Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Regulation? Go fuck yourselves

Via The Exile, I see that those fucking load of old cunts who rule us are attempting to regulate blogs again.
Internet users will be protected from abusive bloggers and malicious Facebook postings under proposals to set up an independent internet watchdog, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

The body, made up of industry representatives, would be responsible for drawing up guidelines that social networking sites, the blogosphere, website owners and search engines would be expected to follow.

The recommendation is one of several that the House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee is expected to make in its long-awaited report on harmful content on the internet and in video games.

Now, I think that we have already dealt with this numerous times, but I would like to sum up my reply with this very not safe for work video that I found at PigDogFucker's place.

That's right: my response is, "go fuck yourselves, you bunch of authoritarian cunts. Go fuck yourselves and then use John Prescott's mouth as a cum-bucket. Make him swallow your sperm and then watch as he throws it up again. And then all of your can eat the foetid chimaera of cum and stomach acid. You utter bastards."

I imagine that it's language like that that these twats would like to regulate, eh?

Iain Dale points out that blogs already self-regulate.
In my view, self regulation works perfectly well. I someone makes a complaint to me about an abusive comment - or something I have writen which they believe is incorrect or offensive - I look it up and then decide whether to remove it, amend it or leave it as it is. If people don't agree with my decision they don't come back to my blog. It's a simple, free market, and it works.

How on earth would this body seek to regulate avowed swear blogs or attack blogs like Devil's Kitchen?

Well, I would imagine that they would attempt to impose fines or sanctions of some sort. And then try to close The Kitchen down. Let's be quite clear here: this is not about legality or offensiveness, not really.

Blogs are governed by the same libel laws that newspapers are: that is a form of regulation. As for the idea that "internet users will be protected from abusive bloggers" it's a great pile of shit: internet users get protected from abusive bloggers by not reading the fucking blog. You don't like abuse? Fine, fuck off.

And if you find this blog offensive... well... that's free speech for you. You do not have the right not to be offended, OK?
The truth is that without a statutory base, any regulatory body which is voluntary will be toothless from the start. I cannot conceive that I would sign up to a regulatory code and I doubt many other blogs would. Because in the end, we would all ask: what possible benefit to us could there possibly be?

There will be no benefit, of course. Essentially, we will be blackmailed into signing up to a voluntary code of conduct through threats of a statutory body. But, as we all know, that statutory body will be set up anyway.

Look at the booze companies, who were also "encouraged" to sign up to a "voluntary code" and on which subject I wrote some time ago.
Still at least it's a voluntary code, eh? Rather than this fascist government legislating on it. [Emphasis mine.]
The measure was first proposed three years ago, but both sides have struggled to agree on a format.

It is not known how many drinks firms will sign up for the scheme, but ministers said if the industry did not comply, the government would introduce legislation.

Oh, what a fucking surprise! This government does love its legislation, doesn't it? Is it because they are a bunch of fucking authoritarian cunts with absolutely no sense of proportion and only their puritanical instincts to guide them in how to make everybody's lives that little bit more miserable. Fuck, I hate them.

And just last week, we saw this story.
Ministers have told the drinks industry to act more responsibly or face new laws governing alcohol sales.

Doctors said drinking levels were now a major health concern.

But public health minister for England Dawn Primarolo preferred to focus on the role of industry, saying the response to the voluntary code - parts of which were introduced in 1998 - was "disappointing".

"The evidence clearly makes this the right time to consult on a far tougher approach to the alcohol industry.

As sure as eggs is eggs, the voluntary code will cease to be voluntary and it will become statutory. And then we can start looking at that piece again...
Ministers have told blogs to act more responsibly or face new laws governing blogging.

Well, I'll still say "fuck you" even as The Kitchen is closed down. Make no mistake, this is about sparing the blushes of our government; not only that, it's about blogs doing the media's job and actually finding out facts and throwing them back in the government's face. It is about stifling dissent.

