Friday, July 25, 2008

"An earthquake..."

A recount of the votes in the Glasgow East by-election has been required, apparently.
The result of the Glasgow East Westminster by-election has been delayed after a re-count was ordered, following a request from Labour.

It is believed the initial count gave the SNP a lead of less than 500.

Labour had a majority of 13,507 in Glasgow East over the SNP in the seat in the 2005 general election.

Voter turnout was confirmed as 42.25%, only slightly down on the 48% figure at the last election, with 26,219 votes cast.

That's pretty fucking impressive and especially if, as the Herald is claiming, Labour have conceded defeat.
Labour was last night conceding defeat in the Glasgow East by-election.

The official line from the SNP and Labour, the main rivals for the former Labour stronghold, was that the vote was too close to call but with all the ballot boxes in and officials confirming the turn out at 42.25%, Labour politicians looked grim-faced as the votes were counted in the Tollcross Leisure centre.

SNP candidate John Mason was one of the first to cast a vote, a little after 7.30am. The serving Glasgow councillor echoed his party leader's earlier warning shot to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, saying: "If we win this seat, it's an earthquake."

I am going to retire to bed the now, but I sincerely hope that Labour have been beaten. Part of any satisfaction would derive from the fact that the voters of Glasgow East might actually have taken on board my comment...
Far be it for me to point out that if you live in shit and continue to elect the people who keep you in shit simply because, historically, your family has always voted for shit, then possibly all you are going to get is... well... shit.

... and thus have, for the first time in many years, rejected the red-rosed cunts.* I think that this shows that there is, in fact, hope for humanity, even those in Glasgow East. After all, if they can change their MP, who cannot?

However, by far the greater part of my jubilation would derive from seeing Gordon Brown's face; wouldn't it be wonderful if someone ousted the fat monocular cunt in the most ignominious way possible?

UPDATE: well, fuck me ragged! Labour lost. Aaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

* Not that the SNP are an awful lot less socialist than Labour, mind...


chris said...

SNP win by 365, Labour is doomed in 2010 but Gordon Brown will still be there when doom catches up with them.

TheFatBigot said...

Mr Kitchen, your asterisk says it all.

Our friends in North Britain are deeply wedded to the socialist ideal. In the basest of its many base forms this ideal is "money for nothing".

They voted Labour because Labour said it would give them lots of England's money. And it did.

Now the SNP is saying there will be even more free money because independence will result in either nationalising the oil fields or taxing them to the hilt. The flock hears the shepherd say "walk this way, there is a magic pot of gold, everything is free of charge" and, surprise surprise, off they trot.

Let them go, say I, let them find the real price of welfare dependency.

cassandra said...

Nulabours and Gordon Browns many 'gifts to the UK' will be the break up of the Union between Scotland and England.
A great depression and a 1970s and 1930s economic collapse combined.
A Labour party utterly destroyed with the shattered remains picked up by the Union barons and various fringe nutters.
A former world power given away to a Franco German empire based on the old USSR(minus the democracy and freedom).
The powerless region of England riven with crime and racial hatred and attendent violence.
A place where three million unemployed would be thought of as good news because soon unemployment will five million and real poverty will bite hard.
Soup kitchens and cardboard cities/shanty towns for the homeless English natives.
Foreign NGOs sending food aid to assist starving people(think it cant happen, think it wont happen).

Gordon Brown said last year when he bottled an election "I need time to show people my vision(s)" well we have seen what he has to offer! But wait theres more, we aint seen nuthin yet, by a long chalk matey!
Note to all who voted Labour.


Old Holborn said...

Oh, my head. That was a long night. How we partied.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Have a think on this and feel Guuuud.

Labour is £24million in debt.

Labour's membership since 1997 has dropped from c. 400,000 to c. 200,000. That is an awful lot of small membership fees and donations to lose - lots of small numbers add up to a big number.

So far Labour has been able to brush this off with increased donations from the unions, and from rich people and big business.

The unions are starting to kick up - can't be relied on to take up the donation slack.

Rich people and big business only give large sums of money away when they are confident they'll get something back for it in the form of favourable legislation, contracts, etc (that's why they're rich, and big).

