Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh yeah? How, exactly?

Yes, I too received this "answer" to a petition on the Lisbon Treaty through email; Angry Steve has been admirably brief in his comment...
Where's the referendum we were promised?

Tell me again, why we're not hanging these cunts from lampposts with piano wire?

Your humble Devil, however, believes that it requires a little something more; a small fisking of the Number 10-issued text—even at the risk (or certainty) of repeating myself—is required.
The Government believes that EU Membership is firmly in Britain’s national interest, and remains committed to ensuring that the EU is focussed on adding value for its citizens.

First, I have seen this a lot in recent years and although "focussed" is not technically incorrect, in Britain there is a strong preference for "focused".

Second, you are the collection of cunts who believed that pouring billions of pounds into public services was going to make them "world-class". You were wrong.

You are the bunch of bastards who announced, in your arrogance, that you had "brought an end to boom and bust". You were wrong.

You shiftless shits apparently believed that we should go to war in Iraq because Saddam could deploy a threat to Britain within 45 minutes. You were wrong.

You arseholes told us that you would concentrate on "education, education, education" and that you would make our system better and more flexible. You were wrong.

You made up some appallingly intrusive anti-terrorism laws and told us that they would be used only in exeptional circumstances. You were wrong.

You told us that social mobility would increase under Labour, that it was the poor that you cared about. You were wrong.

On these issues—and many, many others—you have been proven to be utterly incorrect. Further, you have been shown to be a bunch of lying, corrupt, dishonest, venal bastards without a moral bone in your body and with absolutely no compunction about lying to the public and to the House—so do you mind if I not only do not share your belief that "EU Membership is firmly in Britain’s national interest" but also doubt your commitment to "ensuring that the EU is focussed on adding value for its citizens"?

For, if the EU is so very beneficial to Britain, why have you consistently refused to conduct a proper cost-benefit analysis? When Lord Pearson of Rannoch tabled a Bill, only a few months ago, in order to force such an analysis, why did you not back him?

Is it because you know damn well that the benefits are purely marginal, that the EU costs us in net contributions and in the stifling effect of regulation on business? Is it because you know too damn fucking well that the EU is a cost and not a benefit?

Yes, it is.
Our membership of the EU has brought real benefits in jobs, peace and security.

Prove it. The idea that it is the EU that has brought peace is ludicrous and has been shot down by many people; I believe that it's disintegration will bring a conflagration. As for security—well, I would put that down to NATO, personally.
Through it, we belong to the world’s biggest trading bloc.

So what? Where we to leave and control our own trade policy, we could belong to the colar system's biggest trading bloc—we call it the Earth.

All we need is a simple policy based on the admirably simple idea that it is imports that make us rich; and that policy is quite simply this: free trade for the entire world. Sell us your products, buy ours if you like: no quotas, no tariffs, just totally free trade.

We could be citizens of the world, global traders, rather than stuck inside our little, insignificant trading bloc like some protectionist throwback to over a century ago.
Half the UK’s trade is now within the EU, with an estimated 3.5 million British jobs linked to it.

Ah, well, that rather depends on what you are measuring, doesn't it? The thing is that 50% of our trade may well be linked to the EU, but that is to be very disingenuous indeed.

Some 80% of our entire economy is internal to Britain; in other words, 80% of our economy involves selling stuff to ourselves. And if one is measuring our entire economy, about 10% of our trade and services are linked to the rest of the world and only about 10% linked to the EU.

This amounts to some £100 billion, which is what Civitas estimates as the lost opportunity costs of being locked into a powerbloc. One of the EU Commissioners, Gunter Verhoegen, estimated that the Single Market benefits business to the tune of about €200 billion every year; this is a pretty good figure until you take into account the fact that, with his next breath, he admitted that the estimated cost of regulation to businesses was about €600 billion per year.

I have never seen anyone make a coherent economic case for us remaining in the EU, despite challenging people to do so. That is because there isn't one.
Our membership allows us to live, work and travel across Europe and to receive free medical care if we fall sick on holiday.

There is nothing here that could not be negotiated in bilateral agreements. And, as Old Holborn pointed out, that's some fucking expensive medical care.
How cool is that? I'm only paying our masters £678 per year medical insurance to travel to Greece. Where I never travel .(I usually get my travel insurance for £38 a year from but what do I know?)

In any case, such nebulous benefits hardly justify tying ourelves to a supranational identity that provides few other benefits and a lot more costs.

