Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Margaret Curran: pathological liar

Is this man a 93 year old war hero who "fought with the Desert Rats in World War II and was treated in hospital for shrapnel wounds"? Or is he, in fact, nothing of the sort? Go on, have a guess...

Guido is right, this is pretty fucking desperate—but then, so are NuLabour.
This picture is taken from Labour's election propaganda (see also here). The by-election candidate Margaret Curran says

Some of the people that I have met out and about over the past 9 years as a local MSP have been absolutely inspirational. Today I met a man who was up there with the very best that the East End has to offer.
Mr McGuiness is a 93 year old—who looks not a day past 70, by the way—living in a sheltered housing complex that I went to visit today.

Mr McGuiness fought with the Desert Rats in World War II and was treated in hospital for shrapnel wounds. He also fought in Yugoslavia with the partisans against the German occupation.

He reminded me of all the sacrifices our older generation made so that we can enjoy freedom today. I hope every single voter in the East End uses their hard-fought right to vote on July 24th.

Having met Mr McGuiness today, I am reminded we owe it to people like him to use our democratic right to vote.

What more could you ask for? A smiling endorsement with the candidate from a proud medal holder and old war hero who fought for democracy. Vote Labour!

Mr McGuinness looks in good shape for 93. He looks more like 67. With good reason, he is 67. He was 4 years old when the war ended. The picture above is of the Labour activist John McGuinness who nominated Margaret Curran on her ballot papers. A lifelong Labour activist whom Downing Street got an MBE as a reward.

It's this sort of shameless lying that all our politicians are so adept at, though NuLabour seem to have elevated it to new heights.

Oh, and if you are unaware of the fragrant Margaret Curran, the blonde harridan standing for Labour in Glasgow East, the poor little Greek boy has done a neat little character sketch.
Margaret Curran is not a familiar face south of the border, and count yourselves lucky; imagine a cross between Helen Liddell and a hefty kick square in the nuts, only not as much fun. She becomes shadow Minister for the nation's Health and Wellbeing, and could instantly improve both by setting fire to herself on the Royal Mile before walking out in front of traffic.

Actually, my Athenian friend really isn't a fan: he obviously doesn't regard La Curran as a latter-day Wendy, that's for sure.
I'm not too sad about that; yes, I would have liked la Curran to lead Scottish Labour to electoral limbo, but sending her to Westminster at least gets her off my fucking TV screen. Given the inchoate fury she arouses every time I hear her screeching, nasal whine on Newsnight, the spiralling blood pressure at the very sight of her Gorgon's face, my general wellbeing will be much improved for her leaving the cut and thrust of Holyrood for a seat on the Government backbenches. I wouldn't be surprised if she secures a minor bag-carrying job at the next reshuffle; not through merit, clearly (ha!), but be

Mind you, anyone who has read the entries of the impecunious Greek with any regularity will not be surprised at Guido's story, for they will be aware that this is not the first time that La Curran has told a porkie or two during this by-election. In fact, La Curran told a big, fat, stinking lie on her very first outing as a candidate.
What's this in the Herald?
Margaret Curran, Labour's candidate in the Glasgow East by-election, was yesterday forced to clarify a claim she had lived in the east end "all my life" after it emerged she has lived in an affluent part of the south side of the city for the past 20 years.

The Glasgow Baillieston MSP angrily denied allegations that she had misled voters, although an aide later conceded she may have made a "slip of the tongue".

During her first public outing as an official candidate in Shettleston on Tuesday, Ms Curran said: "I have worked in the east end all my life. I have lived in the east end all my life."

However, she claimed that this meant she had "either" lived or worked in the east end.

The first example is an important lie, because it will leave millions of people worse off - again - at a time when many are struggling to pay bills. The second, by contrast, is a piddling, childish little falsehood. But they are both symptomatic of a wider malaise; the belief that they can simply tell us anything and get away with it.

When will people cotton on to the fact that these people are liars? That untruth is the default position?

Those who read our rantings will have been aware of this: but given that even I am occasionally taken aback by the sheer brass-neck of these mendacious bastards, I doubt that the general public will be as fully informed. And perhaps we should not tell them; it would be like telling a small child that not only does Santa Claus not exist, but there are no presents this year and, by the way, the Easter Bunny's a cunt.

For many, I suspect that the level to which these politicos will lie in order to hold onto power will come as something of a rude awakening—a bit like opening your eyes after a good night's sleep to find John Prescott squatting over you, his trousers around his ankles, farting into your face.

Guido points out, here is the real war hero. He is a man named John Hipson.

As Guido also points out, La Curran was evidently so very pleased, proud and privileged to meet Mr Hipson that she couldn't remember either his name or what he looked like. Which is, I think you'll agree, really rather sad. Still, never mind, Margaret: better luck next time, eh?

