Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These women must be stupid

In this story about the 15 year old girl found with a suicide bomb vest on, the final paragraph is a little extraordinary.
The number of women bombers in Iraq has more than tripled to 29 since last year. US officials said al-Qaeda had exploited women's grief sparked by Iraq's carnage.

Really? Fucking hell, how stupid would these women have to be?

A suicide bomb is a blunt instrument and by far the largest cause of "Iraq's carnage" have been Iraqi (supposedly) suicide bombers blowing the shit out of other Iraqis. If the motivation for Iraqi women really is "grief sparked by Iraq's carnage" they must be absolutely fucking insane, or slightly more absolutely fucking thick than I had imagined any human being could be.

Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the Iraq war, one of the best ways to stop said carnage, ladies, is not to go around fucking causing it, you murdering twats.

UPDATE: I recognise all of the points raised in the comments, and also that various unpleasant men are also blowing themselves up for equally pointless or vindictive reasons. However, I was commenting on the alleged motivation of the women involved as specified in this report.


Roger Thornhill said...

Alas, these "armies of god" have been using (I do not use the word "recruit") mentally retarded women to perform some of their "actions".

Anonymous said...

Makes a change from using "intelligent" men who seem quite happy to bomb the shit out of anyone for their precious 'cause' just about anywhere in the world for any fucking silly, inane reason you can think of

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think the Devil's vitriol would be better directed at the evil cowardly bastards who strap explosives to people who are often a few fries short of a happy meal (or judging from the latest example, a whole bag of fries, a cheesebuger and brand name soft drink short of a happy meal) so much so that they often can't trust them to push a button and detonate them by remote.

Patrick said...


Can I point you to a rather interesting piece of research regarding this matter..


I dont disagree with you that this is clearly quite murderous. It is frankly typical of a media that is in complete denial about female violence...

Anonymous said...

Were there 72 virgins waiting for her in heaven as well?

I don't know if the Arabic for virgin is gender specific but if not I doubt many women would welcome a procession of sweaty-handed, fumbling adolescents. Perhaps that's why she changed her mind.

Why do they do it? It's nothing to do with sanity or intelligence, just belief: if you live your life as a good Muslim you might go to heaven. If you die fighting for Islam you definitely will. But we must all celebrate diversity, mustn't we?

BTW Some BBC reporter said many years ago (regarding Israel's demographics) that the 'Palestinian population has been exploding' on the day some nutter there blew herself up.

Unknown said...

There are several reasons why women in Iraq and Palestine choose to become suicide bombers, and none of them have much to do with religious fanaticism.

Revenge is often a primary motivator, as this report suggests. Mothers who have lost sons, and or wives who have lost husbands etc. There is nothing like a pissed off arab women to get you running scared.

Money is another reason. Certainly in Palestine the families of suicide bombers are amply rewarded, in fact Saddam Hussein offered $25,000 to palestinian suicide bombers families when he was in power. Its the same in Iraq. Al Qaeda, who carry out most suicide attacks are not short on funds. So women whose families are a bit hard up can often be pursuaded to 'do their bit' - similar to the UKs life insurance fraud, only slightly less casualties.

The third and perhaps most common reason for women suicide bombers is restoring family honour. If a women is found to be having an adulturous affair, or perhaps has a child outside of wedlock there are few options open to them - suicide or murder (the same as that wonderful british cultural institution of the 'Honour Killing'). So they are going to die either way, and restoring honour is best achieved by killing some infidels whilst you're at it.

Women released from Coalition custody are assumed to have been raped and are therefore deemed to be unclean. Most end up shot in the back of the head in the gutter, but I imagine quite a few end up as suicide bombers.

Lets celebrate that diversity.

Dr Rant said...

My Dear Devil,

I find your post to lack insight.

You are, after all, exactly the same as the suicide bombers that you depict. Admittedly, their actions are more physical than yours, but then they live in so much more physically violent an environment.

