Sunday, July 13, 2008

Attracted to power

Via Guido, I see that Miss Great Britain is considering switching to the Tories.
Having taken 521 votes off David Davis in the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett is considering switching political allegiances to the Tories.

'Gemma has become addicted to the political adrenaline rush but she is tired of being a fringe candidate,' said a friend.

'Having set up the Miss Great Britain Party, she now believes she could achieve her political aims through the modern Conservative Party and is now considering applying to the their candidates' list.'

So, here's someone who is happy to abandon her associates and her principles in order to seek more personal political power.

Yep, she'll fit right in at the House of Commons...


Sadie Smith said...


I'm of the opinion that she's undertaking a form of Trotskyite entryism into the Conservatives.

You heard it here first.

[for the avoidance of doubt, I AM joking]

AndNowInStereo said...

Does Miss Garrett actually have any political principles?

Anonymous said...

"Does Miss Garrett actually have any political principles?"

Do the Tories? Only in principle.

Anonymous said...

That our politicians WANT to be elected should disqualify them from standing.

Politicians should be conscripted by the electorates of each constuency. With medieval punishments for those who refuse to serve.

Anonymous said...

Garrett comes from Ian Paisley's No Surrender DUP heartland.....maybe the Tories are already banking on their support in days/years to come. Her opposition to 42 days was based on her Protestant/Orange/Unionist joy at the principal of internment, a reminder of the "good old days" when innocent Catholics were locked up for no reason. It was a filip for terrorism, best recruiting tool the IRA ever had. The ambitious Garrett is not short of friends in the right places, yet it will be a disaster for internal Tory morale.

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