On the other hand, La Curran is right in one respect...
Having met Mr Hipson today, I am reminded we owe it to people like him to use our democratic right to vote.

However, I would point out that if you believe in the values of freedom and liberty—the right to a fair trial, innocent until proven guilty, habeas corpus and suchlike—that Mr Hipson fought for, then you should vote: just don't vote for the corrupt, authoritarian, morally bankrupt NuLabour. If you wish to honour Mr Hipson, don't vote for La Curran, for she represents all that he fought against.

UPDATE 2: if I were in any way charitably disposed towards La Curran, I would, of course, have outlined what I thought was probably the most likely explanation: that is, that someone who didn't know who the photos were of, simply made a mistake on the updating of the site.

And sure enough, a source has emailed me that...
... apparently she's learned the hard way that it never a good idea to leave the office junior with a bunch of general guff about meeting a war hero and a memory stick with a few photos on and let them update the campaign website on their own initiative.

Basically, some young twat of a party worker got given a rough outline of what Curran wanted and was handed a memory stick with a load of photos on and decided that the article must have been about McGuinness because he was only old codger pictured with a medal.

Yes, it really is that fucking stupid, although you should know better than to suggest it was a deliberate act of passing off as that implies a wholly unmerited measure of competence.

Quite so. I hang my head in shame because, actually, as someone who has had to put billions of photos into print brochures over the years, the idiot with the pen-drive solution had occurred to me.

I guess that I am just jaundiced in my view of politicians. I wonder why...


Old Holborn said...

Labour simply has too many clients in Glasgow East.

They could put a can of Tennetts Super up for election and would increase their vote.

What could really, really damage her is a link to any English ancestory she may have, plantagenet schooling perhaps, or a penchant for abortion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you need to use that last image? Now I'm going to have to wash myself thoroughly.

The Nameless Libertarian said...

What a fucking twat that woman is.

Still, I hope she gets elected. After all, the house of commons is a natural habitat for a total fucking twat.

Anonymous said...

Never, ever, ever underestimate the depths to which Labour party members (in any capacity) can and will stoop in west central Scotland. Labour has had complete control over the area for such a long time that it's become more akin to a medieval fiefdom than anything else.

silas said...

"a bit like opening your eyes after a good night's sleep to find John Prescott squatting over you, his trousers around his ankles, farting into your face."

Thanks for that. I now feel quite sick.

Oh, and handily just in time for the Glasgow East vote, Labour have announced that they've "postponed" the 2p rise in fuel duty.

Anonymous said...

A 93 yr old man from Glasgow who looks as young as that? He should go into hiding, he is obviously such a medical freak that the CIA will want to cut him open to find out his secrets. Actually, judging by the look of him, I reckon he is 45.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy must have been on ten years younger. Not a bad job?

Guthrum said...

Jesus H Christ ! They really do not care anymore, just taking the piss all the time.

Old Holborn said...

The BNP have nicked it from Guido and are claiming an exclusive

Anonymous said...

Perhaps being 67 equates to being 93 in Glaswegian years.

Anonymous said...

Totally trivial story. Why does guido and the devils kitchen not pay attention to the fact that the SNP candidate bullied a fellow snp member SNP MSP dorothy grace elder out of the party.
Curran is good woman. Why are you bullying her with BS terms like haridon. You lost are sexist pigs.
Or is bullying not an important issue to you lot.
Read this link

Anonymous said...

Read this link that snp candidate bullied a snp mps out of the party.

Anonymous said...

How the heck would she know if he was a war veteran. She is not from the seat. If he said he was she had to believe him. What is this mind reading.
Fact is she did nothing wrong he did. But you lot start claming she is hardon ior a witch the momment this happens. What disgrace sexist pigs.
Fact ONW Curran did not know this was the case. SHE DID NOT LIE

Anonymous said...

dirty euro:

Suggest you take a dose of the Lithium .....

Anonymous said...

How the heck do you regard this as a major story. So lets just get this straight.
Some old codger claims he fought in ww2. She took him at face value, and said she admires www2 heroes. Well don't we all. Eh did she fucking employ him as a deputy major nope.
How the fuck is she supposed to know who he is. She was not his fucking fuck buddy. It does not matter if he signed her papers. I once signed the papers for someone to be a labour party candidate I did not know the guy that well and he did not know me that well. OK i knew who he was but for all he knew I could have been a serial rapist. This is not a story it is non story. It is BNP BUll shit.
Plese devils kitchen publish the real story that the snp candidate bullied dorothy grace elder out his party. That was him not someone who signed his papers.

Anonymous said...

Please someone explain to me how is that is a major story. Someone who signed her papers lied so that makes her a harrdion. What pile of sexist crap.

Anonymous said...

