Monday, July 14, 2008


Via The Ministry of Type, it seems that a bunch of people are trying to create a new accessible typeface: Serious Sans aims to take Comic Sans as a base and then improve on it.

Now that's what I call "polishing a turd."

P.S. I feel that I should point out that calling Comic Sans "a turd" is a bit... well... it's a bit like calling Gordon Brown "an incompetent, vindictive, vicious, evil monocular cuntrag".

In other words, the applied phrase is just utterly inadequate for the purposes of describing how utterly shite it really is.

P.P.S. Yes, the above postscript really was just put in for the sole purpose of having a gratuitous dig at Gordon Brown. But I've just filled my car again and, frankly, I felt like kicking our bastard Prime Minister.


Longrider said...

So why not just use gill sans or, oh, what about helvetica or verdana?

Anonymous said...

If it's from a Windows PC, people will love it and use it endlessly whether it's any good or not.

Comic Sans is indeed a turd, but so is Arial. Just a turd of a different weight, that's all.

Anonymous said...

"polishing a turd."
Isn't that already a typeface?

Can't wait to see it on a thousand badly designed posters.

Anonymous said...

Got to give them some credit though - they aim to improve on Comic Sans.

Well, let's face it: it would be pretty tough to make it any worse.

Anonymous said...


you just need to give comic sans a drop shadow, and it looks great.

MatGB said...

Oh Longrider, I wish people would. Downstairs, we have an Important Consultation Document from the local NHS trust—they're talking about merging our three local GP surgeries into one of these polyclinic things.

So they've sent us a letter, an explanation document and an attached survey. It's about 10 pages long in total, A4 double sided.

All of it, every last page, is in Comic Sans.

Every single page.

I have Opinions on this, as does Jennie—we want to complete it properly, read it all through.

But I can't read the damn thing,t eh font is so bloody awful. To be fair though, even the designer himself said it should only be used for spot text, headers at a push, it's blithering idiots who use it for actual documents. They should all be shot.

Especially the cheif exec of our local NHS trust.

Roger Thornhill said...

I suppose they used comic sans to appear friendly and "inclusive".

Anything by MS is "style sans".

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