Sunday, August 31, 2008

Humanist UKIP humourousness...

There has been much hilarity over the fact that the British Humanist Association is sponsoring part of the UKIP Conference, for Polly Toynbee is president of said society.

Most amusing.

It's worth pointing out, of course, that these political types do tend to cross borders. The last time that I saw Polly and Nigel Farage in the same room, for instance, was when they were discussing the EU at the Fabian Society Conference (the panel also included TEBAF Margot: such was the level of my suppressed rage that I chewed my way through several pencils).

What is not amusing in any way is that an organisation calling itself the British Humanist Association could ever appoint someone who so obviously hates people as its President; not only is Polly an evil, misanthropic shitbag, but she is also an ignorant, uninformed lying little fuck-dwarf. And having such a piss-awful, untrustworthy little cunt as their President just makes me think that the British Humanist Association are a bunch of pig-ignorant, unpleasant, sweaty fucktards.

And no, I wouldn't take their money.


Anonymous said...

This is why I refuse to join the BHA. Toynbee makes no money from them, but I cannot bring myself to join a club that would have her as a member.

MatGB said...

My membership is lapsed (mostly because I'm skint), I joined as soon as I could afford it after Linda Smith died (she was their President at the time).

I'm told Terry Pratchett turned them down. It's quite an eclectic mix, Dawkins does a lot for them, and I approve of a lot of their campaigns (they helped write the legislation that abolished the Blasphemy laws for example).

The main thing with Polly though is that a lot of people read her on the surface without analysis, and she reads well. Until I started reading blogs regularly I thought she was an OK commentator, it's only when you scratch the surface you realise how stupid she is.

Blogging makes you think, it's one of the appeals. A lot of people get through life without thinking and take things at face value. Polly believes she's a genuinely decent liberal human being. Until given evidence otherwise, she convinces others of this as well.

Stu said...

I'm sure her appointment is absolutely nothing to do with the BHA wanting a name that people recognise and Toynbee having been voted Most Influential Commentator two years running. Only a cynic would suggest such a thing.

DK I share your sentiment (though maybe not your choice of language) on the subject of the Toynbee woman.

Anonymous said...

DK. I do hate it when you sit on the fence..

Anonymous said...

Poly leads that group. That is it for me, I am back to confession and the church on Sundays.

I shall pray for her twisted little soul and also that she gets both fucking arms cut off in a combine harvester and can never write again.

Oh dear, just back at church and look what evil thoughts I am having about Poly. Will have to go to confession all over again.

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