Hi this is the tory leader here I have just come to your seat and would like to tell you all that you that you are all fat and ugly lay abouts, you are all work shy fat slobs who need a good kick up the butt. You people are scum. Vote for me. I think youre scum.
Excuse me I am off to my multi million pound mansions. fuck you slobs. I am not staying here for long i might catch something.

silas said...

Okay, I think the confusion is this DES, the picture is of George McGuinness with his MBE for services to politics.

The guy in the picture is NOT the 93 year old referred to in the story. The 93 year old is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON who is actually called John Hipson.

The story has now been amended on her website to refer to John Hipson.

The original combination of picture and story does give the impression that the person in the picture is the 93 year old. That was misleading at best, duplicitous at worst.

Using the incorrect name for the 93 year old ex-soldier was also quite stupid, and seems to suggest Curran is happy to use the story for political point scoring without actually giving a shit for him.

If a male politician/wannabe had done this, I would expect them to also be called on it. As such, I don't see how this can be classed as sexism.

Oh, and DES, well done for not calling everyone Nazi paedos this time.

Anonymous said...

It is nothing to do with her being a woman that this story is trivial. She has piles of sexist abuse. People on this website are calling her harridon. How the heck is that not sexism. What the fuck does someone have to do ion this website before they are sexist pig. The SNP candidate bullied an old lady out of his party, why does devils kitchen and guido not report on that Why Why Why Why Why?.
But BNP pricks have sold a bull shit story with no basis to guido and the devils kitchen a fake story. Devils kitchen You should tell them to fuck off. That is even more trivial than first seemed. How the heck is this a story in anyway. It is bizzare.
So basically the story is now shochkhorror labour candidate poses with man who won MBE. LOL Wow What shame this bring to the party.

Me said...

Dirty European Socialist, how is your boycott of right wing blogs going? Not very well it would seem.

Now fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Evil clanger now fuck off yourself.
The boyocott is 95% in action execpt in times of pointing out errors.

Unknown said...

'The boyocott is 95% in action execpt in times of pointing out errors.' you think that right wing blogs are about 95% correct.

My, my DES...what a turnaround for your political beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Des you wouldn't know what an error was even if you tripped over it, why not get back to the Guardian or have you been banned.

Devil's Kitchen said...


You cock-sucking chimp-cum recepticle...

"People on this website are calling her harridon. How the heck is that not sexism."

Let's have a look at "harridan", shall we?

"A woman regarded as scolding and vicious."

A harridan can only apply to a woman; La Curran is, as far as we know, a woman so this is not sexist, merely apposite. You dozy cunt.

If I had said, "Margaret Curran, like all women, is a dozy cunt and a lying whore-harridan" then that would have been sexist.

Or even if I had said, "I don't know anything about Margaret Curran but I'll assume, because she is a woman, that she is a thick as shit, lying cum-slut" then that, too, would have been sexist.

Calling La Curran "a harridan" is not, however, sexist. You fucktaculous moron.

"The SNP candidate bullied an old lady out of his party, why does devils kitchen and guido not report on that Why Why Why Why Why?."

Because I don't give two cunts about the SNP, fuck face.

"But BNP pricks have sold a bull shit story with no basis to guido and the devils kitchen a fake story. Devils kitchen You should tell them to fuck off."

No one sold me this story: no one tells me what to write about. Whereas you write only what the voices tell you to, eh, DES? You fucking barking mad cock-knocker, you.

"So basically the story is now shochkhorror labour candidate poses with man who won MBE."

More like "Labour candidate poses with 67 year old election agent and labour activist and then deliberately uses his name and juxtaposes the story to make it look like she was posing with someone who got a medal for bravery rather than someone who spent his whole time shoving his tongue up the Labour leadership's collective arsehole to get an MBE."

Oh, and whilst we are about it, DES, fuck off. You are clogging up my nice comments section. You rancid-old-cunt faced loony lithium-jockey.


Anonymous said...

I demand the devils kitchen and guido apologise now to the war hero, and to the labour party official they have given the impression that an MBE winning guy is a fake nutter who claims to have won war medals. When he did no such thing. He was merely showing off his proud MBE medal.
I am repulican but most of these mbe winners are normally hard working people.

The war veteran it seems is a real guy so to claim he does not exist is deeply offensive. The guy risked his life fighting for us against the naizs and you claim he is made up figure.

I was misslead by devils kitchen a and guido. It is not devils kitchen fault. Devils kitchen is in the same postion as me someone who was misslead. But a simple corrwection wshould suiffice. Guido as amahor player in scandal raking industry should apologise now. He has insulted the name of a great war hero. I demand an apology from guido now. This os not some cheap MP. He has insulted a MBE winner and worst of all great war hero with fake claims about them. It makes my blood boil. Gudio is the fake. Boycott guido blog until he apologises to the war hero.

Snowolf said...

Multiple personalities, DES?

I take it you are also 'Fred', the individual who writes in a similar, barely literate style as you, and just happens to post a minute after you?

