Thursday, August 07, 2008

The business of climate change

A lot of people ask me why, if AGW is a massive fucking hoax, are businesses all coming onside? What's in it for them?

There are, of course, two parts to this answer: the first is that businesses have realised that, sooner or later, politicians are going to legislate to compel them to do so (indeed, it is already happening). Businesses, being the forward-thinking entities that they are, have reckoned that if they join in voluntarily (or even merely appear to), the legislation will be less draconian and will thus do them less damage.

The second part of the answer is contained within this article highlighted by Tom Nelson. [Emphasis mine.]
Climate change represents the biggest opportunity for global giant General Electric over the coming decades, the company's Australian and New Zealand chief executive Steve Sargent says.

"For us, we look at this (climate change) as the biggest business opportunity of the century," Mr Sargent told an American Chamber of Commerce in Australia lunch in Melbourne.

And he is not even talking about the Carbon Emissions Allowances trading which has, in the EU, enabled energy businesses to make millions (if not billions) without even having to produce anything...


Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that Gore is now worth in excess of $100 million because of his climate change business activities? I suspect this business acumen runs in Fatty's family. If you look hard enough you'd probably find an Albertus Goreano who founded Papal Indulgencies (1517) Limited and worked closely (and profitably) with Pope Leo X.

Anonymous said...

Big business will often endorse regulations that make life harder for its smaller competitors. The theory promulgated by the Left that big business is pro free market is a myth. One only has to read Gabriel Lolko's "The Triumph of Conservatism" or Butler Shaffer's "In Restraint of Trade" to see how american business in the early 20th century backed regulations because it couldn't handle competition. This is simply the modern manifestation.

Roberto Brian Sarrionandia said...

If they aren't producing anything, then they aren't making millions - they are taking millions.

Making money is such a good phrase, it shouldn't be employed to describe these methods of becoming prosperous.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I see this everywhere in my day job, basically spinning how "Product X" can "reduce your carbon footprint."


Roger Thornhill said...

What nolonger and tito say.

Carbon Trading will make the Tulip or South Sea bubble seem like fake scratch cards in comparison.

Businesses are involved also as there are fat subsidies to be had for kit that would otherwise be unsold.

Anonymous said...

There is also the marketing/PR angle to be considered. If you are "doing something" in the whacky world of AGW you have an uplifting message to send round (and equally importantly help keep the destructive lefty lunatics and moaning Pollys off your back)

Anonymous said...

Late last year British Gas were touting their Zero Carbon Gas - I kid you not, ads on the telly and everything. Zero Carbon Gas - wankers.

I, and it transpired so did 13 other people, complained to the ASA. My contention being that Gas, being an intrinsically carbon based product cannot be "Zero Carbon" and therefore the ad was misleading. The ASA agreed and the ads were pulled. HAH!

@PR Spinner - right with you there. The fucking ponytails in marketing will spin any old bullshit as long as it's "on message with the market". Wankers the lot of 'em.

haddock said...

If I were in the oil business I would be all for the global warming hype. Sell a lot less of your 'scarce' resource for a lot more money, it's got to be good business. I could sit on my arse and watch the money roll in, getting up only to dole out some more money to the scaremongers.

Anonymous said...

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.
Anatole French

cassandra said...

The AGW theory is a magnet for crooks,shysters,carpetbaggers,
conmen,confidence tricksters,snake
oil salesmen because these types can smell a money making scam a mile away! These types thrive on selling a crap/non existent product to gullible saps(public)its what they do and there are huge piles of sucker money just waiting to be hoovered up by anyone who can invent a suitable cover story!
The people involved know its a scam and they are trying to milk as much cash as possible before the free money tap is turned off, its common sense for fucks sake.
The millenium bug made many people rich, they knew full well it was a faked up scare but hey, when free money shows up in the form of suckers(public)just itching to give away their money on an expensive non remedy to a non problem then who are they to turn the cash away? You would have thought that people would have wised up because of that scam but oh no the saps are as gullible as ever, just as willing to part with their money! How many of the shysters got caught and punished over that little scam, none you say?
Remember the 'sarin nerve agent scare'? how many people bought gasmasks, how many people sold them knowing full well that sarin is a contactive poison so a gasmask would be useless? How many people bought fallout shelters etc and how many people sold such trash knowing full well how useless it would be in a real nuclear holocaust? Ever had an email from a Nigerian who needs to shift a few million out of Africa and only needs a few thousand up front and you will stand to make millions, wouldnt fall for that scam would you? well thousands have and lost everything! The windmill/solar panel makers know full well that their products are expensive and crap snake oil that can only work if massive subsidies are maintained but hey if the gullible saps(public)want to throw away their money then who are they to turn it away? Remember the 'simpsons' episode about the monorail? Its a perfect example of how gullible and trusting the public are and how easily they can be parted from their cash! Remember the internet bubble? All you had to do was set up a fake website that looked good, then sit back and watch the sucker money pour in then snatch the cash and run before anyone notices! Look in the back of magazines at all the premium phone psychic hotlines, you wouldnt fall for that would you? Well millions do!
All of these examples have always happened and always will, its fucking human nature OK?
Listen to these words'
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck common sense should tell you that maybe its a duck but oh no, come up with a fake story and watch the cash roll in!

Patrick said...


very well put....

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