And, of course, as we have discovered (and which bothers some), it allows lots of other EU citizens to "live, work and travel across Europe and to receive free medical care if [they] fall sick" too.
And each citizen benefits in ways that are harder to quantify in cash terms, such as a cleaner environment, trade deals negotiated by the EU, and better security.

We have dealt with the trade crap. So, what about the environment? Again, bilateral deals could quite easily cover this; instead we get the biofuels disaster, the hopelessly unrealistic renewable energy targets and a whole load of wasteful legislation that is often actively damaging to the environment. And dare I bother to mention the hypocrisy of the treks from Brussels to Strasbourg several times a year?
There was a referendum on UK membership of the European Economic Community in June 1975, which was passed in favour of membership.

Ah yes, the famous referendum...

Well, as usual, the politicians lied like a bunch of screamingly dishonest cunts about that too, didn't they? Britain was joining a Single European Market—that was what the voters of the time were told. There was to be, said the politicos (their forked tongues periodicaly flickering to taste the air), no loss of sovereignty.

With the country near bankruptcy, paralysed by strikes and with the population still reeling from the breakup of the Empire, the people of Britain voted to remain in the EEC. It was to be two years until I was born and I have never had a vote on the matter; those who did vote have now realised that they were lied to (if they were not actually telling the untruths themselves) and of those who I have spoken to (and who voted "yes"), 99% maintain that they would have voted against it had they known what it was that they were tying us into.

For we must also remember that, at the time of the referendum, we were already member of the EEC; the referendum was not really held solely on the matter of membership: it was held against the backdrop of "renegotiated terms" and question was really on whether we accepted those terms or wished to leave.
Thereafter, each Treaty change has been approved by the democratically elected British Parliament. No government, Labour or Conservative, has ever held a referendum on an amending European treaty.

Yes. And. So. What? One might have thought that, given your proud inclusion of the phrase "democratically elected British Parliament", you might have believed that now was the time to start. Indeed, you were elected partially on the promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution; and whilst all the major players admit that the Lisbon Treaty is, in effect, the same as the Constitution, you have decided to go back on your word.
Parliament remains the correct place for debate and decision on such treaties.

In other words, you and your MPs deliberately misrepresented yourselves to the people of this country. You promised a referendum on a Treaty and yet now you maintain that "Parliament remains the correct place for debate and decision on such treaties".

Well, fuck you, you lying sacks of shit; fuck you right in the ear. We might even take this seriously if we thought that any of you actually knew what you were voting on. Ever since Ken Clarke—an enthusiastic supporter of the Maastricht Treaty—admitted that he had never read that document, the idea that you bastard MPs are the people in the know and the correct arbiters of what is beneficial to us has been exploded.

How many of you cunts actually read the Lisbon Treaty, eh? For fuck's sake, the first vote was held after the final text had only been out for a few days.

Fuck you, you lying bastards. You are cheats and scum, pig-ignorant featherers of your own nests and a veritable collection of dishonest, hypocritical charlatans. Once again, I shall quote the last man to sweep away your hideous corruption...
"It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

"Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

"Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone!

"So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!"

You are no better now than they were then, and there is no part of that speech that does not apply even today: so, from the bottom of my heart—"from hell's heart I stab at thee"—in the name of god, go!

Go and drown yourselves in the Thames, that we may fish your bloated bodies from the waters, dismember them and hang the pieces at all the crossroads in the land for the sports of crows, rooks and ravens (and the Health and Safety legislation can go hang with you).

Or, perhaps, we should take the more explosive route...

Is it time yet? If not now, when...?


anthonynorth said...

We should get out of the EU as soon as possible and work on building up economic and political links with the Commonwealth.
If the world has to be one of 'blocs', let's help in forming a truly world class one that really IS diverse and global.

Trixy said...

Lend me some of your energy, DK. I got the replies from those wankers and couldn't even be bothered to read them. They can't lie straight in bed, why would I waste my time reading the same shit I had to listen to in the debates on the Lisbon Treaty? They are not acting in our best interests and need to go. Now.

Anonymous said...

Sedition! Blasphemy! Heresy!


Anonymous said...

After the massive petition No10 (which incidentally isn't even a secure website, not that it would matter with these butter fingered plebs) regarding the pay as you go motoring that they shrugged off as if the 1.9Million people who signed it were window lickers, I've never bothered with another No10 petition, what's the point these fucking maggots couldn't give a toss what we think either way.