Is there nothing you Trots will not do to manipulate, dissemble and mislead?

I will agree with you on one point though, DES. The SNP are a bunch of hypocritical arse-clowns as well, vote at 16/can't buy alcohol until 21, we want a referendum on independence/but not just now.

silas said...

DES, I shall explain this again slowly. Although I see DK has done most of this while I've been composing this comment.

The picture is of a man who won an MBE. The story was about an ex-soldier Curran had met. Except that the name in the story was the name of the man in the photo, even though the two were unrelated. While this may be just stupidity, it comes across as crassness: political point scoring without a regard for the people she has apparently talked to.

The fact that you have misunderstood the "story" is your own fault. Either learn to read properly or shut up.

With regard to Dorothy Grace-Elder's resignation, it took place in 2002, and at the time she didn't mention Mr Mason as being one of the reasons, see here for more details. If I gave a fuck, I would be digging for more information. As it's not in England, I won't bother.

Harridan, as has been pointed out, is a vicious scolding woman. Although as you appear to be dyslexic, let me tell you that it does not mean she is someone made of thick liquid who does a lighter version of welding.

silas said...

Also, one more thing DES, what the fuck part of Guido's story has got you demanding an apology of him?

Guido has pointed out that Curran has used the 93 year old ex-soldiers story, but failed to remember his name correctly. It is Curran who has insulted John Hipson, not Guido.

George McGuinness MBE has been aged from 67 to 93 by Curran, not Guido. It is Curran who should apologise to McGuinness, not Guido.

Oh, and fuck off.

Old Holborn said...


You cannot believe how rich I am.

That is all


Anonymous said...

Silas you talk BS Guido has claimed a war hero did not exist any honourable man would apologise. Maybe I held guido in too high esteme I apologise. He obviously has no sense of honour.
Now compaere this forgetting that a man exists even though she did visit him. compare that to actually claiming the guy is a figment of someone's imagination which is what guido claimed. I demand an apology. So should you. If Guido has any honour he should make a big apology, as big as the story he made up, he would go back up in my estimation if he did.
The labour party politican can take this BS, I am sure but a 90+ year old war vet deserves total 110% respect end of. I demand fucking apology. If it is not dodne then i am sure we will see guido as a sniveelling coward who does not even have the guts to aplogise to an old man. I cannot believe even guido would stoop that low. I am sure if we ask him to he will make a public apology, and we will repsect him for that.

silas said...

DES, show me where EXACTLY Guido says that John Hipson doesn't exist. I doubt you can, so don't accuse me of talking shit.

Let's start at the top of the posting, shall we?

>>Glasgow East Labour Fakes "93 Year Old War Hero" endorsement<<

The picture shows Curran with someone else, who was showing off his MBE. This isn't John Hipson, but is being used to suggest it is. That is fakery, done by Curran, not Guido.

The indented block quote is from Curran's website. Not Guido.

The next block of text doesn't claim Mr Hipson is a fake.

The next block of text doesn't claim Mr Hipson is a fake either. It also says who the person in the photo actually is and how old they are.

The (original) final line asked if the reader would actually know that the person in the photograph wasn't the person mentioned in Curran's accompanying text, and whether this was deliberate.

If you have managed to infer from this that Guido doesn't think Mr Hipson exists, then you are a fucktard of the highest order.

If, as many have done, think that Curran is a disingenuous fucker who has used the comments of Mr Hipson as some sort of political endorsement, then failed to remember his name, then you would be better served with abusing Ms Curran, rather than shooting the messenger.

I suspect you may be being deliberately stupid and argumentative though, in which case, fuck off.

Me said...

So she went to visit a bloke who fought in the war in a sheltered housing complex - big fucking deal. What did she say to him? "Sorry mate but we are so fucking shite at running things that after 11 years of running the country and decades of representing this constituency it is still quite possibly the worst place to live in the Northern Hemisphere and quite frankly you must be suffering the advanced stages of CJD just to be able to stomach living here."

Anonymous said...

Fucking heck it weas the tories that wrecked the city. You arrogant wankers. It was Thatcher that shut the steel, coal, ship building she crapped all over the city, and then asked us to pay for it. And then you fuckers think we should says thanks. Fuck you nazi tories. you lot are like nazis standing for election to knesset. This is not fucking surrey we go fucked all over by Thatcher and we say fuck the bitch.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Oh, hi Anon (or should that be DES?),

"It was Thatcher that shut the steel, coal, ship building she crapped all over the city, and then asked us to pay for it."

No. She.

Didn't. What she did was to stop using our (that is, taxpayers') money to prop up unprofitable industries, many of whose members were additionally attempting to play politics (and had been successfully doing so for the previous twenty years).

The steel yards were additionally hit by our membership of the EU, which insisted that all defence projects were tendered to all EU companies.

