Monday, July 14, 2008

The Empire strikes back...

Well, not really; the entity concerned is no less inimical to freedom than Emperor Palpatine, but they are slightly more evil.

Yes, Schillings are back and attempting to stop Craig Murray publishing more embarrassing facts.
Craig Murray looks set for another bout of legal fisticuffs with our old friends, Schillings:
Schillings are a firm of libel lawyers dedicated to prevent the truth from being known about some deeply unlovely people. They managed temporarily to close down this blog (and several others) to keep information quiet about the criminal record of Alisher Usmanov. Now they are attempting to block the publication of my new book in the interests of mercenary commander Tim Spicer, one of those who has made a fortune from the Iraq War.

Libel law in the UK is a remarkable thing - Schillings can go for an injunction when I haven’t published anything about Spicer yet and they haven’t seen what I intend to publish. People might conclude that Spicer has something to hide. You will see that they also are attempting to censor not only the book, but what I say at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 12 August.


Schillings have clearly learned nothing whatsoever from their earlier attempt to censor Craig’s comments about Alisher Usamanov and the reaction that prompted from bloggers and if they want to pick the same kind of fight, again, then I’m game… so is Tim… and it won’t be long before others join the party.

And if Schillings want to contact me about publishing their ‘Not for Publication’ letter to Craig then they an email me at

I suggest that you go and read Unity's post wherein he publishes the letter than Murray has received. However, the gist of it is that Schillings—now representing Tim Spicer (who some might call "a soldier of fortune" and to whom others might apply the simpler label of "mercenary")—are attempting to gain the transcript of Craig's new book—in a blatant fishing expedition—and to gag his talk at the Edinburgh Book Fair in August.

Schillings are, quite frankly, a bunch of cunts and their sins are easily readable from the links on this post. It's also worth noting that they were the preferred lawyers of that barking mad, lying cow, Mad Nad.

And, on a related note, EU Referendum has written about the fact that the UK is the country of choice for "libel tourists". Because, as I have pointed out before, our libel laws are a complete fucking joke.

Believe me, as blogs grow in influence, we are going to see more and more of this kind of legal intimidation; and unfortunately we do not have the kind of legal protections that our American cousins do...

UPDATE: via Jobbing Doctor in the comments, it is a measure of the pure world-distorting stupidity of our libel laws that Georges Monbiot has written an article that I entirely agree with. Yes, they really are that bad.
In 2002, the Law Commission, a statutory body, recommended that the libel laws be reformed to protect ISPs. Since then the government has done nothing. British ministers love these censors' laws. Even the newspapers scarcely seem prepared to fight. Rather than campaign for new legislation, they simply wait for the higher courts to act, then claim victory when no such thing has been achieved. It is not as if most of the media are falling over themselves to expose the misdeeds of the rich and powerful anyway: the law gives editors the excuse they need to leave billionaires alone.

The fuckers will campaign for the release of imaginary soap opera characters—yes, Blair, I'm looking at you—but reform the libel laws...? Don't hold your breath: after all, all of our political cunts are dependent on these wealthy people for money...


Jobbing Doctor said...

See this article in today's Grauniad.

I can't see you and George agreeing on much, but here you do!

Anonymous said... available!

Unknown said...


It seems as though you have an issue with 'mercenaries', which to me seems a bit inconsitent with your libertarian / free market views? Former soldiers selling their services in a responsible fashion, and providing vital support to US / UK Military objectives seems to be an excellent example of privatising state activities which save us all a good deal of money. You want it for healthcare but not for the military? Perhaps I read your post wrong?


Devil's Kitchen said...


Nope, I've no problem with mercenaries per se.


Matt Wardman said...

Quoted from the Blogpower list yesterday:

"I note that about 12 out of the top 20 results for "schillings" in
Google AND Google UK bring out results relating to the Usmanov
imbroglio last year."

wonkotsane said...

The trout faced hag Cherie B. Liar is a lawyer and works for these kind of people. El Gordo's mrs was in PR before she left to look after their brood, again working for these kind of people. Libel laws aren't going to be reformed when so many MPs and their wives/husbands/lovers make a living from them.

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