Saturday, July 19, 2008

Murphy's Law #8: Naomi Klein and Richard Murphy...

Turd Sandwich [left] and LRF Naomi Klein [right] (I thought that I had better label them, since Murphy looks and writes like some silly old woman and I thought that you might get confused).

... should marry and then throw themselves off a cliff in a suicide pact that would really benefit society. And what's brought this on, eh?

Well, Timmy quotes a review of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine.
I managed to get through the first part of this load of tripe and was actually quite enjoying it until my wife told me it wasn’t satire.

It's actually a very lovely review—well-written, precisely argued and it most enjoyably rips Ms Klein a new arsehole—but I would like to highlight this bit in particular. [Emphasis mine.]
Finally, there is the central role that Klein imputes to her villain [Milton] Friedman, both in this one glorious passage and throughout her book. In her telling, he is the intellectual guru of the shock doctrine, whose minions have carried out his corporatist agenda from Santiago to Baghdad. Klein calls the neocon movement "Friedmanite to the core," and identifies the Iraq war as a "careful and faithful application of unrestrained Chicago School ideology" over which Friedman presided. What she does not mention--not once, not anywhere, in her book--is that Friedman argued against the Iraq war from the beginning, calling it an act of "aggression."

It ought to be morbidly embarrassing for a writer to discover that the central character of her narrative turns out to oppose what she identifies as the apotheosis of his own movement. And Klein's mistake exposes the deeper flaw of her thesis. Friedman opposed the war because he was a libertarian, and libertarian conservatism is not the same thing as neoconservatism. Nor are the interests of corporations always, or even usually, served by war.

Quite. Does Ms Klein's fundamental misunderstanding (or wilful ignorance) of libertarian philosophy remind you of anyone? A pusillanimous, sanctimonious, Socialist cunt of a tax adviser perhaps?
He moved out of the political mainstream and into the Neo-Con, libertarian hinterlands.

Of course, when challenged on this issue (not least by myself), Richard "what a cunt" Murphy was dismissive. Apart from the bit wherein he equates libertarians with racist neo-Nazis, of course. [Emphasis mine.]
I note that the Far Right blog community are very upset with me tonight and are visiting this site in droves.

The want to defend their friends in the Tax Payer’s Alliance, about whom I have written.

We all—including Richard "turd sandwich" Murphy—know the connotations of the phrase "Far Right"; libertarians are not racist neo-Nazis and nor are the Taxpayer's Alliance. If anyone gave a crap about Turd Sandwich, one might say that that comment was, in fact, actionable.
It seems they’re incredibly upset that I lumped some of them (the libertarians) with the Neo-Cons. The anguish is loud and long! How could I do such a thing?

Ignorance? Stupidity?
The answer is simple. I care as little about the difference between these groups as I do about the difference between the Socialist Worker’s Party and the Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Not really, Richard; there are a load pretty fucking massive differences between the corporatist, racist Nazis, the expansionist neo-Conservatives, the smaller state, broadly conservative TPA and radical minarchist libertarians governed by a rule of non-aggression that forms one of the most crucial cornerstones of libertarianism philosophy.
Put simply, the far Right, the Tax Payer’s Alliance and the far Left are all irrelevant to the needs of the people of this country.

Of course, Richard. Only you know what the needs of the people of this country are, eh? Let's see what your qualifications are for stating that, shall we?
Unlike the TPA, the TJN works in the real world. We talk to real politicians, from the Conservatives, Lib Dems and across the Labour perspective. We do not deal outside the limits of credibility.

I'm so glad that you talk to real politicians, Richard, rather than those fake ones. But how you conclude that talking to politicians allows you to say that your organisation "works in the real world" and that you "do not deal outside the limits of credibility" is beyond me. If there is one bunch of arseholes in this country which does not work "in the real world", it is that of politicians.

The real world experience of politicians is confined to working out by how much they are going to have to raise taxes this year and then ensuring that the rise in their salaries and unscrutinised expenses is considerably more than that amount (plus inflation).

So, Naomi Klein and Turd Sandwich: an ideological match made in hell. So, let them get together, make sweet, Socialist lurve just the once, and then throw themselves off Beachy Head so that they may burn in Hell for evermore.

What a couple of cunts they are...

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Richard Murphy: what a genius! What a shitehawk! What an utter, utter cunt...


Anonymous said...

This Richard Murphy twat must have been dropped on his head as a child.Any other explanation for spouting such drivel doesn't work.

TheFatBigot said...

As a relative newcomer to your abode, Mr Kitchen, I have not encountered the wisdom of Mr Murphy before.

My poor heart has attacked me once and I don't fancy a repeat dose of that, so it will be necessary to avoid this fool in future. I'm still reeling from his idea of tax being a licence to operate a business. Words fail me, they really do.

Graeme said...

I am an accountant by profession. I did hard exams. I missed watching Fergie's wedding because I had to attend a course on Capital Gains Tax - just to show how hard my life has been. I have recently become aware of a self-styled accountant called Richard Murphy. It is obvious that he is a twat-witted cunt of an imposter. Eberything he says is so completely stupid that it makes Tony benn, or John p[rescott or Ed Balls or Cyclops Brown seem brain-celled. he makes incredibly stupid posts on a web-site of which he is inordinately proud. If you question him about these posts, you are deleted. Or else you get one of his sanctimonious, pompous, patronising replies, in which it is obvious that nothing is going through his mind. His mind is the vacuum that nature abhors.


I was senior partner of a firm of chartered accountants for 15 years.

The correct amount of tax was always my aim. My clients knew and appreciated that fact.

They could sleep at night as a result.

In terms of profit contribution that was significant.

I'd recommend it to any business and any practitioner. It's a highly rewarding approach.

Seeking to beat the law is not.


This idiot maintains that he knew the correct amount of tax that his clients should pay.

This idiot maintains that his clients benefited because of this.

This idiot maintains that his clients were happy as a result.

My view is that Richard murphy wrote the scripts for Norman Wisdom. I bet he is not even a qualified accountant.


Anonymous said...

Klein has now written a rebuttal to her critics (mainly TNR and Cato).

Anonymous said...

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Joe said...

Murphy's operation is funded in a roundabout way by government and is composed of people who have the most to prefessionally gain by an expansion of the complexity of the tax system - tax accountants and tax attorneys.

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