And, oddly, much of the rest of Scotland seems to have spent the last twenty years adapting quite nicely to the change, thank you very much. Believe it or not, working down the fucking mines was never actually terribly pleasant: in any other country, people would be happy that they didn't have to do it anymore.

Believe me, if the Scots had the first fucking clue about history, they would be a lot better off. Can you say "Darien Scheme"?

Oh, and last time I looked, Thatcher had retired from politics. You tit.

Just keep on voting Labour and keep on getting shafted: the sooner we jestison your whining arses, the better I'll be happy.


Anonymous said...

The more I read DES the more he sounds to me like someone who was once articulate and successful but has suffered some kind of serious brain trauma

silas said...

Anon/DES at 2.52, I think you'll find the majority of the shipyards in Glasgow had closed in the 1960s.

The docks closed mainly due to the introduction of containerised transport.

The coal industry was running at a loss throughout the 1970s. The Labour Government were effectively subsidising it. If you want to blame anyone for the coal industry closing down, blame Scargill.

The steel industry was undercut by cheaper manufacturers abroad. If you think Glasgow was fucked, try Sheffield.

And I despise Thatcher, having had the misfortune of growing up in Newcastle while she was PM, so don't come on here accusing me of being a Tory you fucking prick.

Me said...

DES, why haven't you got comments enabled on your blog, dear?

Anonymous said...

DES, have mummy and daddy gone to work and left you all alone during the holidays?

What's your address? I'll ask the nice social worker lady to drop by tomorrow. Now be a good boy and go back to your Xbox.

Anonymous said...

silas You are fuckqitt who does nothing but shag a blow up doll of thatcher everday.

7/16/2008 03:04:00 PM Fuck you paedo. I have never been articulate. I have a male brain. Men are not supposed to be articulate we are supposed to have great strategic brains, which is what I have.

Devil's Kitchen There is noting wrong subisding work to keep people in work. It is better than your extreme idea of the free market which just leaves the rich OK.

We know all about history. That is why we hate the tories. What does the Darien scheme have to do with this?

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Men are not supposed to be articulate we are supposed to have great strategic brains, which is what I have."

No, you see, you're thinking of "the mentally deficient." I am male and, whilst having a strategic brain, am also quite extraordinarily articulate. That is because I am not, unlike you, mentally sub-normal.

"There is noting wrong subisding work to keep people in work."

Oh, really? In that case, we can drop all of these forced subsidies and people will happily, voluntarily subsidise you lazy feckless bastards, yeah? That's right, isn't it?

Because we all love having to work harder for longer hours in order to ensure that you can have a job producing shit that no one wants to buy, yeah?

Fuck you, you dipshit.


P.S. The Darien Scheme was what led to the Act of Union. It bankrupted Scotland, i.e. the last time Scotland was independent, it was a miserable fucking failure. The Scots were grubbing around in the mud and then they put themselves in hock to the English. We paid off your debts and have been doing so ever since.

Anonymous said...


You seem to be confusing 'great strategic brains' with 'care in the community'. Two completely different things. Ask anyone.

cassandra said...

This two faced lying old hag bears more than a passing resemblance to another two faced lying old hag from the Crewe&Nantwich election dont you think?
I mean they both lied about their working class credentials and both used dishonest and misleading election material?
I very much see the same hag faced and nasty leer on both of their smug faces and I very much hope that this nasty champagne socialist goes down the pan into a well deserved obscurity like the other nasty lying bastard(what was its name)that lost at Crewe!

Old Holborn said...


Would you like some fois gras? It's very, very good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dinky Euro Soapopera. Fit like, pal?

Men are not supposed to be articulate we are supposed to have great strategic brains, which is what I have.

No, what you have is an extreme case of Tourette's, compounded by paranoia and an aversion to reality, tending towards schizophrenia. Also a hair-trigger temper, all probably brought on by the Thorium emitted from all that granite.

There is noting wrong subisding work to keep people in work.

You really believe that, don't you? Everyone should be subsidised to work in failing industies. So who pays the subsidies, when every industry is working at a loss and you've eradicated all the rich and the innovative from your utopian dream world? These same rich and innovative who set up the successful industries your politics will tax to death?

Do you know what happens to a tapeworm when its host dies? It dies too, surrounded by shit. That's what Socialism is heading for.

We know all about history. That is why we hate the tories.

The Tories have no chance of winning in Glasgow East. You're banging your head on the wrong wall, I'm afraid. You need to sling your insults at Al the Oily Fish this time.

I'm sure he'll laugh just as hard as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Fellows, if DES isn't a parody/curious piece of performance art then I'll eat right through my hat and into my brains.


Anonymous said...

I've got to admit this is some funny shit, best read in years.

Bye Bye Labour, Labour Bye Bye...

Now what was the name of that group?

Anonymous said...