The UK is a violent, nasty, place full of small minded nasty politicians. You're response to this - quite understandably - is to be extremely nasty about their nastyness.

So, if you act this violently in the face of 'violence', why would you not understand their desire to act violently towards those who have been violent to them.

Bear in mind, that it is not just the insurgents who are causing deaths and violence in Iraq. The soldiers shooting at and blowing up insurgents have managed to kill quite a few of their buddies by accident. You can imagine that for every US soldier that gets shot by his own side, there are several thousand innocent Iraqis that get killed by accident too.

Oh, and then there is the whole extraordinary renditition detention without trial guilty until proven innocent in a kangaroo court thing.

I would be interested to know what the Devil would be doing if he were an Iraqi blogger who was living through all of this.

I call it the Martin Luther King to Malcom X conversion point. Martin Luther King says that 'the ends do not justify the means, beacuase the ends are pre-existant in the means'. Malcolm X says 'by any means necessary'.

Clearly the Devil and Dr Rant are using means to justify ends: both our blogs are violent in that we attack forcefully what we see as the problem. Personally, I wish it were not necessary because I know that MLK is right. However, there currently appears to be no other option.

At what point would we be pushed to feel that 'any means' were justified? Would Dr Rant snap and start kidnapping, torturing, and killing NHS managers? I think Dr Rant is a doctor on the edge and can quite easily imagine him getting to that point.

What about the Devil?

Roger Thornhill said...

dr Rant,

DK acts verbally towards individuals and specific, self-selecting groups. The suicide bomber in Iraq kills indiscriminately but on purpose - indiscriminate slaughter is the AIM. The American may kill civilians, but it is not the aim.

Dr Rant said...

Yes, and so does Dr Rant.

However, violence radiates out. People exposed to violence, even when not directed at them, are affected by it.

It is a question of degree, clearly.

However, I am intrigued that someone who's response to violence is to set up a (non-physically) violent website, would struggle to comprehend the actions of suicide bombers.

Dr Rant, on the other hand, understands that he is only separated from suicide bombers by degrees of violence.

Anonymous said...

I've always taken you to be person of with a strong moral compass, Dr Rant.

If we look past the smokescreen of expletives, your stuff is usually imbued with humanity and humour, rather than violence ?

I see no connection AT ALL between your modus operandi and the actions of a tiny number of women who are in such a dreadful place [psychologically /politically / economically] that they volunteer, or even worse are manipulated into carrying out acts of outrageous and irrevocable violence - against themselves and their victims.

Perhaps I'm just getting senile and all this stuff is way over my head ? but my ONLY reservation about the Devils assessment is that few here [if any] will have any kind of inkling of how unbearable, chronic pressures eventually erodes common decency, or even rational thought.
Imagine having to spend every day of your [short] life living in an impoverished community, dominated by angry, misogynistic zealots ?

So, I tend to think that until you have 'walked the walked', one should reserve judgement, or at least show degree of caution before casting the first stone.

Patrick said...

A & E

If you read my link above, it will give you a very good idea about why these women may do these things... Incest is quite normal apparently within these cultures... and indeed women are trod in manners that are quite unwelcome in our own culture... (well, to lesser extent, lets say)...

The guy who wrote the articles has spent some 35 years researching the subject... It is very vivid in its candour... at which times I had to stop reading in fact....

So no, I too Im not surprised by their deeds either...

Dr Evil said...

Now this is a suicide bomber!


Achmed the dead terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Andy - and I quote.. "suicide or murder (the same as that wonderful british cultural institution of the 'Honour Killing'"

British Cultural Institution... give us a break.

Anonymous said...

Mr Thornhill,

I take your point;

"The suicide bomber in Iraq kills indiscriminately but on purpose - indiscriminate slaughter is the AIM. The American may kill civilians, but it is not the aim."

But surely that's the whole point sir. It seems to me that American soldiers rarely bother to aim..

Patrick said...

Mr Thornhill,

Killing is killing, I'm not so sure you'd be so picky about whether the intention was meant or not...

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