Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eco-Fascists Get 'Em While They're Young

Author's Note: The author of this post is not The Devil's Kitchen

Via EU Referendum, a campaign to recruit children to the cause of climate alarmism, encouraging them to look out for "climate crimes" in their home and those of friends and relatives

Who is responsible for this? Perhaps surprisingly, it's not the Government, or the BBC. The organisation behind 'Climate Cops' is the energy company nPower.

Did no-one involved at any point think to themselves, "wait a minute, there's something not right about this..."? There's no subtlety here - the idea of asking children to spy on adults, keep "Case Files" on them and demand that they change their behaviour is the whole fucking point of 'Climate Cops'. Doesn't this remind of you of something? Something from a totalitarian dystopia? Seriously, what the fuck were nPower's advertising department thinking?

Yes, it's dressed up as a cartoon, with corresponding 'yoof' language. Of course it fucking is - its aimed at children, after all; it is hardly going to be written in the language of a Monbiot article! The fact it is a cartoon doesn't make it any the less sinister - quite the opposite.

Richard North, who wrote the original post on this over at EU Referendum, wrote to the ASA about the print ad (left) connected to the campaign (website content is outside the ASA's jurisdiction). He received short shrift - a letter containing a statement that there was no breach of their codes even though North only asked for advice on framing his complaint.

The ASA's code of practice is clearly not designed for this - it is written in the expectation of underhand advertising practices, not propaganda aimed at children too young to know better. The climate alarmists have failed to convince adults, particularly the intelligent, well-educated ones, that they should all be panicking - so they're going after the children instead. Again, remind you of anything?

It gets worse. This isn't just an advertising campaign and website - they're pushing 'Climate Cops' in schools as well. Some hope of a balanced, rational education on environmental issues in these schools, eh?

A school governor went to court a year ago to try to prevent just this sort of thing. Political indoctrination disguised as education. Now said propagandising is backed by an energy company whose brand image is that of a 'greener' power supplier. It didn't take long for businesses to start to see the upside of climate alarmism!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, Junior Spies, I call 'em.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Or Klimate Kops.

It's pretty fucking disgusting, but at least I'm a position where I can vote with my feet. I only hope that someone calls me up to ask why I'm going elsewhere.

Trixy said...

That needs a judicial review.

Trooper Thompson said...

We should take these Klimate Kops to meet a real polar bear. It'll tear them to shreds... but on the plus side it will reduce their carbon footprint down to one big methane fart out the other end of their furry friend.

Jay said...

Same thing is happening with smoking, with children being indoctrinated at school about passive smoking and being urged to nag their parents about it.

Roger Thornhill said...

Climate Commissars even.

Now, I don't want to get all Dad Army or anything, but things such as this makes me want to get out my book and put the names on a when we win the AGW War, I will open the book, find the list unt read out ze names...

nPower is now on the list of AGW fraudsters*. Don't bother pleading on nPower's behalf, it is too much disturbance to the list - the paperwork...

* even if they hide behind the new term "Climate Change"

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