What the hell would some retard who loves the corrupt , undemocratic, EU know about what TRUE PATRIOTS should do anyway?

Jay said...

Those photos are crying out for a caption competition...

Anonymous said...

Devil's Kitchen What a pile of crap. The fact is scotland is now subsidising you lot with the oil money but you are stupid to work that out. Have you seen the oil price. Be fucking grateful for that instead of supporting nazi evil lies. If you are articulate then you have a female brain end of fucking story. Whether you like it or not it does not matter how intelligent you are. I have an IQ of 120 and postgrad quals. Yet I still struglle with social skills like almost all men with male brains do. You do not because you do not have man's brain, now get back to making tea and scones with the girlie men.

Sam Eh! no it is called in index finger ratio theory. not care in the community as moron like you wants to put down real men like me.

Old Holborn What is faux grass, something you rub up your buttocks, when banging a sheep.

leg-iron Nope subsidies are needed your free market extremism is just animalistic bull shit. If you do not support subsidies then does that mean no army, no police force no fire service, no edcuation for the poor and no pensions the old die in agony, thanks so in other words a policy of evil. That was hero would be dead under your evil morality.

7/16/2008 08:28:00 Fuck you low IQ nazi scum.

Anonymous said...

Fuck of DES.

It's truly liberating to have a blog where you can say what you feel, rather than the moderated crap that Maguire's offering provides.

Oh, DES, they missed the decimal point in your IQ - it's actually 12; and a GNVQ in saying "Do you want fries with that" isn't really a post-grad qualification.

Now you complete and utter bastard, fuck off to somewhere where someone actually bothers to read your complete bullshit. Communist wanker.

Anonymous said...
Read and weap devil kitchen with all your BS about you lot paying us. We subsidise you English NAZIs, thanjks the the high pil price. I do niot mind that as i support equality it is only nazis like you who get worked up about that.

Anonymous said...

By the way not all english people are nazis just nazi scum who put forward this evil bull shit lie that you subsidise us even when the oil prices are high. Why can you not add up.

Anonymous said...

SEBHFUAR You are replying to my post, you nazi prick. By the way you said you would ignore my posts LOL Can't keep away can you. NAZI shithead.

silas said...

DES, I see you've gone back to calling people Nazis again. I presume you've stolen some booze and are now drunk. As such I will not bother with you, as there's no fun in shooting fish in a barrel.

If/when you do become sober and/or coherent, do explain to me why I am a "fuckqitt" for despising Thatcher. Are you perhaps an admirer of hers?

And there was me thinking you were a Labour supporter, you fucking idiot.

Now you will excuse me for the evening, I have some extremely expensive drugs to take, some fine wine to drink and some people to kill.

Anonymous said...


Is your real name Gordon Brown?

You are certainly unstable and economically illiterate enough to be him.

TheFatBigot said...

I think we've stumbled upon a new economic theory ... the army, fire service and police are subsidised. That's a corker.

Talking of economic theory, please everyone no more mention of the 2p on petrol. What was proposed was a 2.35p rise in fuel taxes per litre, not 2p (VAT would be charged on top of the 2p duty).

Old Holborn said...

An IQ of 120?

Is that supposed to be "special"?

Ye Gods, round my way (down south of course) anyone with under 130 is expected to lick windows in a Variety Club Sunshine Coach for a living.

DES, tell us, which of Nietzches works do you consider the better? The Anti Christ or the Twilight of the Idols.

Sorry. Janet and John vote Labour or Mining for dummies?

You ARE my virtual Moonbat and you know it.

Old Holborn said...

Personally speaking, anyone with an IQ under 125 should be sent to "special schools".

Oh, they already are. Comprehensives.

adamskirving said...

Anyone with an IQ greater than Old Holborn's would have instantly twigged that the idiot with a pen-drive explanation was the most likely. How does that let Curran off the hook? Either she doesn't check her own campaign literature, or she doesn't give a fuck about its accuracy. Either way she's not fit to sit in a legislature.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Distinctive Encephalic Spatter.

Good to cross swords with you again, you deranged equality spouter. You're not still banging on about that 120 IQ and postgrad qualification, are you? Dear me, that's rather like saying you're wallowing in the shallow end of the gene pool, you know. It does somewhat explain your dearth of imagination and your dreadful spelling.

Struggle with eloquence, do you? Move to Tillydrone, you'll fit right in there. Oh, right...

As for the oil, just nip down to the harbour and look at the docked exploration boats, they are sitting around because of your Brown Gorgon's immense tax on oil exploration. Currently 40% before they even find anything, isn't it?

You make no sense. If you're so keen on Sctoland being the ultimate breadwinner, why aren't you voting for Alex the Oily Fish? After all, the Brown Gorgon wants your money, wee mannie, and he never gives it back.

As for subsidies...

