Monday, August 04, 2008

Rob Enderle: corrupt hack

Just to show that it is not only GISS scientists, UK media shits and all politicians who are corrupt bastards whose best default position is being economical with the truth, here's some extracts from an article on Dell's new MP3 player by Rob Enderle.
The Wall Street Journal got wind of a secret project at Dell to possibly take the music lead away from Apple, but not necessarily the device lead, making it kind of interesting.

What Dell believes, and I agree, is that folks don’t want to spend lots of time managing music — they just want to listen to it. The fact that few refresh the music on their iPods is a clear indicator that there is untapped potential here, even with iPod owners.

It has to provide more choices among better services — while containing complexity and creating a great user experience — to be successful. It can be done; we’ll know in a few months whether Dell can do it. I’m not sure I’d bet against Michael Dell.

Via Daring Fireball
, and as reported by Dan Moren at the MacUser blog, we know that dear ol' Rob (who will be familiar to some obsessive Apple fans as the man who always gets it stupidly and ludicrously wrong where Apple's concerned*) is not only not sure that he'd bet against Michael Dell, he's damn sure that he wouldn't.

Because he has taken Michael Dell's shilling dollar.

And not just in general, oh no: Rob Enderle was paid, by Dell, to consult on the very MP3 music player which he is now puffing in his TechNewsWorld column. [Emphasis mine.]
Rob Enderle, an industry analyst whom Dell hired to consult on the new entertainment strategy, said he is still discussing with Dell whether profits would come mainly from the subscription service or from devices tied to it.

Strangely, Rob fails to mention this bit of moonlighting in his column.

It must have been an oversight...

UPDATE: Tim Almond on Twitter.
You might as well hire a shit-chucking ape to make predictions as Enderle.

The ape would have a better prediction rate, I reckon.

*DISCLAIMER: I own Apple shares and the only time that I'd recommend selling is if a) I had serious concerns about Steve Jobs' health, or b) Rob Enderle predicted that they'd double in price overnight.

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