Saturday, September 20, 2008

Costing the Earth

Via Trixy, here is an IndDem video—Out Of Control: How The EU Is Costing The Earth—which summarises, in about 17 minutes, the damage being done by a number of utterly fucking insane EU measures—including biofuel targets, landfill directives and energy policy.

I see so many people banging on about how people in Britain don't really care about the EU, about how it is an irrelevance whilst people are struggling to pay their fuel bills. I have no doubt that David Cameron will use this line when elected, to avoid having to honour his promise to renegotiate our relationship with the EU.

But the simple fact is that the EU impacts on every aspect of life of the people in this country, whether people know it or not; many people, of course, do not know it simply because of a conspiracy of silence that involves both our media and our politicos.

The EU's ridiculous regulations and unrealistic targets—coupled with the sheer, naked greed of our government (just think of the tax on petrol—some 70% of the pump price)—are the prime reason why people are struggling to pay their fuel bills.

So, when Cameron employs this line—as he will—bear this in mind. And don't think that Cameron doesn't know all of this: he does. But he will be—like every politician—lying through his fucking teeth.

Hang them: hang them all.

Oh, and can we bastarding well leave the piece of shit EU yet?

Oh, fuck it: let's hang them too.


The Filthy Smoker said...

Great link. Another reminder that we're going to have to spend the best part of our lives living under an insane belief system that future generations are going to laugh their heads off about.

"Did people really believe the world was going to heat up and kill everybody, Grandad?"

"Leave it."

Anonymous said...

Why are the Eurocrats pushing unrealistic renewables targets? Are they in Gazprom's pocket?

(It's no use berating them as "corrupt" unless you can show that they would personally profit from a given bad policy...)

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