Monday, August 04, 2008

"We're not overly keen on Christmas," say turkeys...

Via Obnoxio, I find this hilarious piece of old crap being peddled by a Union cunt.
John Bangs, head of education at the National Union of Teachers (NUT), said: "Michael Gove really has to be careful not to denigrate the high quality of education in England's schools, in order to make his arguments.

High quality of education? What fucking planet are you on, you fucking little cunt? Britain is at #8 (out of 17) in the world, with 19.1%, for Adults at a High Literacy Level. Please note that Sweden is at #1, with 35.5%, and the Netherlands at #6, with 20%.

Also please note that we have the highest number of children enroled in private education without which we would, I imagine, be rather lower down the previous table.

Now, many of those who have left our state schools might find why this is bad, but Britain is nearer the top in this next example. That's right, for Adults at a low literacy level, Britain is at #6 with 50.4%. Our other comparators, the Netherlands and Sweden, are at #14 (35.9%) and #17 (25.1%) respectively.

Now, I think that we can pretty much say that our education system is, at best, pretty fucking average; I think that most people would also agree that for a civilised country with the fifth largest economy in the world to have more than half of all adults at a low literacy rate is pretty fucking disgusting.

Please remember these comparisons as we proceed...
"Schools are tired of being described as failing by politicians who simply want to create clear water between themselves and other parties.

Well, fucking diddums. It's people's entire. Fucking. Lives that you and your piss-poor cronies are fucking up, you turd. Don't fucking lecture me.
"While he is right to highlight the vital need for good local schools, his proposals to increase choice and diversity of schools is diametrically opposed to that idea.

Oh really? How?
"His proposals to increase choice and diversity and introduce a form of quasi-voucher will undermine the social capital that he argues for and increase social segregation.

"All the international evidence he refers to points to the damaging effect of choice and diversity on the efforts of countries to meet all children's needs."

Is that so, Mr Bangs? Do you remember the countries that we compared our literacy rates to, up there? Do you? Probably not. Never mind, I'll remind you: the comparison countries were the Netherlands and Sweden.

Sweden, you might remember, was top for High Literacy and bottom for Low Literacy. Pretty good, huh? And the Netherlands wasn't doing too badly either.

You might also be interested to know that the Dutch and Swedish education systems share a few things: increased "choice and diversity of schools", for instance. Oh yes, and vouchers.

The only reason that you and your NUT colleagues do not want a voucher system, the schools removed from government control and parents given more choice is because you have seen what happens to unions in private companies.

So shut the fuck up with your weasel words; how dare you protect your private fucking fiefdom by pretending to give a shit about the children that you so egregiously fail every fucking year? How fucking DARE you?

Fuck off and die painfully, you cunt.

P.S. Following the main thread of the article: Gove, you're a cunt too. Fuck you.


Bishop Brennan said...

Well said DK. The NUT are just another special interest group - except for the fact that they fuck up other people's lives. They are complete and utter bastards. And so are 99.9% of people at the DCFS or whatever it's called today.


Anonymous said...

And just think how much more difficult Swedish and Dutch are to master than English!

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