Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baiting Kerry

Well, everyone's favourite MP for Bristol East is in a good mood today.
High point in the office today for me was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and throwing out lots of old crockery. I also went into town and bought some mugs. That is what recess is for.

We'll look forward to seeing those appearing on your next expenses bill then, shall we?


Anonymous said...

If only my employers would pay me a handsome wage to spend the entire fucking summer season springcleaning the house. Unfortunately my unreasonable employers expect me to actually do some work in return for paying me and expect me to clean cupbaords in my own time and at my own expense. The bastards. I want to be an MP.

Anonymous said...

And a taxi receipt for about £2,000.

Anonymous said...

"I also went into town and bought some mugs."

So another few votes for Labour next time round.

Roger Thornhill said...

"So another few votes for Labour next time round."

Brrum-tish! Ayethenkyor!

Mr Eugenides said...

I think this notice on her sidebar sums up the blogger and the party to which she belongs:

As Monica says in Friends, "rules are good, rules help control the fun!"

Fuck off.

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