Friday, September 19, 2008

The Brown Calculator

The Taxpayers' Alliance have produced a report examining Gordon Brown's economic reputation [PDF]; given that it is titled Gordon Brown's Economic Failure, it is almost superfluous to point out that the Gobblin' King does not come out of it very well, the cunt.

Here are a few of the key findings...
ECONOMIC GROWTH: Whilst Britain has outperformed our European neighbours, all other English-speaking wealthy countries have seen faster growth since Gordon Brown became Chancellor. Had Britain matched US levels of growth since 1997, the UK's GDP would have been £14 billion higher by 2006.

TAX REGIME: Since 1997, the tax burden has increased in real terms by 51 per cent, placing an unsustainable burden on ordinary families and drastically slowing the rate of growth in disposable income. Government spending as a percentage of GDP has soared above the OECD average, corporate tax has remained high whilst competitors have introduced successful cuts, the size of the British tax code has doubled and the cost of administering the tax system has increased by at least 75 per cent.

PUBLIC DEBT: Since the Government's commitment to match Conservative spending plans expired in 2000, public debt has risen by 5.1 percentage points of GDP. When public sector pensions, PFI debt, nuclear decommissioning, Network Rail and Northern Rock are taken into account, actual Government liabilities total £1,898 billion - a massive 129 per cent of GDP.

There are many more facts and figures highlighting the stinking fuck-up that the monocular cock has made of the economy, and the TPA has chosen to highlight them with an amusing little Flash game called The Brown Calculator.

Gordon Brown calculator

Try a calculation, find out that the answer isn't what you thought it was, and then work yourself into a screaming fury when you realise quite how much of our money Cyclops has pissed up the wall and bribed people with.

Fuck me, but the man's a cunt.


Anonymous said...

Labour governments always seem to end with the economy completely fucked. No wonder the socialists don't teach any history in schools any more!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Or, for beginners...

Total gummint spending divided by population = £10,000 per capita.

Q: Are you getting your £10,000's worth?

Q: If there are four people in your family, are you getting your £40,000's worth?

A: Unless you are a public sector employee, then probably not.

Anonymous said...

The Speccie has some good stuff about the national debt and the PFI scam today:

The Great Debt Deceit: how Gordon Brown cooked the nation's books

"As trauma continues to course through the global financial system in the wake of the Lehman Brothers crash, the PM and his colleagues reassure us constantly that Britain is ‘well-prepared’ to withstand the shock of economic crisis. In fact, the opposite is true. It is a basic principle that most governments, even socialist ones, pay off debts in times of prosperity. Mr Brown’s innovation was to reject this tradition. Since Labour came to power, the national debt has risen 25 per cent to £581 billion. During the second it took you to read that last sentence, it rose by £1,520 — and that’s by the government’s more optimistic measure."

Alan Douglas said...

The calculator works just as well if you just keep depressing the = key.

It's too depressing ....

Alan Douglas

chris said...

It does show that Gordon Brown did do one good thing though. He kept us out of the Euro, even if more to spite Tony Blair than for any other reason.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry mate the comrades at Nu Labour and Dave will soon have us in the EU. They are all part of the 'project.'

Das EU uber alles. Fuck the lot of them. Vote UKIP and get out of the fucking rotten mess.

Anonymous said...

What about state pensions? Could add another £4trn plus to the national debt!!!

Devil's Kitchen said...


I've seen a number of calculations for the (unfunded) pension liabilities (including those of public sector workers), ranging between £5 trillion and £9 trillion.


Anonymous said...


Any idea why it's not included in the TPA's report, even if the actual number is hard to nail down? It would seem to be quite material!

State and public sector pensions liability could also be increasing by around (£150bn + £50bn =) £200bn per year in extra benefits, which seems to also be undisclosed (by the govt and TPA).

These are big numbers - any chance you could give TPA a nudge?


Devil's Kitchen said...

Indeed, although you could do so directly by going over to Matthew Sinclair's blog and nudging the head number-cruncher himself!

I know that the TPA are going to up the frequency of their reports, so that one may be in the pipeline already...


Anonymous said...


Done! Thanks for the pointer, I've now added his blog to my blogroll too.

I guess the difficulty for the TPA is prioritising which bit of govt waste to analyse and uncover first - there's plenty of choice!


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