It has become obvious that after the next election the PLP will be just a rump - so why should the rich, and big business, give them anything? They're not going to get anything in return for their money. They'll give it to the obvious winners instead.

So Labour's lost the small donations, and now it's lost the big ones too. How is it going to pay off £24million? It'll be bankrupt.

Better yet - when bankrupt, the party executive will be jointly and severally liable for that debt. The cyclops may yet end up living in a cardboard box.

Expect to see many resignations from the Labour party executive over the coming two years.

I'm luuuuuuuving this.

Tomrat said...

Sir Henry Morgan,

Considering that the OEGK will receive a rather generous payoff in the form of a prime-ministerial pension, bodyguards and a shed load of other stuff, irrespective of the enormous damage the swine is now (and has been) doing, he is unlikely to be living in a cardboard box :-(.

It would not surprise me to find the main cabinet members performing the switcheroo at the top post every couple of months to guarantee their pension pot and other perks post-2010.

After all, its magic money in'it?

My guess - we'll see another 2 primeministers before 2010; first Harman then Miliband.

Letters From A Tory said...

Everyone in the country has now realised that all Labour can serve up is s***.

Mark Wadsworth said...

As an English nationalist, I second what The Fat Bigot says.

Sir Henry, Nulab offered the post of party treasurer to some bloke recently, who turned it down on the basis he didn't want to end up being liable for any part of that £24 million.

Anonymous said...

If smiles were able to emit sound, mine would exceed noise abatement levels this morning.

Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice.

Patrick said...

Yes, much rejoicing indeed.. One can only hope that we are seeing the death throes of NuLab..

However thefatbigot is most correct in his surmising.. Rather than this being a complete whitewash for Labour countrywide.. It is more specific to Scottish local politics..

However it does look grim for them.. I for one will be glad to see the end of the gradual police state that labour have been currently constructing.. I’m not convinced that Cameron will halt this progress entirely.. But I'm convinced it will slow to a snails pace.. Enough time for us freedom lovers to breathe again for a little bit longer...

Old Holborn said...

Expect slash and burn

This is a political party that knew before we did every single thing that we needed to know, do and think and legislated accordingly. They refered to us as children and treated us worse.

Hundreds of the all powerful crazy 646 are going to find life very very uncomfortable in two years time because we have been spoilt by them. They have done everything to make us happy as only they knew how and we have spat it back in their faces like petulant children.

They are greasing up their smacking palms and intend to teach us a lesson we won't forget. The ungrateful little bastards that we are.

Prepare yourselves

Neil Harding said...

This is the best possible result for Labour. Hopefully even thick Labour MPs will realise that Brown has to go and start giving Cameron a run for his money.

The hard-right Thatcherite Tories under Cameron will raise taxes for you numbskulls just like they did last time.

The Tories don't cut taxes for anyone on less than 40k. Remember VAT going up from 7% to 17.5%, the introduction of the regressive council tax, introduction of VAT on utility bills of 8% rising to 17.5% (if Labour hadn't have won the 97 election and reduced it to 5%).

So anyone on less than 40k ended up paying more tax under the Tories, but instead of being 'wasted' on nurses and teachers pay and new schools, hospitals, police etc - it was spent on buying arms from the Americans and funding massive levels of welfare recipients.

For all your griping about welfare scroungers - the Tories are the party you should fear - not Labour. It was the Tories who fiddled the figures and pushed people onto incapacity benefit, Labour have reduced both this and unemployment.

Anyway, as you no doubt will say, a change is as good as a rest, and you certainly will get a rest when you lot are on the dole under the Tories. Change for the worst is not good no matter how you spin it.

Unknown said...

@ Neil Harding,

Mmmmm. Your grapes are sour. I love it. Give me some more.

Anonymous said...

"However, by far the greater part of my jubilation would derive from seeing Gordon Brown's face"

I think it probably looks something like this

Old Holborn said...

@ Neil Harding

£40K you say? I pay my cleaner more than to clear up the Bollinger bottles and the Foie Gras. I make her work damn hard for it of course, it's my duty as an employer.

What is this Dole of which you speak? Is that what poor uneducated people eat?

Fidothedog said...

The good ship New Labour is listing like the ARA General Belgrano, after a good fucking from the voters....

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