Well, let's see. The army, fire service, police etc are not 'subsidised', they are paid to do a job. A job we all want done and are happy to pay for. When they do that job for us, that is, and not for the Brown Gorgon and his nematode club.

The cretin carving images of Harriet Harman from dried elephant turd might well be delightfully ethnic but he is not producing something we want and is therefore 'sudsidised' if he gets money from the tax take. We don't want to pay for that.

Can you see the difference? Somehow I doubt it.

And yes, I am articulate and like DK have a female brain. He only has one but I have fifteen female ones and seven males.

If he had more big jars and formalin, and a decent top hat and cape, he'd catch up.

Don't worry, I don't want yours for my collection. There's a minimum limit and you're safely under it.


Comrade Leg-iron.

Anonymous said...

DES, If you hav an IQ of 120 and post grad qualifications, how is it that you are so fucking stupid?

Anonymous said...


It is very kind of your mum to let you use your computer. Do make that you return it in decent nick by making sure that you wipe your drool off the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

..sorry. Very kind of your mum to let you use HER computer. Please have be patient with us morons.

Anonymous said...

Well very few of the oil workers are actually Scottish, I think it's something to do with actually having to do some work...

Anonymous said...

TheFatBigot So where the fuck do you think the army and the fire service get their money from. Are you one of these buffoons who thinks the money grows on trees.
The money is from taxes AKA subsidies.

Old Holborn An IQ of below 60 is actually for people with learning dissabilites. You would be sending the vast majority of the population of the country to special schools under your stark raving bonkers logic there is no way an idiot like you has an iq above 50.

leg-iron So you are asking for massively profit making oil companies to have their taxes cut. Are you stark raving bonkers. Oh yes I forgot you are. What a Fucking idiot. They have enough cash to explore they don't because they are a cartel and see that pumping more oil would make no difference to their profits at best.

By the way i support the union reagrdless of who has the most money so It does not bother me one bit that we now send subsidies to the rest of the UK. Only nazi bigots care about that. But it should be known as fact that we are doing subsidies not you lazy nazi tory wankers.

7/17/2008 03:08:00 So fucking what most soccer players in the premiership are english they are still fucking english clubs that pay taxes in fucking england, or should send the taxes earned frim the clubs to holland or portgual, you utter prick, it does not matter what nationality the workers are you utter dick. They are scottish waters and the taxes they generate are scottish in fact you should be fucking grateful we let you english work in the industry. NAZI ENGLISH PRICK. I am glad most english people are not like you nazi fuckin dicks.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Whilst the majority (not all) of the oilfields are in Scottish waters, nearly all of the natural gas (bar one small field very far North) is in English waters. Some of the oil would also be in English waters.

So, I think that we would get along very well without Scottish oil taxes. Especially as last year's Scottish Executive budget showed a gap of some £9billion between the oil revenues and the Barnett Formula top-ups.

By the way, does anyone think that we actually need to revise Godwin's Law for DES? e.g. "In any thread in which DES is involved, the probability of someone being compared to the Nazis is one."


Jones said...

Dear DES,

You seem to be very fond of using the 'N' word when responding to other posters of a libertarian bent. Two generalised definitions for National Socialism and Fascism can be found at the posted links. FYI: Libertarianism link. You will (If you can be bothered to read the articles in question) note it is a philosophy diametrically opposed to Fascism or any other collectivist ideology, such as Socialism or Marxism.

The English language is a tool. Your claims of superior IQ and qualifications would hold more water if you could use it intelligently. For myself, I make no such assetions.

As for the candidate in question, I think we can safely say that the cock-up theory of human (mis)behaviour has been amply demonstrated. Notwithstanding, if this is the level of their / and their staffs competence, one might frame the following question; would you trust such people with your vote? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Devil's Kitchen We are not talking about gas we are talking about oil. What does changing the subject have to do with this. The oil revenues which are 90% in the territorial waters of the country you like to mock and goad, are bankrolling the UK. You are wrong the figures showed a difference without oil revenues and spending.
In 2005 socltnad just broke even with spending and revenues with the oil tax revnue. Since then oil prices have sky rocketed. Some people may try to mauipulate the figures but if you fall for that then you are an idiot. Plus by the way the UK is making a loss anyway as it has national debt. So even England is the major creator of the UK national debt not the jocks who are actually making a profit.

Actually you will find that Hitler killed off the socialist wing of the nazi party on the night of the long kinves on the orders of big business and the army they are the people who got him to power he was pure right wing.
I would trust those who make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes look at the tory leader and the holocaust story.

Anonymous said...

pathological whores the lot of em.. Politicians that is... Yuk!!.. They make me wanna puke...

Anonymous said...

Dreaded Endemic Sycophant:

Consider this.

You seem to be itching for an independent Scotland, funded mainly (or at least, largely) from oil income.

Yet you support the Gorgon, who takes the taxes and won't give you independence. You don't support the SNP who want to keep the taxes and make Scotland independent. That's the first contradiction in your thinking.

