medical Council. The General Medical Council requires that you have a lawyer to defend yourself in a quasijudicial setting. Like dunking witches! you have to be mad to survive and if you did not survive, then you were obviously mad anyway.

Why do doctors matter more than the rest of the population? We don't. But because of the title of "doctor" we have power, influence and some exta respect from the rest of the population. If we cannot get out own act in order, what hope for those people without our resources?

One day, I hope that the Medical Profession wil set an example worth following.

Dr Liz Miller

Henry North London 2.0 said...

You will remember the fourth paragraph Its paraphrased from Nadine Dorries on the Ministry of Truth

Welcome to my world

Dr Rant said...

Thanks DK old boy:

I've tagged all my posts relating to the now infamous "Jobbygate" and Dame Carol's Scatological groupies. Here's the link:

Dame Carol Black is shitty turd with bits of sweetcorn

Start reading at the bottom of the page and work up!

Rita Pal's Ward 87 blog has been first rate on this story. Don't mess with her!


Anonymous said...

"If you work more than 48 hours you are incompetent". This is what some (possibly most) junior doctors have been told.

It is of course impossible to adhere to - a new patient just before shift end may mean an hour or more of extra work. A doctor cannot just hand over instantly.

It is not a question of pay. By actually being dedicated and professional a JD gets to be marked "incompetent". What does that do for morale?

So JDs now do not book shift over runs, for fear of their jobs. This falsifies Government statistics about JDs supposedly working only 48 hours a week.

Even in this little corner of life in the NHS NuLiebore has reduced morale, falsified its boasting, increased the power of tinpot aparatchiks and created a lie and blame culture. Welcome to the real world.

TheFatBigot said...

The BMA has been fruitcakean for donkeys. Like any trade union that gets a bit of power it likes the taste and seeks more. Undermining the bureaucracy that gives that power is the worst crime of all.

Anonymous said...

The confusion about the initial reinstatement/resuspension of Dr Scot Jnr is understandable. My source at the hospital tells me that the hospital decided to reinstate him, at the end of a working week (possibly not entirely coincidentally the same weekend that the Sunday Times was apparently due to run the story), only to have the deanery insist on having him resuspended before the end of said weekend. Why was he resuspended? Obviously one cannot comment upon rumours that it was to examine said doctor's life, all the way back through medical school, with a fine toothcomb in a desperate attempt to find any minor prank or tiny indiscretion to use as a trumped up excuse to move against him. (Do you know any student who never did anything even a teeny bit silly? Me neither). Be afraid, be very afraid.

the doctor said...

May I suggest a new exemplar for the oxymoron ... MEDICAL ETHICS .

Anonymous said...

Dear DK

Can I suggest that you refer this scandal to the Information Commissioner immediately? Sending someone's personal data and postings that were clearly intended to be personal in an attempt to seek help, is a clear and flagrant breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Anonymous said...

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