Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A note to all UKIP London members

There is a fine upstanding gentleman who wishes to become one of your MEPs: his name is Tim Worstall. Tim has been one of my main blogging inspirations and has a talent for summing up complicated concepts in pithy prose. He has also been one of those who has helped me to clarify what it is that I believe in and, indeed, introduced me to the term "classical liberal".

He would be a superb MEP for UKIP being, as he is, not only a EU-sceptic, but an EU-nihilist; that is to say, he believes that it should not exist at all. As it does, however, he believes that we should not be a part of said political institution. His opposition to the EU is based on sound principles of economics and of legality and of sovereignty.

Tim is also a very nice man, offering to take your humble Devil (whom, at the time, he had never met) into his own home in order to allow him a short holiday from the stresses and strains of my life at the time. He also brings me cheap cigarettes and alcohol.

Tim has posted a full resumé over at his place and, if you are a UKIP London member, I urge you to vote for him in the upcoming UKIP London Region MEP selection process.


Old Holborn said...

Nice "rural retreat" he has for himself in EU Portugal.

Did you enjoy your stay there?

Devil's Kitchen said...

No. He was still living in Lisbon when I stayed with him.

And yes, it was very relaxing, thanks; it restored my sanity at a time when I was, to say the least, holding onto it by a very thin thread.


Shug Niggurath said...

Well give him my good wishes in his campaign, at the very least he seems a breath of fresh air from the usual scumsucking toerags who put themselves furrit for election!

Anonymous said...

We can get more than one MEP in London and Tim would make a fine addition to the team including Gerard

Roger Thornhill said...

It is almost worth joining UKIP so I could vote for him.

Jock Coats said...

Being in the South East Euro-gulag it's academic to me, but this just highlights the stupidity of the closed list system. I doubt I would vote for a UKIP slate, ever, but given the chance would probably vote for Tim by name standing as a UKIPper. But the closed list would not allow me to do that.

Anonymous said...

"He also brings me cheap cigarettes and alcohol."

Oooh, you mean he brings stuff into the UK which is not for his own personal use.


Let's hope HMRC don't read your blog, eh?

Anonymous said...


Let's hope HMRC don't read your blog, eh?"

If HMRC were at all bothered with that kind of penny-ante stuff, they'd just send a few investigators to the nearest local boot sale. Job done.

But I suspect they've got bigger fish to fry...

Tim Worstall said...

"Oooh, you mean he brings stuff into the UK which is not for his own personal use."

You are in fact allowed to bring in things which are not for your own personal use you know. Or an alternative view of it, a bottle and a carton for a friend are "personal use".

It's bringing things in for commercial resale that is not allowed.

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