You also want to tax exploration for new oil at levels that make it uneconomical to look. Remember, those boats can go out for weeks and not find a thing - but the cost of that trip is taxed anyway.

So how are you going to get the oil out? A rowing boat and a really long Black and Decker?

You hate the oil companies because they're rich, yet you can't find the oil, can't drill for the oil, without those companies. It's a high-risk business, financially and physically, and they won't do it unless they can make some money out of it. Would you?

These rich companies are where the money comes from. Not the oil, the companies, because without those companies the oil stays under the sea bed forever. The companies aren't Scottish. Live with it, it's not going to change.

Taxing them to the hilt means they'll move to oilfields that are less taxed, because (and you might blow a gasket at this one) generating profits is what companies do. So they can expand. Expansion means more local jobs. Heavy taxation means they go to another part of the world and the Scottish workers in local offices and industry don't get to go with them. Bravo, you support high unemployment. Now, you have to pay them benefits but...

These companies are where the money for subsidies and benefits come from. Some comes from we ordinary taxpayers, sure, but the big money comes in taxes on the big companies. The ones you detest and want to bring down.

Beating down the companies you depend on for income is your second contradiction.

You are, I have to say, a perfect Socialist. In every sense.

You should publish a book and distribute it around the Labour voters. Go on, you can get it printed on and they won't edit it at all.ljdsrugn

Me said...

Dirty European Socialist is Daryl and I claim my five pounds.

Tactical Voter said...

On the subject of the armed forces, the MOD announed changes to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme today. However, only personnel who have made claims under that Scheme will have compensation back-dated. Given that the Scheme was introduced in 2005, there will be a large number of wounded personnel who will not see the benefit.

Another example of things not being exactly as they seem...

Anonymous said...

You admit to having a very low IQ so I wouldn't expect you to know that "nazi" is short for "national socialist". But now I've told you. Your ideas of economics are the same as theirs. After all, there isn't that much difference between "socialists", as I'm sure you will agree.

As for our oil being "Scotland's", this is impossible because Scotland is not a separate country, just a region of the EU. It is a pity that the nice Margaret Thatcher did not wean you off taxpayers money back in the 1980s.

Since the average life expectancy in Glasgow east is 42, I disbelieved the Labour harridan's lying pamphlet right from the start. So first class work by Guido and DK in exposing socialist sleaze (an oxymoron, I know) yet again.

Anonymous said...

Budgie Have you read any history books. Let me explain this to you again the NAZIs leader Hitler executed the socialist wing of his party on the orders of big business and the army. Meaning it was no longer socialist. This is GCSE level.

It was the fucking tories that wreck the city, not labour. Lbaour have ghiven investment in the city all your lot did was wreck the city. So where are these evil crocidile tears from.

leg-iron You have no idea what I believe you are an idiot. I did not say I want to break down big companies you utter oaf. I said i do not want them given massive tax breaks, on the con trick that they are struggling. They have tonnes of cash. And it the companies that find the oil that keep it. They do not give it to someone else. And it does not matter if they do not go an explore for the oil because it is not going to fucking dissapear. They have enough cash. Yes I know you are a creep to big business. But just remember big business is not always right. Big money supported slavery.

Anonymous said...

The tories will not even save their deposit in the city. The people of glasgow detest the tories. Like most major cities do and the tories detest these people, the snobby home counties set see city folk as a sub species. By the way it was the tories who started it with their abusive crap.

Anonymous said...

Dreaded Earache Supplier:

First, congratulations on 'utter oaf'. That's a new one.

I don't know how to break this to you, but we outlawed slavery over 200 years ago. Do try to keep up. It was mainly supplied by African tribes, by the way. Government agents bought slaves, but the tribes supplied them. Or so I believe. I don't study history for a living.

No, I am not a creep to big business. The one I work in has only one employee and he's the boss. I'm not saying don't tax business, I'm saying don't tax to the point where those businesses decide to bugger off somewhere else. These businesses employ a lot of people and they get most of their staff locally.

They don't keep the oil for themselves, you know. No, really. Some of it ends up in petrol pumps. Some of it ends up as engine oil, some gets used to make those plastic keys on your keyboard. The point you're studiously avoiding is that if the oil company doesn't pump the oil out, nobody gets it. Small companies can't do it because it takes enormous resources. A small company would be bankrupt before the first rig was in place.

They need tonnes of cash because what they do involves considerable financial risk. If they didn't have that backup, they wouldn't risk it. And we'd have no oil at all.

No, the oil isn't going to disappear if they don't look for it. It's going to stay exactly where it is. Forever.

You can't tax that, you know.

Anonymous said...

Hitler had all sorts of people killed: socialists, communists, conservatives, even Nazis. It does not mean he did not follow socialist policies.

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