Every time I hear the letters 'EU' I get a warm fuzzy feeling.
Something else that had me wanting to taser peoples eye balls recently.
Olymic Team Europe

Anonymous said...

" ...those who I have spoken to (and who voted "yes"), 99% maintain that they would have voted against it had they known what it was that they were tying us into."

Well, you and I haven't exactly spoken, but you can include me in with that lot.

Anonymous said...

The government always come out with the platitude "half our trade is with the EU". It is a lie.

Half our -exports- are to the EU. But as you rightly point out DK, around 80% of our trade is with ourselves ie within the UK's borders. Exports account for about 20% of GDP, approx half to the rest of the EU (10%) and half to the rest of the world (again 10%).

Anonymous said...

Excellent rant, could not agree more. Now tell us what you really think of the b*****ds.

Anonymous said...

Vote UKIP. Fuck the EU.

Anonymous said...

I am guilty. In 1975 I voted yes in the referendum, having reasoned that no one would want to vote against the opening up of trade opportunities.

I was naive, and did not think that it meant the transfer of executive power to other countries or self-interest groups.

Silly old me, though maybe my one vote wasn't the one that tipped the balance.

However, given that the last referendum was such a rip-roaring success for the "yes" fans, you wonder why they are so reluctant to have another one.

Maybe they don't want it to finish 1-1 and go to penalties...

Anonymous said...

Give them a message! Vote YES to Free Europe at

Anonymous said...

Confession: I, too, voted Yes in 1975. It seemed so logical to be a part of a trading bloc next door.
I have also read up on Cromwell in the last few years. A super-powerful executive needs to be controlled by the Commons.
How about a "Campaign for Real MPs"?
And in future perhaps our foreign policy will consist of three sentences.
If you have money, you can buy our stuff.
If you have good stuff, we'll buy it off you.
If you harm our citizens, you're dead meat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that clip DK, bought the film today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Already watched it 3 times and pissed myself laughing every time the cunts got blown up.

Dr Evil said...

I was a student back then and I voted yes in the referendum, to remain a member of the EEC, a trading block, not for political union of a federal Europe. The treaty of Rome was not readily accessable as there was no public internet at that time.

Politicians lied, which should render that referendum null and void. A new one is called for and should be repeated every 20 years/every generation.

Anonymous said...

I have asked about this at work, and been told that we couldn't possibly carry out such an assessment.

I'm basically surrounded by ostriches :-(

Anonymous said...

Should read: "...and remains committed to ensuring that the EU is focussed on adding value for its customers.'

Anonymous said...

Ask any exponent of the the european superstate just WHY its of any real benefit and they dribble out the same cock every time..

(i) you must be a bigoted 'Little Englander' for disagreeing with my viewpoint,
(ii) we'd be an insignificant piece of economic flotsum without being a member of this brilliant club and
(iii) you can go on holiday every year without needing a passport..

All three are bollocks and such tired quotes I'm bored even reciting them.

I thought we were, at least for now, the 4th biggest economy in the World? I thought we were a net contributor to the EU, so how do we benenfit exactly?

And why would we want to be ruled by a bunch of unelected commissioners made up from a collection of eurotrash comprising incompetents, imbezzlers or failed politicians rejected by the British people or forced to resign from our Government - twice!

Anonymous said...

It makes my blood boil,these assholes continue to spew out words such as fucking "PRUDENCE"

Guy Fawkes will be laughing in his grave if he saw the situation we are in right now. George Orwell would be saying "I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO"

What we need is a fucking SCUD missile dropped on the fucking lot of them, greedy,selfish jobsworths. Democracy that fucking went out of the window when 911 happened, and sorry even that event makes me question the fucking legality of Iraq and Afganistan.

They can try to squeeze me, check up on me lose my fucking data, and tax me till me fucking eyes pop. But ill never fucking EVER become a fucking sheeple!

Id rather die fighting than bend over and have that cyclops cunt take the piss!

Anonymous said...

Cyclops = NWO,CFR,Bilderbergers,capitalistic fucking corporations, Bankers, Share Speculators, war-mongering politicans who sit on the fucking executive boards of military supply, Energy corporations, oil tycoons, media monguls, and most of all that fucking waste of fucking decent oxygen, our fucking current PM, and government!

Anonymous said...

ahh now i feel better.


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