Sunday, July 13, 2008

John Redwood on the English Democrats

John Redwood writes another article condemning another small party for challenging the Tories; he finishes off with this paragraph.
It is silly when we want so many of the same things there are so many scraps. The Eurosceptics will win when enough of us are united behind a strategy for getting powers back from Brussels, and having a different relationship with the EU that allows us to trade, be friends and have shared rules where it suits the UK and the other members.

Um... Who's this "we", Paleface?

The Tory leadership are not, and have never been, EUsceptics. They might be a bit more sceptical than Labour, but that does not alter the fact that it was the Tories that took us in, it was the Tories that have signed various binding treaties, including Maastricht (which the odious Ken Clarke admitted that he hadn't read); the Tories who were all set to take us into the Euro without a referendum (thanks for saving us there, James Goldsmith) and the Tories will be no more EUsceptic once they are in power again.

So, I ask again, John, who you—as a member of the Tory Party—think this "we" is?

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Anonymous said...

Better Deadwood then Redwood

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