And who, I wonder will desert the ranks of the poachers in order to join the gamekeepers?
Gosh, that’s interesting, don’t you think? Looks at how they define the industry…..blogs are apparently one of the four components.

Anyone want to take the other side of a bet that one quarter of those being paid (for of course, expenses and a per diem will obviously be paid) will be bloggers?

No, I didn’t think so.

So they can bugger off then can’t they?

For this is self-regulation….which means that some of the selves being regulated need to be doing the regulation, no?

Quite. Fuck them, fuck them right in the fucking ear.


david cameron's forehead said...

It's not often that I'll agree with you, but this is such an occasion.

I've never understood why cunts like the Daily Mail and the religious fuckers talk about swearing and sex being "immoral" and "offensive", when what is really immoral is the kind of abuses of power that go on every day, and what is really offensive to me is the fucking cabbages that sit around taking whatever the government gives them. They deserve to live in a totalitarian state, but I for one will not suffer for their stupidity.

It takes a certain kind of person to be offended by swearbloggers but think what Blair, Brown and the rest of them do merits only a shrug of the shoulders.

Blogging has changed comment for the better, and we should all unite to defend the advances we have made. I see no left and right, only bloggers.

DC said...

DK - great post - whilst the libertarian within me agree with posting the FDNSFW link I do wish you'd put a slightly stronger warning on it!

Obnoxio The Clown said...

FUCKING CUNTS! Fuck the busybodied cuntwafts into a fucking cocked hat!

The only reason these motherfucking cocktrumpets are bitching is because blogging highlights what thieving scum they are.

Fuck them all!

TheFatBigot said...

The Commons debate could be fun: "Minister, please give an example of the sort of blog you wish to see banned."

You will be there at the top of the list, Mr Kitchen, causing your readership to swell and the demand for advertising slots on your page to rocket. Within a week Coca Cola and Pepsi will be in all-out war for the rights to a square inch or so and you will be rich beyond the wildest dreams of avarice (whoever she may be).

The Minister will then seek to close you down, only to find Coke/Pepsi threatening litigation if the advertising space for which they have paid millions is denied them. The chance of having their advertising budgets underwritten by the British taxpayer will cause all other major companies in the world to sign 5 year deals with bloggers at a price for which you could buy Manchester United 7 times over. We will all be rich.

The Minister will look even more moronic than today and will ask McBroon for permission to abandon the proposal. By this time all his other policies will be sitting in a deep urinal along with his record as Chancellor and he will have just this one single policy still alive. He will hold on to it with the same pointless grim determination with which he holds onto the office for which he so deeply unsuited.

You will be interviewed left right and centre at £327.32 per minute and the rest of us will be bitter. Your closest friends will denounce your greed, we will all abandon you and you will have no readers. But you will still have the Coke/Pepsi money and they will launch a private prosecution against McBroon for misfeasance in public office thereby forcing his resignation.

Prime Minister Harperson will announce a Royal Pardon for McBroon but will not bother asking the Queen first. Her Maj will refuse to sign the Pardon, saying "Fuck you Harperson, you fishy-smelling bint. Fuck you right in the arse with a large courgette." Harperson will plan an overthrow of the monarchy over a vegetarian pasta bake shared with a dozen other lard-arsed moustachioed lefty crones and the country will be in turmoil.

And all, Mr Kitchen, because you are so rude.

Three cheers for rudeness, say I.

Ken said...

His Satanic Majesty may like to know that they are now after the likes of YouTube as well. It's all for our own good, of course.

I have just blogged about it, if anyone cares. I sometimes feel that nobody does.

RobW said...

I saw police cars rushing to Westminster this morning. I do hope it's good news. I haven't checked the BBC yet. But here goes...

johnny nunsuch said...

The NAZI state advances fucking control freaks can just fuck right off... please, there is that polite enough

King of Scurf said...

Pissing on hard-earned rights such as free speech via the rather innocuous sounding "House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee" is a pretty typical piece of back-door shafting they hope will go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Time for somebody to do the thing again I think

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