Sunday, August 03, 2008

More stupidity on drugs

Jenny McCartney has written a pathetically stupid article on drugs. Like most of these reporters, this idiotic troll seems to believe that people take drugs because they are troubled or desperate or whatever.
One of the biggest challenges in the so-called "war on drugs", then, is how you talk to the generation that has swapped hedonism for masochism, and believes getting screwed up to be the ultimate high.

Look, you silly fuck, people take drugs because they like being high, OK? And, believe it or not, many people prefer the effect that drugs have on them to the effect that, say, alcohol has. I mean, seriously, would you rather drink yourself into a melancholic stupor or take a drug the primary action of which is to make you feel incredibly happy?

Would you rather that people got boozed up and beat the shit out of random strangers, or would you prefer that they take a drug that makes them feel in tune with mankind and feel the overwhelming desire to hug everyone?

What shall we encourage? A piss-up that leaves you feeling shit the next morning, or magic mushrooms that makes you laugh like a drain and afterwards makes people feel that they have gained some extra meaning to their lives?

As regular readers of The Kitchen will know your humble Devil has taken fairly large quantities of drugs over the last few years: I have never become addicted, never lost a job and never found myself in the gutter. I have lost girlfriends, not through illegal drugs, but through alcohol, the only drug that I have anything approaching an addiction to.

Jenny McCartney also says...
Let us leave aside the question of whether the "war on drugs" can be won, and by what means.

No, Jenny, let's not. For, as Timmy says...
Let’s agree that [the war on drugs] cannot be won, that the very fighting of it causes most of the problems we see and then we’ll be able to come up with some useful ideas about what to do, shall we?

Indeed. In fact, this might be the one decent area in which we could harness the hatred of all of those blinkered anti-Americans, for it was the USA that pushed for the international control and banning of these drugs (even whilst its own Constitution forbade such measures)—see Prohibitions [PDF] for more.

Stupid, pointless and morally distasteful: that is the way in which to sum up the so-called War on Drugs.


John B said...


Devil's Kitchen said...

*bows modestly*

Why, thank you, sirrah...


Jock Coats said...

Well, what do you expect from a writer who can glibly skip over the fact that in this "war on drugs' the governments of the world are killing more people than they do with bullets and soldiers and then skip breezily on to whether Gordon Brown would look good in Dave Cameron's swim suit! Vacuuous old harpie!

John A said...

Does WoD include DDT? Or is that a seperate "Blacks are too stupid to use it correctly, so we must ban it [and let millions, rather than a couple of thousand, of them die] for their own good" meme?

US pols are too busy passing laws (I really liked the ones against burning the national flag, which any veteran can tell you is the preferred and prescribed way of disposing of one, now PROscribed) to revisit the ones on the books. Marijuana (and hemp rope from Canada, for sailboats) is forbidden because it is in the part of the law for things "which have no medical use" even though derivatives of cannabis have been prescribed for decades. But very few will even suggest moving it to the section of law allowing it by prescription, and certainly not to the over-the-counter section[s] of law. Even the members of our Congress from California, which as a state allows prescriptions of MJ, do not raise these possibilities in the national legislature (they haven't time, too busy stopping oil and coal production, refining, use - and/or prohibiting nuclear power stations).

Anonymous said...

Also applauds.

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