Monday, August 18, 2008

Greens in the greenhouse

Now, one of the things that is absolutely settled and that we all understand, is the greenhouse effect, yes? And since we know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, then increasing its concentration in the atmosphere must warm the planet (even if it's just a wee bit).

Maybe, however, even that is not so settled.
Could ‘the greenhouse effect’ be one of those things that everybody claims to understand because it is apparently so important, but in reality it is not supported by a credible scientific literature?

That's the view of Bill Kininmonth, meteorologist and head of Australia's National Climate Centre from 1986 to 1998.

Furthermore, Mr Kininmonth is of the view that,
"the role of greenhouse gases is to cool the atmosphere and this, with the surface warming from solar radiation, generates convective instability. It is the temperature lapse rate required for deep convection that leads to the ‘greenhouse effect’".

The post then goes on to explain the actual mechanism according to Bill. It's a bit technical for my tired mind to take in at present, but I shall re-read it tomorrow...

However, if even the greenhouse effect is open to question, what else might bear re-examination?


Stu said...

Everything should always be open to question. Received wisdom should always be examined, tested and challenged to make way for new and better explanations. That's the point of science. If people hadn't the courage to question the wisdom of the past than we wouldn't know about evolution, or gravity, or electricity. Of course it is possible that what Greenpeace et al. really want is a return to the middle ages...

Letters From A Tory said...

I'd going to need a lot more convincing than one bloke in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bill 'Kinmouth?Arsemorelike writes:

"However, the main gases of the atmosphere are oxygen and nitrogen, non-greenhouse gases, and they are also excellent insulators against the conduction of heat (like a blanket); adding additional trace amounts of carbon dioxide will have no appreciable impact on the insulating properties of the atmosphere."

This guy doesn't have any grasp at all. The conduction of heat is nowt to do with the 'greenhouse effect'. The point is the main atmospheric gasses are transparent to long-wavelength radiation. CO2 isn't. That's first year science undergraduate stuff. Although 'cooking foil' would have been better than 'blanket'.

Did he stop being a weatherman because of Alzheimers?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how the more we know about greenhouse gases and global warming the less we really know? Perhaps there has been a rush to reach conclusions when the science wasn't quiet as strong as first thought. Always question!

Anonymous said...

According to the NZ Herald
record snow-falls are reported.
Turoa claims largest snow base ever.

Anonymous said...

The "Greenhouse Effect" is not actually named after how a Greenhouse works. Strange but true.

Please refer to "Taken By Storm" by Christopher Essex and Ross McKitrick

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